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Know the signs

May 25, 2018

To the editor: Overdoses are happening everywhere, all over the country....

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May-25-18 10:29 AM

TONS not pounds..TONS of drugs from Mexico Columbia and China pour through our Democrat ruined borders every day to feed Americas various drug habits. Can anyone imagine a US President suing one his own States because they were following Federal and State border enforcement law protecting US citizens??? What traitor sicko would do that?? Democrat Barrack O'Sharpton. Build the wall Enforce border laws. Round em up and get them out of our prisons and outa my wallet.. 1/3 of Fed prisons are filled with illegal invader lowlife criminals. That we pay for. Build the wall and stop the mega shipments of drug poison into the USA. Fight Drugs and Democrat "liberal" insanity.

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May-25-18 11:36 AM

(Yawn) . . . The driving factor of drug abuse is to be found at the DEMAND Center, NOT the sOURCE Center.

Seafood, can't you get nuttin right ? ? ?

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May-25-18 12:47 PM

Seafood -- Ooops -- Oh, You push everything to the Right -- I meant, "Can't you get nuttin CORRECT?"

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May-27-18 12:54 PM

So the answer from allenwoll is to keep allowing actual tons of drugs from multiple countries and the criminal gang filth that traffics in it to roam freely across US borders setting up shop in every major city in the USA. There's a pathetic liberal deep thinker for you. Moronic, at best.

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May-27-18 3:16 PM

j99 -- Please get some coaching in the subject of "Cause and Effect" : You need it DESPERATELY ! ! !

Alas -- You are NOT alone ! ! !

Full adults SHOULD already understand this mechanism.

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May-27-18 3:55 PM

Leave it to Foxtopian bigoted Republican shills to try to shift the blame for the opioid epidemic from the industry lobbyists to the brown people. Republicans Representative Marino and Blackburn were the chief advocates of the “Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act” (sweet name for dirty business), which requires the government to meet a higher bar before taking certain enforcement actions. Far more opioids are consumed from prescriptions than cross border illegal activity. Less than 5% are even bought from drug dealers (unless u call doctors who prescribe them dealers). Furthermore u can stuff the idea that anything other than weak forms of ****** come from Mexico where a wall would matter at all. Illeal Fentanyl comes in through the mail and trucks from Canada and Mexico. It is small compared to legally prescribed opioids.

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May-27-18 5:44 PM

antico -- Shame, Shame, SHAME : There you go AGAIN, firing those nasty Verifiable FACTS at the poor Li'l GoPerBots. .

Do you not EVER tire of this (chuckle) unfair practice ? ? ?

(Please don't).

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May-31-18 10:37 AM

.Drugs of all varieties come in by the metric ton across the border especially one of the most sick and destructive of all - meth... by the ton..from one of the most corrupt gang filled countries on the planet - Mexico.. Then why would Democrats want open borders? (easy - new voters) If "brown" people live there and do these things.. Well Comrade Corpolov..that's the simple reality of life.. not low IQ PC ignorance.. Build the wall, protect Americans and always fight the "liberalism" virus. Freedom from this evil dread virus is an ongoing battle. Never rest.

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May-31-18 5:09 PM

Seafood : Substantiate you "metric-ton" claim ! !

A quote from some raving GoPer-Poli-Gandist is NOT substantiation (except perhaps in your clouded vision).


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