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Hate speech

June 21, 2018

To the editor: The news media and some of the readers of The Breeze are enjoying their opportunity to pile on the immigrant children issue....

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Jun-28-18 6:53 PM

Li'l Seafood -- Here for your reading pleasure is a concise summary of your comments :

Gar-Bage ! ! !

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Jun-28-18 7:51 AM

As the hate filled Twins rave on mindlessly President Trump, Republicans, Conservatives and all decent Americans won yet another HUGE DOUBLE VICTORY at the Court putting yet more nails in Maxine Water's New Democrat Socialist Party. Keeping the terrorist filth in Europe where it belongs and out of our country!! THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP AND YET ANTOHER H-U-G-E victory for Trump and all decent Americans. Another Supreme Court appointment!! YYIIPPPEEE!!Conservative for decades to come!! The New Democrat Socialist Party led by the insane Maxine Waters, Nancy Out In Space Disgrace Pelosi and Swarmy Slippery Schumer is right where it belongs...DEEP in the toilet and heading for the sewer. Thank You President Trump!! Great Job! Black unemployment after 8 years of the obumo disgrace- 28.5 %under Trump in 16 months- THE LOWEST EVER ON RECORD!! MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Wall Time!

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Jun-27-18 3:31 PM

Thank You, Lorelei.99

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Jun-27-18 10:04 AM

Oh Yes! allenwoll no question you are the rational and wakeful voice of reason in a land of Trump daffodils, saying what needs to be said 10 times a day. Wouldn't miss a word. "The" voice of "reason" lolol What can you say to that? lolol

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Jun-26-18 12:37 PM

I would now like to express my profound appreciation for the NON-sensical, flawed, GoPer-like evaluations and sincere and strong discouragement that I have received and continue to receive from the NoNoCouple (Noisy and Noisome Seafood and j99) -- and also often from lwmjr.

Without their continued NON-support and their continued active high-test discouragement, I might wonder whether I was on the correct track (That correct track is, of course, NOT the “Right” track) .

As it is, it is apparent to any rational and wakeful person that I am hitting about dead-center on what needs to be said about these sad and depressing times and about the Chemical Waste Product Landfill we know as DC, especially including its gardens of the emerging new species of Poison Trumpet Daffodils ! ! !

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Jun-26-18 8:01 AM

What I'm hearing Of the 12,000 children to 18+years old in detention 10K of them arrived alone to take advantage of the O'Sharpton asylum law.(lured here)not running from war. Over 25 Thousand detained under Bumo. Odd that Clinton separated "kids" Bush, Barack O'Sharpton separated "kids" Canada separates invaders and now Hungry has made it a law - Helping "refugees" in any way - is a CRIME. Yet Comrade Corpolov never uttered a word till now - suddenly !! He's Mr. Refugee!! lolololol Typical Lil Trump hating super-hypocrite. Just can't help itself. Europeans are sick of the hordes that are destroying their culture and are starting to push back. What the muslims have done to London is pitiful. I've been there. Cause you want to be here..isn't good enough. Apply. Build that wall and wise up like Europe is. "Borders Language Culture" America First - Americans First. Go Back.

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Jun-25-18 7:49 PM

J99, it is down to it now. U make that clear.

Interviews w/refugees overwhelmingly conclude they cannot return due to the threats of death to their children and themselves and view the threat of U.S. justice less than the threat at home. Some have abandoned their property, professions and businesses. We have to assume these are responsible citizens of their country of origin.

What should our border patrol do? Should they take actions they know puts these young men, women and children at risk of being killed?

Should our border patrol shoot them to prevent them crossing the border?

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Jun-25-18 6:05 PM

J99 -- Hey, j, Ole Girl, you are beginning to rival Li'l Noisy.Noisome Seafood in the Goofy Repetitive Word Salad Department ! ! !

It is a real pity that you know not what you say ! ! ! . . . . Tisque !

Do GoPers go to P J Goebbels School to learn how to be so absolutely silly ? ? ? . I Betcha !

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Jun-25-18 5:12 PM

Sorry can't afford to be Central and S. Americas migrant camp...and don't want to be.. Go back! Adopted any of the invading horde Comrade Corpolov? No? These two sad sacks lololol Sick & sicker. The US does more gives more provides for gives more welfare gives more to other countries and the poor than all countries on Earth times ten.. But listen to these two moaning space cadets...lolol.. the US is heartless Republicans are heartless.. this coming from a mental incompetent that tells us Quote, "Shouting down others is NOT limiting their free speech" Poor Comrade..That's as stupid as that Democrat Senator worried about folks relocating to one side of that island because it QUOTE, "Might tip over"...The Twins..The Republican and Conservatives best friend..and too dumb to even realize it. Thanks Guys!! Keep raving incoherently & watch that island for any tipping lololol

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Jun-25-18 3:10 PM

antico -- I am not much for Biblical founded sayings, but here is one I like. . It is particularly applicable here :

As you sow, so shall you reap.

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Jun-25-18 2:33 PM

What happened to the heart of these citizens? Their souls appear to have been lost and their work in this life is now that of the most vile, evil sociopath. Unlike how the mothers and children of their ancestors were given shelter as they fled violence, famine and persecution they’d have us turn our backs on these refugees at the urging of one that defames them as animals and criminals.

Confession: I think I recall being on their side of this or a similar argument. Oh…I used another metaphor, one of the overfull life raft and hands reaching up for help. I warned that helping them would sink the raft.

Is America’s raft overfull or simply out of balance? They have admitted this inhumane reaction is a fear of tipping a political balance.

Perhaps it wouldn’t tip the balance at all if the treatment of these minorities were not so cruel.

Often those whose life u save feel they owe it to u.

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Jun-25-18 11:24 AM

Seafood -- The floor in your area is about to give way, overpiled as it is with too much of the usual repetitious, meaningless and stinking Word Salad again.

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Jun-25-18 10:18 AM

Poor aunty's wearin it's ignorance badge. Trump's a Hitler & Republicans are Nazis & want to kill manatees & bar-be-cue babies..on and on lolol just simple,low class,low IQ, childlike "liberal" ignorance. His race hating? What? Following the Laws passed in 1997? lololol Oh Lord aren't these poor fools soo lost?? Don't they realize how stupidly they publicly portray themselves? that unaware?? Soo delusional and reality disconnected? Why these emotion driven ignorant sad sacks don't realize we need simple borders and we have no obligation to support the poor of Mexico, Central & S. America? Why wasn't auntyfraud moanin when Bumo had over 25,000 young folks detained? Not a word from the hypocrite. Of the 12,000 "kids" now- 10 K arrived ALREADY separated before coming to the BIG U.S. GIVE-AWAY!! Stay home & fix your own country. Can't afford u & your pack. Poor? Don't have 7 kids.

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Jun-24-18 11:05 PM

“Comparing this temporary separation caused by the illegal activities of the parents is hardly comparable to the Nazis killing 6 million Jews.”

No one said “it” is. Couching the issue of immigration in a context of skin color and “S…hole” countries and their worthiness vs Norway or Nordic Anglo civilized people certainly is comparable to the Nazis. While we are at it, may as well make note of the national origin of the name Trump being German. Not that it makes any difference to me but obviously it does to the arrogant racist occupying the White House. He clearly would dial back the skin tone of the US as far as possible. His race hating is limited only by the remaining decency of about 60% of America.

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Jun-23-18 12:24 PM

Needn't run O.G. ...Allen Wollschdts you don't have the wits, IQ, or courage to debate anyone..lololol The --written record-- shows that to be 100% accurate. YOU CAN'T DEBATE...Just PREACH & RUN lololol ("liberal" cowards find it safer that way)IF U COULD- YOU would.. YOU prove it several times a day.

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Jun-23-18 11:16 AM

Seafood, give us ONE instance that, when challenged, you joined in a debate, that is, the discussion of a defined issue.

Your claim resides as fantasy in your poor head, NOT in the field of fact ! ! !

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Jun-23-18 9:18 AM

Actually Allen Wollschdts exposing "liberal" hypocrite parasites is a hobby and a public service for the country. "Argumentation"?? What?? lolololol.. Allen Wollschdts you don't have the wits, IQ, or courage to debate anyone..lololol The written record shows that to be 100% accurate. YOU CAN'T DEBATE...Just Preach & RUN lololol ("liberal" cowards find it safer that way)IF U COULD- YOU would. All u do is gnaw on ankles like the mad old toothless Chihuahua you are. Poor old hate filled and fully irrelevant bad gas bag. Stop by Wal-Mart..see if you can buy some courage to back up your lil man gas bag hate speech.

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Jun-22-18 8:18 PM

Seafood -- If indeed you are all that wealthy, then all I can say is that you have absolutely ZERO common sense or any other kind of sense wasting your time as you do on your particularly childish forms of argumentation.

You are (apparently) sooooooooooooooooooooooo sad ! ! !

Tisque ! ! !

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Jun-22-18 7:04 PM

But Mr Wollschdts I've been drippin rich since I was 41!! Not a wanna-be. Get to the top??lololol I own the whole pool!!! lololol Need another 25 dollar loan? Same terms as last time.

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Jun-22-18 4:02 PM

Seafood -- You are a VILE PROPAGANDIST for the Oligarchy ! ! !

You and your like are simply Wannbee Elites and you this as a way to get to the $$$$$cum floating on top ! ! !

You need to prepare for a BIGLY surprise ! ! !

(Chuckle ! ! !)

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Jun-22-18 2:27 PM

Great LTE!!!! There is no greater threat to the USA and our culture than the true enemy within doing the work of and for the enemies of the USA....The fully duped hate filled USA hating so called "liberal" Socialist, trying desperately to break the country apart and destroy it's borders and culture...backed up by the Socialist's mouthpiece, the totally biased "news" media. Electing Trump was only the first step in eradicating this internal cancer called "liberalism"

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