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Another line crossed

June 15, 2018

To the editor: I was not shocked to hear that Robert De Niro used the “F” word to belittle President Trump....

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Jun-26-18 6:56 AM

*******es : : "As you sow, so shall you reap ! !"

THAT is, I believe, out of a THICK comic book I once perused.

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Jun-24-18 4:01 PM

QUOTE - "The US Policies, or lack there of, have encouraged illegal immigration to levels the nation CANNOT handle. We are encouraging illegal immigration. All our well intentioned decisions are responsible for surges in illegal border crossing and we (THE USA) don't have the capacity to handle all the unaccompanied children + families that have flooded our borders." - That sums it up in a nut-shell!

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Jun-23-18 6:29 PM

aunticorp -- The pictures floating around through the left-wing media of children sleeping on mattresses on cold cement floors, covered with foil-like blankets, were taken in 2014 during the Obama years. Yesterday, several news stations were permitted to take a walk through Florida holding stations and judging from the photo's, didn't look to shabby at all. There were no mattresses on floors and the kitchen and school room were well supplied. A lot better conditions than what these children endured with the coyotes' on their long journey through Mexico. Do you think that Mexico supplied them with lodging & food on their way to the US border????

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Jun-21-18 5:32 PM

Lawmajor is correct. What would Democrats have if not for total hypocrisy and hate? Go Donald Trump. Build The Wall.

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Jun-21-18 4:41 PM

aunticorp - Where were all the Democrats in 2014 (during the Obama reign)when "conservatives" Glen Beck, Ted Cruz & a few others were at the Texas boarder filming the children in cages???? This didn't even warrant 2 minutes on the left-wing news networks. But now, the Democratic are shouting outrage because the Republicans are in charge. It was not an issue then! Hypocrites!! This is nothing more than a "Political photo-op", looking to drum up supporters for the un-coming elections. Can you imagine … the BAD Republicans are allowing the exact same border treatment as the Democratic did in 2014, but now the left-wing news stations are focusing on "emotions" in order to drum up voters. Two-faced pathetic liars.

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Jun-21-18 1:12 PM

Lmgr, Democrats/Progressives don’t tolerate abuse of children or adults and don’t have a record of taking them hostage for any purpose. U cannot say as much for Republicans. It is not surprising that finding themselves in the gutter, dragged there by Republicans falling in lock step with this disgusting, so-called POTUS, that the occasional citizen would be driven to excess. It was unkind but hardly ranks up there with a powerful government turning the cold shoulder of denial to desperate refugees. Add to it the knowledge America’s policies regarding Global Warming and Imperialistic capitalism contribute hugely to the conditions driving them from their homes.

Sorry I have no time to waste on the Russian bots personal propaganda that in no way is supported by facts.

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Jun-21-18 10:44 AM

Hypocrite deluxe Copmrade Corpolv.." "Run P…. grabber run! This scum bag was trying to keep brown skinned people from the asylum process in America" "It is not legal to deter people from seeking asylum your creeps" "You created this problem u Ugly Americans" ...That's the REAL Comrade Corpolov on a alcohol induced rage..but now.. Trump Republicans have given us this level of dirty viciousness.lololol Not Corpyboy..lololol You cannot deny it. Not that u won't try. But America and the world credits u for this new level of gutter trash u have dragged America to. Wonder who the U's are? lololol Comrade you're the only trash we see in the gutter what a blazing very ill hypocrite deluxe.

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Jun-21-18 9:49 AM

anticorp - speak about "level of DIRTY VICIOUSNESS - suggestion from 2 time Oscar nominee & proud Democrat Peter Fonda "12 yr old Barron Trump should be ripped from his mother's arms + put in a cage with pedophiles & we should track down the addresses of federal agents, surround their homes & we should find out what schools their children go to & surround the schools in protest.” - Why is it okay with Democrats to attack & bully American children? Can you image if that was said about Obamas' children?

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Jun-20-18 2:59 PM

You reap what u sow. I will remind u of the Access Hollywood tape.

Not that I think it is good but was there outrage at Trump's language? Has there been shock at his incitement of violence at campaign rallies.

Were u shocked at the wrap up of the New Hampshire primary Trump made a big dea out of one of his audience saying Ted Cruz is a P+++y, joking it should never be said. Then he repeated it to fire up his supporters.

This is on you Republicans. It is real Republicans in my view, as opposed to political correctness u used to make an attempt to comply with.

Trump Republicans have given us this level of dirty viciousness. You cannot deny it. Not that u won't try. But America and the world credits u for this new level of gutter trash u have dragged America to.

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Jun-17-18 11:56 AM

Sorry !

That is MAJOR Chucklehead, including you supporters ! ! !

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Jun-16-18 2:35 PM

Victories ? ?

Oh, Seafood : You are indeed a Chucklehead ! ! !

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Jun-16-18 1:23 PM

Another "liberal" actor on his way down looking for cheap publicity appealing to the low IQ in society as Trump continues his daily victories without help from "liberal" refuse throwbacks littering the landscape. Go Trump Great Job! Leaving the throwbacks in the dumpster.

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Jun-16-18 8:23 AM

Brian, Robert Dinero is an American so has the right to his opinion. Second, Trump is also a paid celebrity. Lastly, the leaders of the G7 - 1 all agree Trump is the loose fastener in the machine of world peace and dignity.

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Jun-15-18 1:54 PM

DeNiro aside The Trumpet Daffodil id NOT equipped to make the U S ANYTHING other than a World's Laughingstock.

That you would or could believe to the contrary for even a moment is one of the symptoms of the on-going political disease destroying our nation as we watch ! ! !

Are YOU prepared to accept your share of the responsibility for this disaster ? ? ? ! ! !

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Jun-15-18 11:01 AM

Well said. This actor has joined the ranks of the others from Hollywood that show disrespect not only for President Trump but for the Office of the Presidency as well.

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Jun-15-18 10:39 AM

Excellent letter Brian. I couldn't agree with you more. DeNiro is a complete jerk!

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