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Care about the environment? Vote accordingly

July 26, 2018

To the editor: I first came to Sanibel in 1978 — 40 years ago. I vacationed here nearly every year after and purchased a home on the island in 2015. I now live here permanently....

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Aug-02-18 10:15 PM

auntico -- AS I said elsewhere, the GoPers have become a Faith-Cult ! ! !

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Aug-02-18 9:37 PM

Florida algae crisis: Dead sea turtle count at 400 as red tide could last until 2019

“The red tide has lingered along the coast since November and may persist into 2019 since it's typically broken up by cold fronts.”


And Trump wants to kill CAFÉ standards that will make our air and atmosphere cleaner.


How can you live with yourselves? Pro-life???

You are killing the prospects of life on earth.

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Aug-01-18 9:38 PM

“Nuclear Plant Closures Show Why, When It Comes To Energy, Small Is Expensive”

If all of the announced nuclear closures go forward, the total number of operating nuclear reactors in the United States will decline precipitously — from 99 to 89 — by 2025.

The deal could raise electricity prices in Iowa and result in adding the equivalent of between 700,000 and 1,000,000 cars to the road, depending on if the plant is replaced by a mix of gas and coal, or entirely by coal, respectively.

Thank u Republicans (Trump) Forbes

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Aug-01-18 7:49 PM

We can only report the truth. U can ignore or learn from it.

"The Arctic Circle — the realm of polar bears and dwindling sea ice at the top of the world — hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 degrees Celsius, this week.

The greater Northern Hemisphere and Europe itself have been repeatedly scorched by both record and near-record temperatures this summer, a consequence of overall rising global temperatures.

A photo of what appears to be Scandinavian folks taking a dip in a river while reindeer — the cold-adapted, antlered, herbivores — cooled off in the water beside them is perhaps the best example of just how hot it is in parts of the Arctic Circle right now."

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Aug-01-18 7:16 PM

Seafood -- Apparently you are having problems AGAIN with fits of Reading NON-Comprehension ! ! !

The World of Conservatude : Where "UP" is turned 'round to Down.

Tisque ! ! !

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Aug-01-18 6:51 PM

Poor squirmy ones discounting anything or changing subjects.. I have no need on the other hand, have to..lololol So twist spin grease up change the subject and distort. Some things like old Wild-eye The Olympic skater are as predictable as the sun rising in the East. But MY oh MY do those bright yellow skates look good on him...a perfect fit. Bet you were also good at dodge ball as well?? lolololol Mr. Slippery lololol

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Aug-01-18 5:59 PM

Seafood -- If you are fine with the state of the State of Florida, then you must hold a quite sizable chunk of BigSugar -- and care >-NOT MUCH-< about your fellow citizens : That, of course, being a generally defining parameter of the typical Run-of-the Mill GoPer anyway ! ! !

That you discount the issue of "Jobs to China" serves to "elevate" and to "distinguish" you as being YET ANOTHER Raving, Feverish, Out-of-Touch, Silly, ME-ME-ME-ME GoPer-Dupe ! ! !

Sooooooooooooooooooo sad : You just CAN NOT GET IT, can you ? ? ?

Ole PJG, Der Propaganda-Hoch-Meister, stands tall, proud of you, on his way to the furnaces for long-delayed adjustments.

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Aug-01-18 4:40 PM

Need another? The Democrat "liberal" out of control illegal invader gangland wreck super-tax State called California & stable Florida. Need more just ask.. Seems like "jobs going to China" has little to do with -anything. Sorry try again. Simple fact these cities/States are in ruins because of -long term- Democrat/"liberal" control. Spin & skate twist & moan..the facts remain. Need more examples.. Have tons...just ask.

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Aug-01-18 4:33 PM

Man Oh Man!! For someone of advanced age ol Wild-eye can skate like a 20 year old!! Look at him go!! Wow!! Example..? I'll use the most obvious - New York & Florida. That was easy.

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Aug-01-18 3:53 PM

Seafood -- OK, Let's have you give us some significant examples of your claims regarding GoPer cities and states WITH SOURCES, NOT wishes ! ! !

Careful, now : Facts can bite and your sorts are EXTREMELY allergic to them ! ! !

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Aug-01-18 2:05 PM

Mr Wollschdts if these Democrat ruined cities are dying because all the jobs have been shipped overseas (as u imply)and not because of Democrat chronic corruption and using and robbing the poor for political gain..then why are long term Republican controlled cities and States prospering under the same conditions? Pls put on your skates and spin this one as well like your last rambling unsuccessful attempt at defending Democrat/socialist crooks.

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Aug-01-18 1:54 PM

Now grabital, its not nice to upset need-a-transplants all Republicans are evil/All Democrats are Saints hypocrisy speech!! Which is of course and as always - childish hypocrisy.. And of course Democrat Sweet Socks Nelson has been on scene for what FORTY YEARS? But I agree not buying that land was a blunder by both parties.

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Aug-01-18 1:43 PM

Do nothing nelson has been around to long, He knew big sugar was ruining south fla for years under. his watch.time to dump this dionasour do nothing dem yes man.

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Aug-01-18 7:16 AM

What those that play the partisan blame game can't dispute are the facts; 1. Big Agriculture, north and south of the lake are dumping their fertilizer/pesticide laden waste water into the Kissimee and Lake O. 2. Rick Scott, Charlie Christ, Jeb Bush and those before them have bent over backwards to support these agricultural interests, at the expense of our water quality. Two years ago I spoke with Matt Caldwell in Tallahassee about the clear message voters sent at the polls to but the land south of the lake. Caldwell voted to give much money to the agricultural businesses north of the lake to store their own pollution. Our money to store their crap. Now Caldwell wants to be Agricultural Commissioner? Get out and vote for change in Tallahassee!

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Jul-31-18 7:36 PM

Biggest liars exposed

“Trump's tax cuts are estimated to cost $1.5 trillion in 10-yrs. The CBO expects they WILL spur net economic growth at the same time they ramp up the federal debt. The tax changes "are expected to encourage saving, investment, and work," the CBO said. "In CBO's projections, it boosts the level of real GDP by an average of 0.7 percent and nonfarm payroll employment by an average of 1.1 million jobs over the 10yr period," according to an April 2018 report.

Even after accounting for that growth, the deficit in the federal budget would increase by $1.9 trillion during the same 10-year period, CBO estimated. In a nutshell: While Trump's tax cuts would generate net economic activity, the government would not reap as much revenue as it did under the previous, higher tax rates, the CBO analysis found.”

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Jul-31-18 2:12 PM

"Pray tell us why the top ten most corrupt violent decaying welfare cities in the USA are ALL long term Democrat Socialist controlled ? ?. How do u spin that ?"

Seafood : Thanks for the opportunity ! ! . This is easy ! !

WHO has over that long term -- in pursuit of the last penny of profit at any cost to our nation -- sent the jobs that used to exist in those cities to China and elsewhere ? ? ? . The Dems are only responding to the fact of this deliberate and wilful GoPer-EconoDe$truction. . THAT explains the "WHY" ! ! !

Further, the Chinese have NOT wasted their opportunity : They now display a growing modern Army and Navy with plenty of weapons constructed using technology cleverly stolen from us and the using the money earned from this destructive and venal GoPer trade. . Good Work, GoPers ! ! !

Thus, We see Conservatude in Action ! ! !

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Jul-31-18 9:46 AM

Republicans are all evil Democrats are Saints childish nonsense. Invisible Democrat Senator Sweet Socks Nelson has been watching this disaster unfold for DECADES & did ZERO. The main difference I see is that Democrat Socialists enslave the poor for power with food stamps and trinkets while luring illegal invaders here with more promises of the same while Republicans offer jobs &pride not a free ride to continued poverty controlled by the State in exchange for votes. Under Democrat "Great Black Hope" divider, USA hater & disgusting serial liar Barack O'Sharpton, Blacks suffered an 28.5% unemployment record after EIGHT YEARS in office. Under a Republican administration The lowest EVER ON 18 months. Downward spiral?? Pray tell us why the top ten most corrupt violent decaying welfare cities in the USA are ALL long term Democrat Socialist controlled?? How do u spin that?

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Jul-30-18 12:25 PM

Ever notice when Republican feet are held to the fire they always root around in the mud for one Democrat and raise the clarion call, “they all do it”.

Beware citizens! This is a false equivalence. Of course an occasional Dem gets drawn into the money game. The have witnessed the result of engaging in a gun fight unarmed.

Ask yourself who puts the environment at the top of their platforms and who is notorious for attacking environmental regulations like the Clean Air and Water Act. Who kills the high CAFÉ standards put in place to burn less gasoline per mile in our cars? Who is putting up road blocks for Distributed Solar? Who is trying to ADD SUBSIDIES (can u believe it) for coal?

GOP greed has embarked humanity on a downward existential spiral.

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Jul-28-18 9:53 AM

netransplant - STOP with the bipartisan blame. There is plenty enough blame to go around. How many years has Bill Nelsen been serving Florida????? Enough said!!!!

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Jul-28-18 8:10 AM

nb & nt -- Far too many of our "Leaders" are just clueless, conscienceless (and therefore soulless) slobs, bought and paid for in the hot Political Marketplace, now well fertilized and newly augmented by the supporters of such as The Trumpet Daffodil.

The REAL offenders are a certain section of the voting members of the Electorate, which as usual, loyally but ignorantly and indiscriminately responds to the "Siren Songs by Lorelei" of BigMoney PoliGanda, just like innocent herds of Woolly Sheep waiting in the barn to be once AGAIN fleeced ! ! !

The long and the short of the malaise suffered by these folk can best be termed "Political Masochism" -- They seem to ENJOY being politically belittled and robbed.

Sheesh ! ! !

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Jul-27-18 12:53 PM

Our biggest problems have been Rick Scott and Matt Caldwell. They sold us out to big sugar

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Jul-27-18 11:47 AM

Our "leaders" haven't ignored the problem...they exacerbated it! Money flowed into their pockets from Big Sugar and developers and that pretty much ended any real resolve to fix it!

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