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Time to fix the system

May 18, 2018

To the editor: There is something definitively wrong with our healthcare system. Everyone acknowledges it. But no one seems to have the will to stand up and ask what’s been on our minds all alon....

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May-23-18 7:00 AM

Seafood -- My anger and my philosophical biting are NOT aimed at Con-Ankles, but rather higher up in broader areas of their strange political anatomies ! !

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May-23-18 6:37 AM

You win Mr. Wollschdts... after all arguing with a fully psychotic 85 year old ankle biting ever angry mindless Chihuahua does seems silly...just gives you the attention you soooo desperately crave. Get help.

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May-22-18 6:42 PM

Seafood -- Your comments ID you as a 24-carat Chuckle-Head ! ! ! -- With Aggravated Cluelessness as well ! !

I know that you have worked hard to attain this remarkable status amongst U S Political Dunderheads ! ! !

Nice Job ! ! !

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May-22-18 10:27 AM

Carmen, agree with a lot of what you are saying but when you start with your, "The Affordable Care Act was an honest(? in what world??) but flawed attempt that has suffered from undue attacks and interventions that have negatively impacted its effectiveness". You lose me. There is nothing honest about any program that is sold on lies to the public by the President of the USA as Barrack O'Sharpton did or make it mandatory to buy it, or pay a fine. O'Sharpton Care was simply a wealth redistribution scam which -cancelled- my policy.. so others could get insurance..that I had to now help pay for.. while I now had -0- insurance. If not for the wacko J. McCain's childish retaliatory vote against President Trump...the whole O'Sharpton Care Scam would have been repealed completely. McCain is a glaring example of why we desperately need term limits.

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May-21-18 11:10 AM

Seafood, watch your head ! ! !

As usual, you are AGAIN completely OFF THE RAILS OF REASON ! ! !

You need to fear concussion -- and in fact it sounds look you may be already suffering such ! ! !

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May-21-18 8:41 AM

Happening I agree!! as Trump rolls to victory after victory for America and our allies leaving the "liberal" ultra-hypocrite malcontent haters in the dumpster. Congrats to Trump for DOING what other Presidents just talked about for decades. Finally the embassy has been moved to it's rightful place. Finally a leader, a man who actually does what he promises. After 8 years of Democrat disgrace, lawlessness, and racial division under unquestionably the worst sham of an illegal "president" in modern history we move on to a new chapter of prosperity. Fortunately Trumps base grows stronger by the day and with each victory. Congrats to a real President, a man that actually does what he promises. There is no more important job for the US citizen than keeping "liberals" -doing the work of our enemies- out of our government, our schools, our disgraced criminal news media, and our lives. Go Trump!!

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May-21-18 1:38 AM

It is happening. No, not the business investment the REPUBLICANS and Trump predicted as a result of their tax cut legislation. Another prediction by opponents was the wealthy would just buy back their own stock when they brought tax avoidance dollars home from overseas and the same from greater income from the cuts for the wealthy.

“Total S&P 500 shareholder payouts -- buybacks plus dividends -- for the past 12 months could top $1 trillion for the first time ever. The buyback bonanza occurred during the first full quarter after President Donald Trump signed into law a massive corporate tax cut that was supposed to lift business spending on job-creating investments.”

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May-20-18 12:16 PM

antico -- You used the term "moral courage" in the same sentence with "congress" and "the president".

Surely you jest ! ! !

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May-18-18 1:10 PM

I agree Medicare for all or single payer like the VA is the answer if, and only if, congress and the president have the moral courage to do the right thing for all Americans instead a few corporate profiteers. Not only do they need to make Medicare for all our system but they must free it to negotiate prices with big pharma and health care vendors

Just got another clear reminder of the cheating American citizens in the mail today from the VA. After their negotiating for the best price they paid the bill for CT scans of my chest and abdomen in the amount of $156. When the hospital in my town sent me the bill saying they got no response from the VA the bill was $900. The reason for the initial rejection by the VA was the hospital didn’t send my service account number or social security number (don’t like that requirement).

This “whatever the market will bear” has to end.

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