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Lest history repeat

June 8, 2018

To the editor: I sat with my morning coffee and wondered if this was how everyday Germans felt during the World War II era....

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Jun-13-18 11:17 AM

"This just in!!" FLASH! The subject of stopping the Hawaiian volcano has also come up. According to ancient Hawaiian tradition, the quickest way to APPEASE PELE and have the volcanic fires stop is to make a human sacrifice into her fires, and according to tradition, that needs to be a celebrated leader who was born in Hawaii and held a position of power for 8 years. Obumo quickly announced he was actually born in Kenya, and has the Birth Certificate to prove it!

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Jun-11-18 7:55 PM

j99 -- Your profound ignorance of the issue is showing brightly ! ! !

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Jun-11-18 1:39 PM

Build the wall and keep illegals, their children, their drugs and crime and wacko liberal loons on the other side. Start busing them south. See ya!

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Jun-10-18 4:11 PM

Can they not take their children with them when they're deported?

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Jun-10-18 10:29 AM

Seafood -- Thanks again for confirming my opinion -- That you are virtually incapable of ever telling a TRUTH ! ! !

BTW, Please see the cover of the current issue of TIME Magazine -- It has a lovely portrait of "King Me" for the dangerously nutty segment of our Cons to admire.

I can think of some folk who would be deported to better advantage to the Nation than many Illegals.

Cons : Do NOT rent to Illegals.

Do NOT hire them at low wages.

They will NOT come.


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Jun-10-18 9:45 AM

The children of refugees are caged like animals?? lololololol OMG lolololol..Its truly amazing the "liberal" knows no bounds to serial-lying. Of course when your heroes are criminal serial liars like Obumo's and Clinton's... it's to be expected. Here illegally? Making a mockery of those that entered legally.. Bus em outa here, round em up and get em out...Men women students children and anchor babies. Tired of paying for "liberal" PC insanity. Build the wall and double it. Enforce border and immigration laws and mandatory jailing for 10 years of any Mayor or Governor promoting law breaking sanctuary cities. Round em up..ship em out. Enter the corrupt hole called Mexico illegally. See what happens as u rot in jail..America first. Go Trump. Great Job!!

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Jun-09-18 4:29 PM

Americans have social services or family to care for children when their parents are incarcerated waiting hearings. The children of refugees are caged like “animals.”

Just be reminded this generation of Americans is treating refugees just as badly as our ancestor's groups that (Italians, Irish, English, Germans, Jewish, Japanese, Vietnamese et al) were treated fleeing famine, war and economic strife.

Their infusion made us stronger and more compassionate until the arrival of these Right Wingers who seem to have forgotten or worse. They are self centered plunderers.

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Jun-09-18 4:00 PM

a3 -- The situations are NOT comparable at all.

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Jun-09-18 2:17 PM

Funny that I never hear liberals complain about Americans being separated from their children when the adults are jailed for crimes. Guess that isn't as important as border crossers

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Jun-09-18 11:47 AM

Why does Seafood NOT EVER rail against our U S A Oligarchy here, who send our economy overseas (mostly to China) in order to squeeze every last penny of profit -- IN THE SHORT TERM.

Then those same IDJUTS actually wonder why in the LONG TERM, the economy falters, never even once suspecting the TRUTH : Non-Employed Consumers CAN NOT purchase goods & Services no matter HOW cheap they may be, coming from China ! ! !

This the totally SHINING DULLNESS produced by their Malignant GREED ! ! !

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Jun-09-18 9:25 AM

Had they stayed home this never would have happened. But, the previous president invited here all who would come.

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Jun-08-18 1:59 PM

Right ON, Gloria ! ! !

Be highly ENCOURAGED by the disdain expressed by Seafood : It means that you struck a nerve -- Even one in a dull GoPer ! ! !

I was wrong above -- He DOES have some value after all : AS a touchstone to detect Conservative Nonsense, ie - Consense ! ! !

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Jun-08-18 1:42 PM

More insane childish nonsense from Gloria Gerber of Naples. "our government is torturing families to advance its political position. Using children as living pawns" lololol how moronic..another sad lib living in wacko Wally world. Build the wall. Double it and make it TALL. By all means keep the PC delusional Gloria's of the planet out of our government, schools and lives.. Build the wall. Go Trump!

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Jun-08-18 6:44 AM

Going thru the MOTIONS of a Democracy does NOT necessarily PRODUCE a Democracy ! ! !

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