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Disrespecting God

May 25, 2018

To the editor: The Texas school massacre, once again, points out the uselessness of Washington D.C’s disingenuous elected officials....

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May-31-18 12:49 PM

Seafood -- You forgot "ankle-biting" !

And its "Corgi", NOT Chihuahua.

Do you EVER get anything Right, I mean "correct" ? ?

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May-31-18 10:22 AM

Oh yes Mr Wollschdts You are right. After all who could possibly argue with an 85 year old angry mindless toothless attack Chihuahua?

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May-30-18 7:44 PM

Gollyeeee ! ! ! . My suggestion about contrabanding Ammo must surely have been a really GOOD one, right there on target -- That is, seeing the way you reacted to it ! ! !

Let's Do It NOW ! ! ! . MASA ! ! !

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May-30-18 3:22 PM

Now if you watch FOX News you want to be a clansman and a bigot?? lololololol Poor Comrade Corpolov... bottom of the barrel low IQ ignorance on parade. No wonder anticorp was kicked off the radio (92.5) and power booted out of the News Press. Sad he found a home in The Breeze to spread his sick ignorant hate speech and chronic lying.

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May-30-18 12:10 PM

How long will it take for Fox to capture the racist dredges of Roseann Bar?

Come on fellas. She will be a prefect fit for your audience of hateful bigots and wanna be Clansmen.

At least she won't be another sexual harassment risk. Anyway, Fox will figure it out. Wanna bet?

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May-30-18 10:02 AM

Seafood : What a loser you are ! ! !

"Lost in Politics" ! ! !

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May-30-18 8:40 AM

Yes President Trump caused cancer, the plague, and hates anyone not White... lololololol 85 years old going on 7... Poor Wild-Eyed Wooly How pathetic and always.. Go Trump Great Job!!

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May-29-18 8:14 PM

“ABC has done the right thing. They’ve stood up against racism. It is our country’s original sin. But this is 2018 and it has no place in the hearts of decent people.

Unfortunately our president has stoked these evil fires. If he doesn’t applaud ABC, he will continue to stoke evil”-Rob Reiner

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May-29-18 6:49 PM

Seafood -- Thank you for confirming to us your multiply diseased condition ! ! !

Check in soon for Emergency Evaluation, while you PERHAPS can still be helped ! ! !

Have a speedy recovery ! ! !

Seafood, at 85 yo, I do NOT worry much about "lifetime delays". (Chuckle).

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May-29-18 6:28 PM

Agreed, Move to Australia.. BTW No one cares if you're serious meaningless as Chihuahua droppings. But if u want some ammo take your Twin Comrade Corpolov's, first.. News Time! Two things will never happen in -your- lifetime old Wild-eye - Another criminal racist Democrat administration and no "liberal" wacko's will be taking anyone's guns or ammo.. Now ponder that -fact- of life...lolololol.. Support emergency funding to fight the dread "liberalism" virus. BTW The range in the Cape won't allow standard import AK-47 ammo (so they can sell more expensive ammo?)but Shoot Straight in Ft. Myers still does. Also, Shoot Straights website states they also allow shotguns shooting slugs or buckshot. But its wrong..only slugs allowed for shotgun shooters. Join the NRA Today and fight "liberal" mental illness.

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May-29-18 1:58 PM



I propose to declare ammunition and the chemicals for their production contraband, the manufacture, distribution, sale, theft, or possession of which carries a penalty of up to five years in prison per round or per gram, as applicable.

NIGHTMARES for Gunnies ! ! ! -- I suspect (and hope) that the 2nd is NOT applicable ! ! !

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May-27-18 9:15 AM

NB -- Good Morning, Chucklehead ! ! !

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May-27-18 8:27 AM

Do something positive for a change - Move to Australia. You two malcontent wack jobs certainly won't be missed.

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May-26-18 6:57 PM

antico -- Guns, per se, are NOT the problem ! ! !

It is the AMMO which kills ! ! !

I think that perhaps the 2nd overlooked Ammo.

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May-26-18 6:05 PM

By all means give those w/sponges where there should be a brain something to delude them with. Let them pray. Oh wait; they can already do that by choice.

If something positive does happen give God the credit and ignore all the gazillion times nothing happened and make excuses if asked why not. Psychics do it and never seem to be held accountable for any but the once in a great while they score.

Or we could just outlaw all guns except for those demonstrably necessary for protection, like Australia, in alternating states and see which gets results. You could pray in both if u must delude yourselves.

Kalfus if there is any omission of respect here it seems to me innocent American victims ought to rank somewhere on your radar.

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May-25-18 5:49 PM

Seafood, I suggest that your attempt to gain sway in this sort of matter is totally futile and outside of reason ! ! ! . Remain under your rock, please !

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May-25-18 3:59 PM

And...did you just find that out??? lololol OMG...lololol. Have a point or pointless as usual? God help em poor libby things... They have a virus..that can't control them selves.. and of course the thought of any God figure just makes "liberals" cringe.. wonder why? To think there might be something superior to a "liberal"??? Unacceptable!! lololol Every "liberal" knows that's not remotely possible... (It's the Superior Thinker Virus..they can't help themselves)

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May-25-18 12:02 PM

One of our most important Religious Freedoms to be found in this nation is the right of anyone to reject the efforts of others to push THEIR religious views and beliefs upon him/her by force OR by stealth ! ! !

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