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Frightening times

June 21, 2018

To the editor: A little over a decade ago, I followed my heart and left Germany to start a new life in America....

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Jun-28-18 6:52 PM

Li'l Seafood -- Here for your reading pleasure is a concise summary of your comments :

Gar-Bage ! ! !

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Jun-28-18 12:44 PM

At the current rate of demise SWEDEN is on track to becoming a 3rd world nation by 2030. Sweden began opening its doors to Muslim immigrants in the 1970s. Now, it pays a high price for having done so. The group suffering the severest consequences of such an open door policy has been Swedish women. As Muslim men immigrated to Sweden, they brought with them an Islamic culture sanctioning rape. In some parts 1 in 4 women will be molested or raped by muslim "immigrants" each year. Europe pays a high price with the muslim culture invasion bringing high crime, terrorism/murder and constant rape/molestation. Now Hungry passed a law making it illegal to help in any way a "refugee" Borders-Language-Culture define a Nation. Socialist Democrat open borders is a mental sickness..Look at Europe and learn. Build The Wall! Say NO to the USA becoming a south of the border migrant camp.

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Jun-28-18 7:49 AM

As the hate filled Twins rave on mindlessly President Trump, Republicans, Conservatives and all decent Americans won yet another HUGE DOUBLE VICTORY at the Court putting yet more nails in Maxine Water's New Democrat Socialist Party. Keeping the terrorist filth in Europe where it belongs and out of our country!! THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP AND YET ANTOHER H-U-G-E victory for Trump and all decent Americans. Another Supreme Court appointment!! YYIIPPPEEE!!Conservative for decades to come!! The New Democrat Socialist Party led by the insane Maxine Waters, Nancy Out In Space Disgrace Pelosi and Swarmy Slippery Schumer is right where it belongs...DEEP in the toilet and heading for the sewer. Thank You President Trump!! Great Job! Black unemployment after 8 years of the obumo disgrace- 28.5 %under Trump in 16 months- THE LOWEST EVER ON RECORD!! MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Wall Time!

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Jun-27-18 1:29 PM

Lorelei's Sweet Orange Song

Consider the DIS-agreers below :

THAT is MONEY talking, NOT "The Man in the Street" ! ! ! MONEY needs a "Political Receptor" who will respond to its wishes -- That is, MONEY needs Elected Pols who are available for "purchase".

So, naturally, MONEY opposes a “Direct Democracy” scheme where there are no Pols available for "purchase".

Folks : Wake up :: GoPers and the Trumpet Daffodil are your sworn Political, Social and Economic money-grubbing ENEMIES ! ! !

Do NOT allow yourself to become deluded into Conservatude by Lorelei's sweet orange song ! !

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Jun-24-18 7:50 PM

lwmjr -- To the extent that you are correct, I will say THIS : I personally would like to take ALL Prof-Pols and fill up the Grand Canyon with them, regardless of party affiliation ! ! !

The Man-in-the Street has no interest in bringing in Illegals -- To the contrary.

Our "Representative" Government is broken, because the typical R/D Pol is for sale to the highest bidder.

I would have the Voters pass on ISSUES and Proposed SOLUTIONS, all as put forth by any interest at all.

Any Interest that spends money must send the equal amount to his opposition.

Now THAT would be DEMOCRACY ! ! !

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Jun-24-18 7:32 PM

Allen - I'm really getting tired of playing games with you. Quite simply put, Liberal Democrats have plans for these illegals. They will be future Democratic voters. It's the Democrats that don't want Proof of Citizenship and/or ID at the voting polls. Why is that??? You have to show ID when entering government buildings, getting on a plane and even purchasing certain cough medications as well as antihistamines, but how dare you ask anyone to prove that they are in fact entitled to vote here in the USA. Democrats encouraged illegal immigration while Republicans condemn it. Less than 20% of Democrats have spoken out against illegal immigration.

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Jun-24-18 5:16 PM

lwmjr -- Now why would Liberal shoot down measures to force Mexico to behave ? ? ?

That is pure GoPer-Sense ! ! ! . You are simply raving -- Have you been watching too much FOX again ? ? ?

THAT can permanently damage whatever grey matter you still have left ! ! !

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Jun-24-18 5:12 PM

Seafood -- I would much rather see a nice high wall round you and your ilk in a Tent Camp on the Arizona Sonora ! ! !

Whoopie ! ! ! . FUN, FUN, FUN ! ! !

Incidentally, the Drug Trade requires CUSTOMERS, or did you NOT know THAT ? ? ? . (It would NOT surprise me if you did NOT) . Put THEM behind a wall, Problem solved ! ! ! . Neat, eh ? ? ?

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Jun-24-18 5:02 PM

2014 under illegal immigrant encourager Bumo The Clown 25,000 "kids"(12-18 many gang affiliated)were detained. Presently 12,ooo+ detained with 10 thousand of them arriving ALREADY Separated before leaving S. America on the rape trains north to the great USA Give-away. The USA is Mexico's cash cow and they advocate illegal migration and make trillions from the US drug trade as well as human trafficking from points south. Lawman we are really dealing with the internal enemies of the USA. Far worse then stinking corrupt Mexico. The U.S. "liberal" parasite walking brain dead wanting complete open borders and gun confiscation. These are the Holy Grail items for America's internal enemy hypocrite zealots. "Language Culture Borders" " A country without borders is not a country" Build the wall using captured illegal invaders. Men Women & Children saving billions then deport after 5 years.

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Jun-24-18 4:00 PM

QUOTE - "The US Policies, or lack there of, have encouraged illegal immigration to levels the nation CANNOT handle. We are encouraging illegal immigration. All our well intentioned decisions are responsible for surges in illegal border crossing and we (THE USA) don't have the capacity to handle all the unaccompanied children + families that have flooded our borders." - That sums it up in a nut-shell!

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Jun-24-18 3:39 PM

Allen - Yr. Quote "Mexico has an entirely adequate opportunity to bar transit from Central America of illicit persons AND of illicit goods to the US border; It is THEIR job" -- What are the chances of that happening?? NONE! Mexico will never bar transit from Central America. You incorrectly keep insinuating that it's the GOPers that will be hurt if sanctions are posted on Mexico. Sorry to inform you, it will be the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS that will shoot it down. They are even against the tariffs that Trump has imposed on Mexico. Without a physical wall, nothing is going to change. What message are we sending to any immigrant seeking a better life in the USA? Break the laws, disobey the rules, sneak in and you will be given everything for free! Stats from Center for Immigration Studies: 51% of immigrant-led households are on some type of government assistance, increasing to 76% for those with children. SAD.

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Jun-24-18 2:02 PM

lwmjr -- I can NOT agree to a physical wall ! ! !

Under the circumstances, Mexico has an entirely adequate opportunity to bar transit from Central America of illicit persons AND of illicit goods to the U S border : It is THEIR job, on pain of economic SANCTIONS upon them by the U S ! ! !

Of course, There will be NO PROFIT for GoPerites in building an entirely NON-necessary wall ! ! !

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Jun-24-18 1:08 PM

Hey Allen, for the first time ever, I can partially agree with you. QUOTE "Mexico should be moved to NOT allow these folk transit to our border. When they do not do so, I suggest that we halt all exports from Mexico to the U S." -- I agree. Mexico deserves a large part of the blame. This is why we desperately need a WALL. Countries that grant asylum, have entry RULES. Canada's rule is that if someone enters Canada illegally via the USA, Canada returns them to the USA even though they are not American citizens. They are returned to the "point of entry". It's time we return any/all our illegals that entered through Mexico, back to Mexico. NO MORE OPEN BORDERS!

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Jun-24-18 12:59 PM

lwmjr -- So, you see, one can build a perfectly serviceable anti-immigrant "wall" out of something other than steel and wire and concrete and death -- AND at practically no cost to the American Taxpayer -- That is, if one REALLY wants to do so ! ! !

SQUIRM, GoPers ! ! !

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Jun-24-18 12:39 PM

lwmjr -- Trillions ? ?

What you are saying is correct : HOW we go about it is another matter entirely.

Mexico should be moved to NOT allow these folk transit to our border. . When they do not do so, I suggest that we halt all exports from Mexico to the U S. . THAT might be a good idea anyway, since U S automakers are moving there.

Oh, now THAT will get a bigly GoPer-Cold-Shoulder since it will cost them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ! !

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Jun-24-18 12:20 PM

BOTTOM LINE: We need to STOP treating illegal immigrants like royalty and start taking care of the American taxpayer. The money could and should be better used on our Veterans, our Elderly, our children, our crumbling infrastructure. Trillions of American citizens can't afford medical treatments, medications, food, housing, dental etc and the Democrats seem to ONLY care about those who illegally enter our country. Remind me again why they should be treated better than American citizens? Why should US citizens who can't afford to pay for their own medical insurance and can't afford college be forced to pay for illegals to enjoy these comps? It's NOT RIGHT!!

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Jun-24-18 12:09 PM

Numbbrain - Headlines in today's News Press "Democratic Leaders Senator Nelson & Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz relieved after tour of shelter". Article reads children are in good hands, with Nelsen stating "The facilities are nice". To bad our over 40,000 homeless veterans aren't treated as well. But then again, YOU DON'T appear to care about our over 40,000 homeless veterans who bravely fought for our country. You would rather the money be spent to house, cloth, feed & supply free medical, dental + free education to illegals who disobeyed our LAWS & place a burden on our schools, medical facilities & our social & welfare programs, all at the costs to the American taxpayer, forcing our own needy to do without. YAH, I really have a problem with this!

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Jun-24-18 9:05 AM

Numb - You don't get to cherry-pick!! Any agency was given permission to tour those facilities late last week. Most news media statiosn flocked to get a juicy story, however, they too were disappointed that they couldn't attack TRUMP on the conditions inside the facilities because the conditions were MUCH BETTER than those during the 2014 (Obama reign) influx at the US border. Simply didn't fix the narrative they were hoping to report. The lefts' HATRED of Trump is so over the top, it's pathetic. They put him down every change they get, they hope for failure just so they can go after him & attack his family viciously. NEVER has a 1st lady had to endure any of the viciousness that Melania has had thrown at her, not to forget the attacks on their 14 year old son. Were you as worried about the immigrants at the border in 2014??? Hypocrisy!

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Jun-24-18 6:32 AM

Lawmajor there is too much to unravel in your unethical and morally challenged rants here to respond to. So I will simply say this, if the Orange one is so proud of what he is doing why will he not let the Red Cross in to document it?

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Jun-24-18 6:10 AM

lmjr -- Golly, WHAT happens to YOUR argument should the Illegals prove to be better people all-around than much of the existing lot of "American" citizens ? ? ?

Just sayin'. . (Chuckle !)

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Jun-23-18 6:51 PM

Numbbrain - If the Democrat's get their way with open borders, it will mean financial ruin for the USA. Get prepared now with guns & ammo to protect your family & your home. There will be more illegals in the USA than American citizens. Why do you think these illegals are NOT seeking asylum in Mexico? What … Mexico not good enough for them??? Not enough free stuff?? Do you NOT CARE about all the American families who have lost loved ones because of illegal aliens in our country??? They are separated from their loved ones FOREVER. It's time to focus on our own people first.

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Jun-23-18 6:15 PM

numbbrain - The pictures floating around through the left-wing media of children sleeping on mattresses on cold cement floors, covered with foil-like blankets, were taken in 2014 during the Obama years. Yesterday, several news stations were permitted to take a walk through Florida holding stations and judging from the photo's, didn't look to shabby at all. There were no mattresses on floors and the kitchen and school room were well supplied. A lot better conditions than what these children endured with the coyotes' on their long journey through Mexico. Do you think that Mexico supplied them with lodging & food on their way to the US border????

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Jun-23-18 4:11 PM

Trump and his merry band of Nazi's are so scared of the public finding out what the conditions of their concentration camps are in they are refusing the American Red Cross entry to check on them!

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Jun-23-18 11:26 AM

OK, Fellows : You got me -- I was thinking in terms of organized, relatively large-scale employment (construction, agriculture, etc) not in connection with casual employment by individuals and householders.

However, regardless of that detail, I would happily see ALL employers of Illegals burn in Hell, notwithstanding their claimed political orientation. . No honest, REAL Democrat can hire an Illegal -- Such that do are properly named DINOs and are more reprehensible even than dedicated GoPers ! ! !.

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Jun-23-18 9:38 AM

Allen - YR QUOTE "By and large, GoPer Employers of Illegals are responsible for this problem". -- Even from you, that comment HAS to be one of the most RIDICULOUS comments and you have made several. Do you really think for 1 second that the Democratic in Congress & in the house don't hire illegals for house cleaning and yard work?????? HELLO!!!! You have lost all credibility, even with your Democratic friends.

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