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At what cost?

June 29, 2018

To the editor: My letter today is short and very to the point....

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Jul-05-18 8:37 PM

Hey, Li'l Seafood -- You have just GOT to polish your lookin' glass ! ! !

(Chuckle ! !)

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Jul-05-18 8:26 PM

Yes Mr Wollschdts EVERYONE is wrong but you...lololol.. which of course has to be correct after all as you tell us constantly...You are truly a superior original deep thinker. The fact that never more than 1 -2% ever agree with you shows that unquestionably you are always right and everyone else is wrong..(?)(This imagined God like know-it-all superiority is a sure sign of the dread "liberalism" virus in it's final stages)Poor thing. Let em rave on as it's truly a gift to Conservatives and Republicans. The poor things are just too dim to understand it.. Gotta luv that!!

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Jul-05-18 7:52 PM

The numerous "Disagrees" from the "Right" indicates that I am likely Dead-Center on the TRUTH ! !

Thanks for you help, Fellers (and Girl(s)) ! ! !

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Jul-03-18 11:58 AM

Seafood -- ibid ! ! ! ! ! !

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Jul-03-18 7:57 AM

The good news for folks and the USA is typically and THANKFULLY only 1-2% ever agree with a Mr. Wollschdts type(as below) As long as the New Democrat Socialist Party is composed of folks like these and led around by the nose by Maddog Maxine Waters and Out in space disgrace Pelosi... The Republican Party & Conservatives will thrive for decades to come. The "liberal" wack job...their own worst enemy and too dim to realize it - and - A Republicans best friend!! lolololol.. PLEASE rave on!! It totally helps us!! A Gift!

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Jul-02-18 8:42 AM

TRT -- ibid.

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Jul-01-18 4:35 PM

Wake up you left leaning Dumocrats!

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Jul-01-18 9:18 AM

Seafood : Your extremely lengthy record of dispensing Really Silly Word Salad shows that you are hardly in a position to render a worthwhile judgment about virtually ANYTHING ! ! !

However, you should seriously consider taking your own advice -- Maybe you could negotiate a Group Rate : Seafood, j99 & NB.

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Jul-01-18 8:41 AM

You need a Doctor.

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Jun-30-18 4:38 PM

Trumpet Daffodils and GoPer Pansies ! ! !

We need a gardener with a SHARP hoe ! ! !

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Jun-30-18 3:31 PM

Not short enough!

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Jun-30-18 2:25 PM

NB -- Sieg Heil ! ! !

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad ! ! !

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Jun-30-18 12:24 PM

Great Job Trump!! Doing it right for a change! Thank You! FINALLY a Leader! Now lets get our wall built and start deporting!

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Jun-30-18 11:01 AM

“The ambassador to Estonia is resigning in frustration with Trump's comments about, and treatment of, European allies. James Melville's resignation, reported by Foreign Policy magazine, makes him the third ambassador in the last year to leave the State Department early. He is among many senior State Department officials who have headed for the exits or been pushed toward them since Trump assumed office.

The resignation comes at a time of heightened tension in an alliance that, before Trump's election, had been one of the most solid, reliable and interconnected US relationships.

But Trump's attacks on NATO members, his trade tariffs against EU nations, his rejection of the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate agreement and his political attacks on leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel have cast a pall over US ties to Europe.”

Trump prefers Russia, China and Saudi Arabia.

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Jun-30-18 10:18 AM

NB -- You have accurately analyzed yourself, but misdirected your conclusions to the wrong target ! ! !

HOW can any adult person allow themselves to be so consumed by vicious Rightist political propaganda as you and your ilk have done.

Have you no consideration for your children ? ? ?

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Jun-30-18 9:54 AM

Goper-Polfaith What?? lololol How childish. allenwoll accusing yourself of having a "mind" really does take LOTS of imagination. You really need anger management therapy to find out why you have this deep rooted need to lash out at others. You and I both know you would -never- talk that in person as you know better. Need to realize that your childish angry insulting behavior only diminishes you further in the eyes of adults.

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Jun-30-18 8:43 AM

No, j99 -- It is just that in place of following the dead-end of GoPer Pol-Faith, I engage my MIND and my IMAGINATION ! ! !

Go try it some time, even if only for the FIRST time in your entire life ! ! !

(BUT do NOT let the Koch Bros find out ! ! !)

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Jun-29-18 8:15 PM

Wonder who he's talking to? Everyone's always wrong but allenwoll. Obviously allenwoll must have info we aren't privy to. Maybe we should all quit our jobs and follow him like another Jim Jones?

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Jun-29-18 3:30 PM

See how diligently they act to avoid confronting a FACT which is in direct conflict to their Pol-Faith ? ? ?

What a laugh these Goofies are ! ! !

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Jun-29-18 10:22 AM

A physical wall is NOT at all necessary.

Those advocating such do NOT understand the source of the problem -- No surprise there ! ! !

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Jun-29-18 7:58 AM

Wonder why Gloria E. Gerber of "liberal" Hypocriteville said nothing when Barack O'Sharpton had --double-- the amount of "kids" (12-18 year old gang bangers)in custody?? Not a word. Rule #1 to become a "liberal" one must totally give their souls over to total and complete hypocrisy. Poor separated illegal invaders..Don't problem. Don't break our border laws. It is not a free for all, the criminal race baiter Barack O'Sharpton is bad history and we don't want your illegal votes and violence. Try the front door, otherwise go away. Not needed. USA First. We must stop being Mexico's cash cow and the migrant camp for Mex. Central & S. America. Build The Wall & Enforce the law before we are destroyed like Europe & it's culture that's being ruined by the muslim invaders and Socialism as in Sweden where 1 in 4 women will be attacked molested or raped by muslim's. Wall Time!

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