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Some rebuttal

May 18, 2018

To the editor: Letter writer George Rosinger stated this question to the Republicans: Why are they loyal to Trump? I question, who else is there to have loyalty to? We just got rid of the worst......

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May-22-18 6:46 PM

ANYTHING is possible when one deliberately and industriously ignores the FACTS ! ! ! -- And substitutes pure GoPer-Faith ! ! !


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May-22-18 10:30 AM

Yes Mr. Wollschdts you are right.. Who could possibly argue that?

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May-21-18 12:05 PM

It is sooooooooooooooooooo difficult for Seafood to assimilate and grasp a point from the News of the Day : He just instantly retreats back into his little, comfy, cushioney cocoon of GoPerFaith in which he tends and grows his cute little GoPerDelusions ! ! !

Tisque ! ! !

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May-21-18 11:27 AM

Want to personally thank Mr. Wollschdts for helping Donald Trump to become President.. Its important to see read and hear these "liberal" ultra-hypocrite angry zealot psychotics to remind themselves they made the right choice with President Trump..and in banishing "liberal" Democrat criminals for decades to come from US politics. Imagine a Hillygal or a wild-eyed Wooly in charge?? OMG!! lololol Go Trump! Leaving the malcontent angry wild-eyed anger driven "liberal" hypocrite in the dumpster of history.

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May-21-18 11:16 AM

Seafood -- Prosperity for WHOM ? ? ?

Unfortunately, these prosperous folk DO NOT include 99% (or more) of the people of the U S ! ! !

Calm yourself -- Groundless Raving such as you habitually engage upon can impair mental health ! ! !

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May-21-18 7:51 AM

Happening I agree!! as Trump rolls to victory after victory for America and our allies leaving the "liberal" ultra-hypocrite malcontent haters in the dumpster. Congrats to Trump for DOING what other Presidents just talked about for decades. Finally the embassy has been moved to it's rightful place. Finally a leader, a man who actually does what he promises. After 8 years of Democrat disgrace, lawlessness, and racial division under unquestionably the worst sham of an illegal "president" in modern history we move on to a new chapter of prosperity. Fortunately Trumps base grows stronger by the day and with each victory. Congrats to a real President, a man that actually does what he promises. There is no more important job for the US citizen than keeping "liberals" -doing the work of our enemies- out of our government, our schools, our disgraced criminal news media, and our lives. Go Trump!!

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May-21-18 1:41 AM

It is happening. No, not the business investment the REPUBLICANS and Trump predicted as a result of their tax cut legislation. Another prediction by opponents was the wealthy would just buy back their own stock with income from the tax cuts for the wealthy.

“Total S&P 500 shareholder payouts -- buybacks plus dividends -- for the past 12 months could top $1 trillion for the first time ever. The buyback bonanza occurred during the first full quarter after President Donald Trump signed into law a massive corporate tax cut that was supposed to lift business spending on job-creating investments.”

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May-19-18 4:39 PM


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May-19-18 4:04 PM

Excellent LTE! Imagine anyone so duped, so hypocritical enough, so stupid enough to think even for a moment that an "investigation" staffed by an O'Sharpton/Clinton Mueller..and a staff of dedicated Trump haters.. could even remotely be called an investigation.. How pathetic. How can anyone even try to libby eel grease that one up and send it? Good news is the Shill Mueller/Crooked Hillary/Crooked Comey FBI Show is about over. Go Trump!

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May-18-18 12:28 PM

Mr Wallace, (are you related to George?) what a pile of BS.Lets see…there was 6 years on Clinton's Whitewater, which was dismissed, O indictments, 0 convictions, Then we've had a total of 4 years on Benghazi which has cost $70 million, and turned into a nothing burger, Again 0 indictment, 0 convictions. And then there was Hillarys e-mail “investigation”, Two years, 6 committees and again 0 indictments, 0 convictions. Russia-gate has been under official investigation for one year as of 5/17/18, with a cost thus far around $10 million, has yielded 23 indictments, 5 guilty pleas and counting! And not to mention that the Senate has concluded that the Russians were involved in trying to prop up Trump and take down Hillary. Obama was in office 8 years and no one in his administration was indicted nor convicted. No one! Trump's didn't make it a month!!!!

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