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How to kill a tax increase referendum

June 1, 2018

The city of Cape Coral’s reconvened parks master plan stakeholders group has held its first meeting to discuss the possible inclusion of two additional projects to the $60 million plan expected to......

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Jun-01-18 7:05 AM

What a naive and softball editorial. As usual Breeze staff are afraid to state the cold hard facts. Here are the cold hard hard facts: Szerlag has been a corrupt clown since the day he was interviewed, regrettably only one council member at the time saw through his clown act and voted against hiring him. Under Szerlag the city budget has doubled and union compensation is up over 35% in six years. Have you taxpayers seen your compensation rise that much in six years? Szerlag has indeed passed two new taxes and has muddied the process with every issue in the Cape: LCEC, the CRA, stealing 13 million from the enterprise funds, etc. So for the 85% of registered voters who fail to to their civic duty, you will continue to get a city government operated out of a closet on the second floor of city hall. Szerlag never seems to want to come out of the closet, therefore closed door meetings, more taxes and an unsustainable city budget. At least until the people wake up.

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Jun-01-18 9:10 AM

Let's summarize: The group met last Thursday "behind closed doors" to consider adding to the already $60 million parks plan that will come before voters in November for funding approval. QUOTE "the purchase & development of the old golf course acreage, a project that bears a $25.5 million price tag, & the newly proposed Oasis Sports complex, projected to cost about $9 million." - So now they are up to $100 million, which we all know will be more, once these projects begin. The tax payers deserve transparency! After all, we are the ones being forced to pay for these "great ideas". I find it extremely difficult to trust this Mayor, council & City Manager. Let's see just how many "Conservative spenders" we have on this council. How about they begin focusing on getting some "big corporations" to move to the Cape, so all of these GREAT IDEAS don't have to be burdens to home owners.

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Jun-01-18 10:37 AM

Cape Coral is one big park... almost every single dwelling has its own grass and trees, and there is no need to raise taxes to fund state-owned parks that few will use and nobody needs.

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Jun-01-18 6:28 PM

Angels devoid of facts. I know most of you hate this but lets try it.

Since FY14 the millage was lowered 3 times. 0.25 mils in FY 2014, 0.75 mils in FY 2016 and .207 mils in FY 2017. These reductions lowered the millage rate from 7.9570 to 6.75. At the same time 453 lane miles of local roads and 166 lane miles of arterial roads were repaved. 400 streetlights were added at bus stops for children. The Public Service Tax remained the same, and while another .25 mil reduction to the millage was recommended prior to Irma, the effects of Irma forced prudent thinkers to do otherwise. There's more if you want.

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Jun-01-18 6:42 PM

Electrician - You neglected to mention the "Fire Assessment Tax" which was forced on all homeowners of Cape Coral. You remember the alleged "3 legged stool". This city decreased taxes in one area and placed them on us in another area. The tax payers are NOT as naive as you think!

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Jun-02-18 9:47 AM

Electric boy, you must be a member of the DNC, Democratic National Communists or Government union member, same thing.

Your number and info is so BS it is barely worthy of reply but try this: 7.95 minus 6.75 is a mill reduction of 1.20 not a bit more. Your math would have one believing pure fantasy. Roads are supposed to be paved using the Capes .11 cent sales tax on gas, too bad Stewart and 2006 Council obligated 20 years of our gas tax to the road to no where, i.e. North Del Prado extension. 110 million dollar fiasco that should have been done by Lee County. But the Stewart/land owners wanted to*****all the tax dollars they could when the land values were out of sight so they refused to wait for the county. The entire roadway and right of way is a disaster and prevents development of any quality. Every year since 2013 when Sullivan & Leetz left council real dollars out of our real pockets have increased substantially for real. You can eat your millage rate and assessed value.

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Jun-02-18 9:54 AM

ALSO, the fire assessment goes up in real dollars if the home increases in market value, remember Szerlag couldn't settle for advalorum value, he wanted the most he could fool the fools with. As for the bus stop lights, another foolish waste of our money. Simple fix: school should start and end based on sunlight hours. Change the start time of bus pick ups to 15 minutes after sunrise, problem fixed and no annual electric waste.

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Jun-02-18 10:22 AM

Excellent points Angelsonly. Electrician - It appears all those pest little FACTS are coming back to bite you!! Isn't the City of Cape Coral also receiving funds from the bridge tolls for road maintenance? Szerlag's 3-legged stool was "supposed to give property owners a little break" but placing a 3% tax on every residents LCEC electric bill. It was sold as "All residents contributing". How much longer before that 3% gets increased to 7 or 10%. Isn't that the real game plan of our City Manager and our elected officials? They all run on "accountability" and "conservative spending". Now that's a laugh!!!! They will preach anything to be elected. Once they are elected, they do who serves them best. Self-serving crew.

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Jun-02-18 2:28 PM

Lawmajor I respect your comments most of the time. Two slight corrections to your statement. Cape Coral has never received it's portion of the bridge tolls because the county claims they are using it for work on County roads in the Cape, not true but that is a whole separate discussion. The electric tax is currently 10%, three percent is the franchise fee which has been in effect for 25 years and the remaining seven percent is part of the three legged stool Szerlag sits on passed in 2013 by the slick six as part of the fear campaign initiated by Szerlag and the government unions. It was supposed to be ten percent by itself but to make it look good for the public it was reduced to seven. Still 10% total and I have not seen any better services in the Cape for 25 years, lousy then, pathetic today for the taxes they take in. Keep in mind LCEC is forced to be the intermediate tax collector by State statute, LCEC would love to be free of that burden but unlikely to change.

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Jun-03-18 9:15 AM

Angelsonly - Thank you for the info. I stand corrected. I never realized that I was already paying 10% extra in taxes on my electric bill. My bad! This city government is looking to nickle & dime us, every opportunity they get. It's time for them to get back to basics. Have a budget and stick to it! No more open-checkbook. Time to differentiate between WANTS vs NEEDS. This City Manager, Mayor & Council need to focus on getting corporations to set-up shop in The Cape. We need a tax base, NOT a referendem on more taxes for homeowners. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

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Jun-06-18 8:55 PM

Be very careful in reading this ballot issue, We know in the past twisted statements can mean a no vote is a yes vote. they, the city wants to stuff the*****golf corse down our throuts instead of a hugh tax paying property, The CRA, cape rape association, is broke with there dailed planing. Get rid of them too

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Jun-08-18 8:50 AM

Cape Coral voters need to get out and vote this tax increase down if it makes it to the November election. I don't trust this City Council and especially the City Manager.

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Jun-22-18 6:37 PM

This gigantic " PIE IN THE SKY " proposed $60,000,000 PARKS AND RECREATION expenditure is typical of left-wing TAX AND SPEND mentality. It is not only disgraceful but also irresponsible to forego essential budgetary spending for extravagant recreational wants. We citizens have lost our voice on the City Council. These council members: Nelson, Cariosca, Gunter,Cosden, Williams and Mayor Coviello are intent on burying we citizens in a lifelong debt. We must stop them. I sincerely hope that if a referendum raises its' SWAMP-COVERED HEAD in November, that the electorate will swing the sword and remove its' tax dollar debt creating consuming ORAFICE and drive it down in flaming defeat.

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Jun-22-18 6:55 PM

Stop the following council persons; Nelson, Cariosca, Gunter,Cosden, Williams and Mayor Coviello , from miss-representing the will of the citizens within the area of the city that they were elected to represent. Your council is operating independently against the citizens who elected them. WE ARE NOT BEING FAIRLY REPRESENTED. Our city government leaders are failing to do the job for which they were elected. They are trying to tax us into a lifelong debt that will be devastating to all of us. WE MUST STOP THEM!!!

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Jun-23-18 12:42 PM


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Jun-26-18 9:44 AM

It seems that the kingpin for the entire parks plan is some nebulas requirement for MANDATORY GREEN-SPACE. It has been determined by some computed POPULATION TO GREEN-SPACE RATIO. It assumes the need for additional venues such as playgrounds, swimming, jogging etc. What this ratio fails to recognize is that this is a CANAL/WATER ORIENTED CITY that satisfies the SPACE NEEDS with CANALS and hard surfaced BIKE TRAILS rather than grass covered green spaces. The premise of GREEN-SPACE requirements is moot and unnecessary. WE ARE A WATER-SPORT TOWN not a land-based parks town. Forget about the parks and your TOTALLY UN-NEEDED $60 million TAX BURDEN!

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