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Standing for the national anthem

July 26, 2018

To the editor: Expressing opinions by way of “peaceful” demonstrations is the American way and guaranteed in the First Amendment. Simply put, we, as Americans, don’t, all of us; have to agree....

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Aug-02-18 9:44 PM

Can u believe they cover their eyes and ears about this?

Manafort trial brought out he was broke when he took the unpaid job of Trump's campaign manager. Unusual to volunteer for free when your broke, unless........?

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Aug-02-18 9:38 AM

antico -- The GoPers as a group have apparently morphed into some sort of a Cult, those poor Fluffyheads.

This is simply inevitable when people let themselves follow FAITH instead of Verifiable FACT ! ! !

Religion is good -- EXCEPT that it does tend to predispose many people toward the acceptance of delusions.

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Aug-01-18 10:33 PM

“When President Donald Trump's favorite right-wing television program "Fox & Friends" launched a Twitter poll on Tuesday asking whether the benefits of Medicare for All "outweigh the costs," they likely didn't expect 73 percent of the nearly 32,000 respondents to answer yes—but that's precisely what happened. "Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare for all' bill estimated to cost $32.6 trillion, new study says. Would the benefits outweigh the costs?" the survey asked, referencing a recent Koch Brothers-funded study that found Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) universal healthcare program would save $2 trillion over ten years—a fact that "Fox & Friends" conveniently neglected to mention in both its poll and its coverage of the new analysis. Despite the misleading framing "Fox & Friends" deployed, the results of the unscientific survey were overwhelming.”


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Aug-01-18 1:30 PM

Seafood, I can not help it if you choose to not understand the term "fascist". . Really, you have no need to bother :

YOU and your ilk are FASCISTS -- Go look up the ACTUAL meaning of the term, as opposed to your convenient GoPer-DELUSIONS ! ! !

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Jul-31-18 2:23 PM

What a wonderful example of Perfect Ignorance ! ! ! -- and Worse ! ! !

This is Truly Astonishing to behold here in our U S A ! ! !

However, Note that the professional advice of ole PJG is being followed precisely ! ! !

Tell Lies, BIG Lies, Repeat Them ! ! !

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Jul-31-18 9:57 AM

The only thing Fascist is the rapidly dying Democrat Socialist Party (called Nazi's in Europe)lolol Don't stand for the anthem shun all things NFL..that was easy. Lets get real 40% or more of these overpaid hypocrites that's never served anyone but themselves would be in prison for violence or dope if not for ball. Stop buying tickets..hit em where it hurts.

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Jul-28-18 10:43 AM

lwmjr -- How do you feel about trying a Fascist nation ? ? ?

To find out, we MAY just need to sit tight.

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Jul-28-18 10:07 AM

netransplant - Enlighten us by sharring with us another profession that would allow this type of "misconduct"???? Tell these overpaid athletes' to protest on their own dime! Shame on any American who disrespects our flag. If they truly believe they could have it better in any other country, I suggest they move there. As for all you socialist out there, try visiting Venezuela for a month and see what it is really like living in a Socialism country.

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Jul-28-18 2:23 AM

By his own words, Kalfus made the case FOR the players taking a knee in his 1st paragraph. He was very convincing. It could be something that a Progressive like me would never disavow, even champion. He expressed the right to demonstrate perfectly even though it obviously offends some of u.

No amount of qualifying or espousing exceptions can breach that fundamental constitutional right. Just because they are well paid, privately employed or have dark skin and should be oh so grateful for the alms bestowed on them for their performance as gladiators for our entertainment.

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Jul-27-18 1:03 PM

What Dick doesn't understand is though the players are in work clothes, they don't work for you, I, or Trump. They are private employees and if their employer doesn't care whether they sit stand or jump, it isn't your choice. That is called freedom Dick, not a Dick-tatorship!

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Jul-27-18 10:50 AM

DrC -- My supply of shame to be heaped upon others is exhausted, what with The Trumpet Daffodil ! ! !

Will the U S A EVER be able to hold its head high again ? ? ?

I do indeed wonder ! ! !

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Jul-27-18 9:41 AM

Although the players are private citizens when wearing their uniforms and on the playing field they are employees. What they do or say is a direct reflection upon the reputation of the team ownership. And so, at that time these players are NOT private citizens and they must act according to the lawful desires of their employers.These players demand respect yet they lack that component in the behavior that they exhibit during the anthem. Shame on them.

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Jul-26-18 9:52 PM

Dick, Forget the foorballers and think about the Disgrace in the Oval Office ! ! !

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