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Non-secular nature of public schools must be preserved

May 18, 2018

To the editor: A friend posted an article on a Florida group suing Collier County schools over “unbalanced” science books as a reminder that our local school board elections are really important and......

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May-22-18 11:12 AM

Seafood -- Your description of yourself is quite accurate, ImO !

Nice Job ! !

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May-22-18 10:33 AM

Yes Mr. win..AND of course you are right... After all arguing with a fully psychotic ankle biting ever angry mindless Chihuahua does seems silly...just gives you the attention you soooo desperately crave.

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May-22-18 8:58 AM

Seafood : In your deep Extremist Confusion, ImO you use way, WAY too many words.

The GoPer "Philosophy" can be summed up in whole in just ONE short phrase :

ANYTHING for a BUCK ! ! !

Got it now ? ? ?

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May-22-18 8:01 AM

Poor Comrade Corpolov...As you've told us a million times to showcase your anger driven obvious mental issues.. Republicans want to kill babies, hate education, want to destroy the Earth, Love pollution, want terrible healthcare, caused cancer and the plague in the 1300's and want to kill grandmothers and as YOU told us want to even kill manatees...(lololol- how sad is that? lolol)now Comrade Corpolov's newest hate rant is against Christian Republicans!!(The worst kind ya know!! lololol)This anger based wild-eyed mental breakdown is why Comrade Corpolov never has any credibility, nor ever will. Kicked off the 92.5 radio, banned from the News Press.. now unfortunately stuck here to print his daily hate based blog of hypocrisy and immaturity. Poor pathetic Corpolov.. at your age isn't it past time to try and finally grow up or at least try to get help?

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May-22-18 6:08 AM

antico -- Check out Police Chief Art Avecedo of Houston, TX

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May-21-18 11:01 PM

I wonder if America has had enough of the destruction and corruption at the hands of the Republican Christians . They are running the asylum at the present time. It seems the more mayhem and ruin of social justice and the safety net the more dumbed down pudding brained Cracker and Red Neck rurals they have clinging to their guns and God.

Creationism along side Science is worse than denying evolution, it is Evilution.

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May-21-18 11:00 PM

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May-21-18 10:56 AM

Seafood -- Try keeping up with the ACTUAL, FACTUAL news instead GoPer-Fake news ! ! !

If that requires crawling from under your GoPerock lying there, so be it.

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May-21-18 8:01 AM

Looks like the angry mindless ankle biting Chihuahua must have gotten into a lot of his handler Comrade Corpolov's vodka stash? YES Wild-eyed Wooly We already know...Republicans are against the Earth, Education, Babies, puppies, healthcare, manatees, the Sun, and grandmothers... how childishly stupid as always. Different day.. same childish libby loser nonsense. Grow up.. 85? still no maturity?? Get help!

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May-20-18 2:03 PM

Well, Seafood, the latest News of the Day just really DOES seem to struggle to come to your attention ! ! !

GoPers are ACTIVELY opposing better Healthcare and better Education on all fronts : Forget Fake-FOX News and read some ACTUAL, factual news, Whydoncha ? ? ?

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May-20-18 1:46 PM

Oh Yes Comrade Corpolov.. Republicans want to keep everyone dumbed down(like you obviously are to utter such ridiculous hillbilly tripe) so they can get rich!! lololol.. Now Republicans are dumbing down minorities while converted haters assassinate them in school"??? What?? lololol WHAT??? OMG!! hahahahah lololol!!..How pathetic and hilarious Comrade Corpolov!!! Tooooo much bathtub vodka Comrade?? Documented errors everywhere?? But Comrade..Y R U helpless to disprove them??? EVER?? lolololol. Fact checkers? Like Soros funded sites?? Get up earlier Mikeyboy..Poor Comrade..try picking up cans..something useful before you go?? Then tell us all why, as You stated, "All Republicans want to kill manatees"??? Is your next insanity going to be "All Republicans want to kill babies and puppies"?? lololol..(yes! lolol)Poor pathetic Comrade Corpolov. Support emergency funding to fight the dread "liberalism" virus.

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May-20-18 12:07 PM

If pointing out the association of the Christian Right to Republicans is running them down I plead guilty.

I suppose Republicans have seen the studies of how educated people get better jobs and vote Progressive thus they want young people in their Parochial Madrasas and/or defund the public schools (dumbing down minorities while your converted haters assassinate them in school).

You do earn high marks for one thing DOAkolov. Audacity is clearly your strong suit. Your icon has the longest list of factual errors documented by fact checkers I have ever seen in a leader. He speaks/thinks/shoots from the lip without a care for facts. There is evidence to support what I say.

For u, there is no hope of evidence to support your propaganda.

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May-19-18 2:27 PM

Get your wilted, worn-out, goofy, GoPer-$tyle Word $alad just below.

You buy it at YOUR risk and that of your family and descendants ! ! !

It is straight out of the U S Oligarchist Concoction Rooms ! ! !

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May-19-18 1:12 PM

Poor Comrade corpolov.. More tired childish nonsense & serial hypocrisy.. All Democrats are Saints..and All Republicans are evil..Same ignorant low IQ tripe- different day. Tolerant?? lololol YOU? There are -0- "tolerant" "liberals" today.. A blinded duped inflexible zealot does not a "liberal" make. Today's "liberal" is on the far other end of the spectrum and completely intolerant of others beliefs or opinions as witnessed by Comrade Corpolov's recent quote, "Shouting down others you don't agree with is NOT limiting their free speech". Tolerant? lolol "liberal"? lolol What a blazing hypocrite!! Tolerant of others spiritual beliefs? (as you constantly run down Christians and believers. lolol.. "liberals" like this exist in a fantasy world of self-delusion and complete and total hypocrisy worshiping their serial lying heroes like Barrack O'Sharpton or other serial lying criminals like Hillygal. Pride?? Lolol

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May-18-18 5:01 PM

It is disgusting how the Republicans using faith based doctrine to lure so many people into their miasma of ignorant manipulation. It follows they want to defund education and disparage evidence based science. It is certainly nothing like the teachings of the man Christ.

I have always prided myself to be tolerant of the spiritual beliefs of others. I never want to become the opposite, but I know we have to stand on provable facts, social justice and honest economics.

To continue on the path the Republicans are pushing us is the death knell of sustainable freedom and prosperity for the masses.

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