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Going down

May 18, 2018

To the editor: The substance of American Politics has collapsed well below the horizon of reason — and continues to sink....

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May-24-18 6:07 PM

Here, now, antico : GoPers & Company do NOT lie -- They merely "Refurbish the Truth" for better curb appeal ! ! !

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May-24-18 1:40 PM

Michael Beschloss is the Presidential historian Rachel interviews often. Last night he told of how Adle Stevenson was approached by the Russians to help him win. Stevenson immediately rejected the offer by the Russians and then reported the Russian offer to Eisenhower. Kennedy and Johnson were quoted by Beschloss too. Only Trump has asked for and accepted Russian help.

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May-24-18 1:37 PM

According to Michael Beschloss (Presidential historian) presidential candidates have been approached by Russians offering help to win.

They all said no and reported it. There is a record of this if u can believe something upsetting of your political apple cart.

Trump and his people didn’t report it, In fact they lied about.

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May-20-18 1:55 PM

Yes, it DOES seem futile to attempt to reason with your sorts ! ! !

Please look up the latest "New Yorker" cover. . FUN-NY ! ! !

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May-20-18 1:21 PM

You win Mr. Wollschdts... after all arguing with a fully psychotic ankle biting ever angry mindless Chihuahua does seems silly...just gives you the attention you soooo desperately crave. Get help.

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May-18-18 6:24 PM

Hey, Seafood -- It might be more interesting to us were you to tell us about the Psycho-Weather in that part of your imaginary LaLaLand from which you launch your laughable but trivial word salads toward us.

>> MASA <<

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May-18-18 3:15 PM

Wonder what it's talking about below? Mindless rambling again?? Oh Lord.. Well its a sad the fully irrational anger driven attention craving malcontent and resident ankle biter returns. Wonder if they know he got out again? They probably won't catch it till afternoon Bingo role call. Wish I had the number to call... BTW.. Anger driven "liberal" not a "position"

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May-18-18 2:46 PM

Seafood -- Your comments and those of several others provide outstanding supporting EVIDENCE for my position.

Thank you all !

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May-18-18 2:28 PM

Funny, as most of the Planet would die to get here..cept the angry malcontent hypocrites living here sucking freely from it's benefits while serial-moaning..The World disenchanted??..lolol..That's their problem and yours Comrade corpolov and honestly, who cares? Everyone can't be the best country in the world like the USA...especially now that decent folks have banished Democrat Socialists (In Germany - they called them Nazi's)from power for years to come. Coup? No.. sadly for "liberal" Hilly O'Sharpton zealots the "coup" is about over..finally the worm has turned on the whole Criminal Democrat, DNC, Mueller/Comey/Clinton controlled FBI lie & corruption "collusion" charade to stop Trump.(BUT they can't)(lololol)its going to get really interesting as the new Democratic Socialist Party starts to further implode! Go Trump!!Bumo/Hilly/Comey/Holder/Lynch in orange jumpsuits!! Happy Days!

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May-18-18 11:56 AM

Are we now too corrupt to stop the fall from grace? The rest of the world is becoming more and more disenchanted with our government.

What is next, a coup?

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May-18-18 7:57 AM

Poor old Wooly..Your path back to even a minimal degree of reason is very clear - it doesn't exist.

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May-18-18 7:49 AM

It's amazing where the paranoid mind can take you.

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May-18-18 7:36 AM

It looks like it is time for Allen to go back to the doctor so his meds can be adjusted.

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May-18-18 7:21 AM

Allen, take your meds and go back to sleep.

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