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Let those who benefit pay

May 18, 2018

To the editor: Your headline “School district touts proposed sales tax” immediately caught my attention....

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May-19-18 9:39 AM

Apparently the News of the Day fails to reach Seafood's residence down there in deep GoPer LaLaLand ! ! !

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May-19-18 8:53 AM

Actually nubs, ER was speaking of you. WHO messed up my fry order..Again! But there is no shame in fast food. I commend you for working..honest. Aren't these lil folks pathetic? Republicans are against education...or Conservatives don't want a healthy or educated population?...Really Lil Boys? Seriously? How way beyond childish are comments like that? Wonder what drives folks to advertise their own childish ignorance and simple stupidity? 35-65-85 Some just never grow up. The daily mantra.. All Democrats are saints All Republicans are evil All rich are evil unless they are Democrats. All Republicans want to kill children, grandmothers, the Earth, and manatees...and now add Republicans against healthcare and education? Our poor Chihuahua..Same pathetic and laughable low IQ ignorance -completely oblivious- to how beyond childish they publicly portray themselves. Get help.

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May-18-18 8:12 PM

ER -- We seldom agree, but we certainly do here.

There are no other causes that Conservatives can support more effective to their OWN interests than Education and Healthcare.

A poorly educated, unhealthy population is -- in the long run -- a critical economic retardant on the OVERALL prosperity of any nation ! !

That many Conservatives do NOT see it this way is really sad ! ! !

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May-18-18 6:03 PM

E Roberts...thank a Republican for that!

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May-18-18 2:57 PM

Every time you go in to a store and the guy/gal behind the counter is as stupid as a box of rocks, you are affected by the decline of our educational system. If you can't see that our schools affect every aspect of our society as a whole, then you are either in denial or are as stupid as a box of rocks yourself.

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May-18-18 2:55 PM

Actually the LTE points out a valuable point being the never ending flushing of money into "education" "for the kids" with pea poor we slip behind the world in math, reading and science. Billions upon Billions over the years with continued poor results. Clearly the present "education" system is out of control and not functioning. Corrupt "liberal" run teachers unions, unqualified teachers, great teachers risking their lives with gang lowlife and evil nutjob kids in unprotected schools, "liberal" loons erasing anything good about American history from the text. Zealot lib professors teaching USA hate and White guilt to young impressionable minds with colleges actually now restricting free speech. Its easy to see why continued wasting of "education" money on a grand scale is upsetting.. as it should be. Lesson? Ban USA loathing "liberal" control lunatics from our government and esp. our schools.

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May-18-18 12:05 PM

What a maroon! Using your analogy, Mr Johnson, the elder population (who is the biggest factor in rising medical costs beside corporate greed) should foot the bill. People with cars and truck drivers should foot the bill for public roads regardless that many who take, and pay extra for, public transportation (els, subway) receive the benefits of the food and supplies they deliver. It's mind numbing to think there are people who think like you and actually breed. MASA!!! Make America Sane Again!

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May-18-18 11:49 AM

Welcome back Allen. Missed U on the graffiti scrubbing crew.

We have fallen behind in your absence.

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May-18-18 11:07 AM

This letter is a remarkably clear and comprehensive display of the Political, Social and ECONOMIC Ignorance and Stupidity which is endemic to the Folk on the Right ! ! !.

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May-18-18 7:35 AM

The insatiable appetite for other people’s money clearly exists elsewhere than the author states. The public school systems are under funded.


“How grossly underfunded are public schools? - The Washington Post”

“Most States Have Cut School Funding, and Some Continue Cutting ...”

Now search the growing wealth and income gap….U know the answer to that though.

Bottom line, the letter is based on a false premise.

Surely Mr Johnson jests when he says let the people with children in school pay. I would remind him entrepreneurs never stop complaining they don’t have enough “qualified” applicants. Furthermore those with the money to pay have been enticed to put their children in parochial schools.

Sir your thinking is the kind that would degrade America to third world status.

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