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Cost of programs for the public good are intended to be shared by all

May 25, 2018

To the editor: My letter is in response to Mr. Roger Johnson’s letter published May 18. His letter related to the proposed school district tax increase and who should be required to pay of it....

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May-28-18 8:47 AM

But NOT many ! ! !

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May-28-18 7:38 AM

Great job President Trump. After the last 8 year Democrat complete disaster its wonderful to finally have a leader in the White House getting the job done for all Americans and for a wonderful change showing love and respect for the country not disdain, hatred and disrespect it received from America's worst political mistake in the countries history - the terrorist, racist criminal disgrace, Obama. Thank You President Trump.

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May-27-18 10:58 AM

Trump sets a tone for the whole country - a reality that spurred Republican op-ed columnist Michael Gerson, a former aide to President George W. Bush, to pen a scathing assessment earlier this month.

“Whatever else Trumpism may be," Gerson wrote in The Washington Post, "it is the systematic organization of resentment against outgroups. His record is rich in dehumanization. ... This is more than a disturbing pattern; it is an organizing political principle. And it has resulted in a series of radiating consequences.”

“The Trump era is a renaissance of half-witted intolerance," Gerson concluded.

There apparently ARE a FEW sane GoPers ! ! !

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May-27-18 9:11 AM

Seafood -- NOT superiority -- Just basic functionality ! ! ! -- Something more than yours which you apparently found one day in a box of CrackerJack ! ! !

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May-27-18 8:46 AM

Can anyone imagine Comrade Corpalov crowing about his "intellectual" superiority??? lololol!!! Here's just a few gems to show the Comrades superior mind..." All Republicans want to kill manatees" "Shouting down those you don't agree with is NOT limiting their free speech" Superior "liberal" mind on display??...lolololol.. Comrade, sounds to me more like the ravings of someone very mentally challenged. What a complete and total serial fraud...pathetic. These two are why President Trump is in charge. America Thanks The Twisted Twins for their undeniable help in electing Donald Trump. Thanks Boys! The "superior" Twins!! What a riot!!! lolololololol...

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May-26-18 6:49 PM

antico -- I agree that this large chunk of America is intellectually adrift -- but they certainly are showing GREAT industry and determination in destroying our nation by supporting the malicious and confused actions of The Trumpet Daffodil.

It is ironic -- or is it poetic -- that THEY will in the end be the ones to suffer the most by far.

MASA, Someday !

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May-26-18 4:15 PM

Mr Johnson has no problem using that road in front of his home water or “his” electric (bill doesn’t cover the grid) or innumerable other items paid for and assembled by the “society” we all live in. I think a society is something like an association with others. Since human population has grown like rabbits we have no choice but to be a social society. The alternative is a constant state of war with each other.

Clearly about 30-40% of America is intellectually adrift. Must be malabsorption of Foxatoxa.

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May-26-18 7:05 AM

rmm -- I think that you MIS-read Tom's message ! !

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May-25-18 7:59 PM

Tom, if I read your meaning, you support USER FEES...Count me in. I don't use anything that I don't pay for directly. As far as our great war machine goes, enforce a FAIR TAX to pay for it and all the rest of entitlements and discretionary federal spending.

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May-25-18 12:21 PM

Tom, You will find no support amongst the Righties for cutting foreign involvement - - - "It is not good business" to do so which is ALL that matter$ to them.

Unfortunately, they consider ONLY the immediate and intransigently, industriously neglect the future ! ! !

Their GREED will eventually do us ALL in if it can not become tempered ! ! !

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