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Water quality problems are home grown

July 13, 2018

To the editor: America’s government lacks the courage to commit to working to prevent our climate change catastrophes. The withdraw from the Paris accord, very unwis....

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Jul-19-18 8:43 AM

Seafoodupe -- The number to call is 911.

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Jul-19-18 7:47 AM

Oh God..first it was the mmgw sham it's on seaweeds. Empty heads needing a cause and direction it seems. When u are on your patrol guarding manatees from Russian spy racist Republicans you can also monitor your new friend, the seaweed and report back to us. Before you run up a pine to escape the seaweed take heart!! Real science tells us we have entered the new 200 year solar output cool down or newest mini-ice age. Problem solved! Picking up cans starting to sound like a better plan for u??

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Jul-18-18 7:33 PM

“Seaweed invading Florida beaches likely to worsen becoming the worst bloom in history”

In June it was 3X larger than that month, set in 2015. But not larger than the bloom in Aug-Sep 2015.

“It’s a big part of global change before our eyes,” said Brian LaPointe, researcher with Florida Atlantic University’s Oceanographic Institute - studying the seaweed since the 1980s.

In small amounts it prevents beach erosion and provides onshore and offshore food and habitat for myriad life forms — from microscopic to mahi mahi. When this massive it smothers sea turtle nests on the beach and kills fish, sea turtles and sea grass in the water by depleting the oxygen as it decomposes. It also attracts insects, emits hydrogen sulfide gas that smells like rotten eggs and harbors jellyfish and other small, biting and stinging animals. Among the most prevalent are "sea lice," which are tiny jellyfish larvae.

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Jul-16-18 10:42 AM

Seafoodupe : ibid.

(Chuckle !)

I should not laugh at the Deluded, but I can not help it ! !

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Jul-16-18 9:05 AM

I agree with The International Academies!! Climate change is real!! Its called weather!!! Hot & Cold weather cycles directly controlled by solar output. Been going on before your yummy pork rinds were invented Comrade PT Corpolov. Good news before you relocate the family shack up in the tall hill pine tress reputable science tells us we have already entered the new 200 year cool down evidenced by no increase in ocean temps in nearly 20 years and huge ice increases esp. at the southern Pole. The near future will see the world trying to stay warm. Comrade PT picking up cans is a good hobby for u along with guarding manatees from Republicans now that this mmgw nonsense has been busted.. Good for empty headed types that "need" a cause and IT really is good for the environment...Not just hot libby PTsillygas polluting the atmosphere.

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Jul-15-18 10:27 PM

Kindly acquaint us with a list of those who inform your beliefs DOAkolov.

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Jul-15-18 10:24 PM

Ignorant liberals and Paris Climate Accord are associated w/ AMERICAN SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES Statement on climate change from 18 scientific associations

American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, American Geophysical Union, American Medical Association, American Meteorological Society, American Physical Society, The Geological Society of America,

INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIES: JOINT STATEMENT "Climate change is real. There will always be uncertainty in understanding a system as complex as the world’s climate. However there is now strong evidence that significant global warming is occurring. The evidence comes from direct measurements of rising surface air temperatures and subsurface ocean temperatures and from phenomena such as increases in average global sea levels, retreating glaciers, and changes to many physical and biological systems.

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Jul-15-18 12:11 PM

Seafood -- Apparently that bountiful wherewithall you brag about having at hand is enough to enable you to surround yourself with a covey of dedicated "Yes-Men" who are unable or unwilling to advise you that you are b*tsh*t crazy out of*****! ! !

Oh, well ! ! !

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Jul-15-18 10:01 AM

lololol..Is the Allen N. Wollschdts -I am the superior thinker- sermon, over yet? Mad as a hatter! lololol It just can't help itself. Obsessed. lolol

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Jul-14-18 11:44 AM

And, Seafoodupe – What is all this harping you constantly give us on “hate” ? ?

Of course, I (politically) hate those who incessantly kick me in my economic butt -- but I do not hate them personally -- They are just unimaginative, ignorant misguided folk who in the long term also endanger themselves ! ! !

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Jul-14-18 11:03 AM

Seafoodupe – As to WHO is at fault on our long-term problems . . .

In one sense, you are right : BOTH Dems and GoPers – but there is a COMMON FACTOR here : BigMoney – It buys BOTH Psuedo-Dems and GoPers indiscriminately – But it takes less $$$ effort to buy a GoPer (if any) because he is inherently and openly preedisposed to the BigMoney view of things, just like you ! ! !

You STILL seem to NOT realize that we are ALL in this together in the long term. . While that term may exceed your term-of-interest (lifetime), it does impact others, eg - your children (if any) – and your fellow citizens.

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Jul-14-18 10:27 AM

I absloutely CAN NOT BELIEVE that Seafoodupe would support ANYTHING worthwhile like Solar Power ! ! !

He needs to clarify his positions which appear to be confused ! ! !

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Jul-14-18 10:06 AM

For once I partially agree with Louie..except getting out of the Paris nonsense was the only thing to do. Close the UN next! Pollution woes are a long term Demo/Repub caused problem. of course the low IQ Democrat "liberal" zealot always sees all woes in the world caused by Republicans which of course is simply hate driven ignorance that we see here printed daily by the malcontents. Obviously anyone like the Comrade that would publicly state, "All Republicans want to kill manatees" has deep issues with reality processing and best ignored. Build the wall and the Mega-BILLIONS saved on stopping feeding coddling and jailing illegal invaders could be used on residential/commercial solar mass expansion Nationwide. Solar power The Wall and save more!

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Jul-14-18 5:56 AM

BTW one of the most self-defeating things we Americans do is indulge in false equivalence blame. It may well be the biggest obfuscator in existence.

What ever happened to deterrence of crimes by making an example of the low hanging fruit? It does get ubiquitous application everywhere but on the most egregious offenders. REPUBLICANS use it to escape EVERY wrong doing they do. It has become a get of jail free card. They know we are too stupid to see the difference (or too overwhelmed/worked).

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Jul-13-18 11:51 PM

I am no fan of politicians remaining beyond their mentally agile years (like Nelson and Trump). Nelson can hardly be held to account for the algae problem in Florida waters…unless you are going to be honest, for a change. Big Sugar and Big Ag (((corporations))) offer our politicians the path of least resistance. They not only influence (what a laugh); they own the votes of our state legislature, judiciary and governors. Connie Mack even lived off the phony reports of Mote Marine lab. But don’t let those who swell the population (developers – realtors) off the hook.

Lawn fertilizer, Urban and Manufacturing, Septic systems, wastewater treatment runoff, intensive animal husbandry and wait for it… warming---are a few of the “nonpoint source pollutants” that amount to 80% of water pollution. Yea big ag squats where we eat too, but it is all of us – if we’d just wake up.

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Jul-13-18 8:24 AM

Lewis -- If one looks at these matters thru the lens marked $$$, it all makes $en$e ! ! !. Unfortunately ! !

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