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Salary cap won’t drain the swamp

May 11, 2018

To the editor: Several letters recently have praised Congressman Francis Rooney for his bill to create term limits for members of Congress....

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May-16-18 8:53 PM

Well it seems the corporal represents intellectuals? and seems to be having a conversation with some entity?(talk about out there!) The same Tn. intellectual that gave us, "All Republicans want to kill manatees" Yep.. Yep... a true insightful "liberal" genius would be more accurate. Support funding for the dread "liberalism" virus.

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May-16-18 12:55 PM

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "ones ignorance is just as good as another's knowledge."

First world nations didn't progress to their present status abiding such nonsense as yours either.

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May-14-18 8:11 AM

We don't care what Canadians and other foreigners do. This is the USA! The greatest nation on earth and We the People are honored to serve our country for two or 4 years and go back to our jobs, farms, families and communities. Government is not an industry here, it is a service to others. we don't even need to get paid, we serve for the honor and privilege alone. Term limits are needed to eliminate career politicians and big government.

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May-12-18 11:19 AM

Another install of agent corpolov's always childish mantra..All Republicans are evil..All Democrats Saints.. How serial always. I guess when ya got nothing...childish nonsense is all u have. Wonder why there are many more millionaire Democrat Senators than Republican? Poor agent corpolov in denial land.

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May-11-18 5:33 PM

Who are the opponents of real limits on private money in our politics?

Surprise…..It is the corporate media and the Republican Party.

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May-11-18 5:29 PM

Money is corrupting American politics. There are numerous ways to accommodate or nullify the slight inconvenience of term limits. It’s a scam.

“Canada has extensive regulation, banning corporate and union donations, imposing caps on individual donations and limits on candidate, party and third-party expenditure – that is, expenditure by groups other than candidates or political parties during an election campaign. New Zealand also limits expenditure by parties and third parties. Its electoral commission is responsible for party broadcasting allocation (free time and money for paid advertising). The United Kingdom has limits on expenditure by political parties and third parties. Paid advertising in electronic media isn’t allowed at all. In 2008, the House of Lords upheld the prohibition. It argued the ban was necessary to maintain a level playing field and prevent “well-endowed interests” from using “the power of the purse to give enhanced prominence to their views”.

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May-11-18 2:36 PM

Wrong. Term limits are vital; to stop fully corrupt career political hacks and total frauds like Pelosi, Hillycriminal, Sanders, Schumer, Maxine Waters and other criminals getting rich on decent Americans. Lisa dear, If there are no 30+ year terms -available- problem solved. These are the people who do the real damage..not the highly successful Gov. Scott. Obviously term limits are -vital- as the framers fully understood..I'm sure they had a pretty good grasp on reality compared to yet another moaning "liberal" that hasn't had personal success in life and resents those that have. Lisa, if you don't like a have the vote..use it and stop moaning.. Use it like decent Americans did when we banished the Hillycriminal from American politics forever. If you aren't successful try some good old, looking honestly in YOUR mirror, therapy.

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