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City, Waste Pro working to resolve trash collection issues in Cape Coral

June 29, 2018

Issues with Cape Coral's trash removal service Waste Pro have come to a head....

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Jul-04-18 9:25 AM

Sparkey - Okay, you got me there. She is technically NOT an employee of our City, however, she is PAID both a salary & an annuity out of tax payer funds. YES, She was "elected" because she talked a good talk - telling the homeowners around the Old Golf Course exactly what they wanted to hear. She represents our City and there are rules to follow in our Council Chambers. Her attempt to act "hip" is annoying at best, somethings hard to watch. How about acting "Professional" for a change or is that too much to ask?????

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Jul-04-18 7:45 AM

Minor, Ms. Nelson is not an employee of the City, she is an Elected City Official. There is a discernible difference from a legal basis, one of which is compensation.

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Jul-02-18 4:55 PM

She could learn something from them!

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Jul-02-18 4:54 PM

Sparkey - Glad to see that you didn't choke!! Jennifer Nelson is a PAID city employee who knows how to talk the talk, but not walk the walk. She feels the need to comment, more than all the other council members combined, throwing-in the word "sustainability". She got voted in because she promised the folks around the old gold course that she was against houses being built there. What has she done since then? Oh yah … she voted to extend the bar hours for the sake of 2 downtown bars and she voted to have the tax payers fork the bill for the police presence, instead of having the 2 bars that are making the profits pay their own way. She lacks professionalism by addressing other board members by their first names, as well as other city employees. What was that "pinky remark" she made at the last meeting??? Something my 10 year old niece would have said! The 2 young ladies from the junior council were, by fair, more professional + more mature that CW Nelson. She coul

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Jul-02-18 3:06 PM

OMG Law Minor, next time you come up with this one, you of all people, warn me, I just spit out some fine chew.

That's a joke! Jennifer Nelson just likes to hear herself talk!

My fine prolific penman, who has never shied away from verbosity or understood the value of succinct, although like Bagehot I sometimes wonder what kind of tooth are you, a molar that grinds away or incisor that cuts thru the fabric? In the end, it’s the same, neither as the dentures are in for repair.

But to call someone on the subject you did with Nelson is the epitome of hypocrisy.

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Jul-01-18 4:28 PM

Waste Pro is a WASTE!

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Jun-30-18 3:19 PM

Never had a problem in 10 years

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Jun-29-18 7:46 PM

QUOTE "City Councilmember Jennifer Nelson is spearheading the efforts to resolve this matter" -- That's a joke! Jennifer Nelson just likes to hear herself talk! I watched that council meeting where she is thanking the "nice staff" at Waste Pro for allowing her to ride along with then. She also claimed that some of the problem was the residents who place their garbage out after the truck passed. HELLO - Most of the residents complaints are about garbage that has NOT been picked up in WEEKS. These residents are NOT part of the water & sewer expansions. Residents are now placing their garbage in their own trucks and delivering it to their friends and families homes, elsewhere in the Cape. This has been going on for months now. Can we NOT even handle the garbage situation??? Waste Pro admits that they do NOT have adequate staff & now they are admitting that they do NOT have enough trucks.

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