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On line voter registration site has issues

May 11, 2018

To the editor: I registered to vote at DMV and got a copy of my info. I received the brochure from Lee County Election Board with an application for a mail-in ballot....

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May-16-18 6:56 PM

It’s good to see most are not buying into DOAkolov and Lestinkiev propaganda.

Some crazy il – logic: better to thwart a million voter’s rights to prevent one illegal vote.

Do some research and u will find the few illegal votes come from the Right Wing Nuts; and then there are courts overturning the cheating Republican’s Gerrymandering and purging of opposition voter rolls.

Search ex-Sec Tillerson’s comments on the threat of integrity and alternative facts at the highest level of our government. There can be no doubt of his aim.

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May-14-18 2:32 PM

Well said Lestino!! Yet the irrational "liberal" living here enjoying the freedom of living in the US is determined to undermine voting at all costs..? Why Does the Democrat not care if illegal voters vote? No ID please WE DON'T CARE who u are..Just pull that lever. POWER! Open borders costing taxpayers billions..Democrats care? NOPE..Mexicans trucking in dope by the TON poisoning our society. Below the border criminal gangs with 1/3 of US prisons filled with illegal criminal trash..that WE pay for. Voter ID?? Nope that's "racist" Why do sick "liberal" Democrats want to destroy their own country? There is no greater threat to America..The real enemy within..the fully duped irrational always hypocritical "liberal" zealot unknowingly/knowingly doing the work of the Communist Party and Iran. "Liberalism" is a true sickness. We must continue to keep "liberals" out of our government & schools at all cost

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May-14-18 7:29 AM

Obviously this technology is not yet ready to use for voting and registration. Shut it down till it is perfected. We can go to the DMV/Elections office to register. It is more important that 1 illegal vote is prevented than a million legal votes be cast! Our country and way of life hang in the balance!

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May-13-18 6:14 PM

lololololol poor agent've become sooo detached with eaten with anger.. OK You win! Hillary is as pure as driven snow and has never lied to Congress, helped get our folks killed in Benghazi, never helped rig the DNC against your Crazy Bernie, never colluded with the Russians to get Trump, never personally attacked her husband Democrat Billybob's molestation and rape victims, never help run one of the largest money laundering pay for play get rich operation in American history (Clinton "foundation")as Sec. of State..need more? Yep, She's a real Saint. Like u. Poor agent corpylov Another super-victim of the dread, blind "liberal" total hypocrite, virus.

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May-13-18 6:07 AM

More FOX and Shock Jock buzz word talking points - yet still not a single broken law cited.

That amounts to propaganda for the bobble head alternative facts minions.

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May-12-18 11:14 AM

Its obvious agent corpolov that your Twin's bright yellow ice skates fit you u skate and hide from reality and common sense. What did Hillary do??? lolololol What hasn't this long term criminal and incredible serial liar not done is the question? Vague? lololol are u on another Pork Rind overdose again?? lololol..How silly. In fact the only PROVEN REAL "collusion" is between Russia and the Clintons were the Democrat criminal actually paid for FAKE Russkie info from your sway a presidential election..I have several for you to RUN from agent corpolov in denial land as Trump grows stronger with each day and victory making Democrats wither and hide and run from reality. Poor agent corpolov in denial land...lololol Another day..more libby hot gas lies.

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May-12-18 10:16 AM

More propaganda through vague charges with no specifics or sources from DOAkolov.

I'm not doing your research for u. What did Hilary do that was against the law?

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May-12-18 8:15 AM

Well agent corpolov (humor the ill) point out the "propaganda" ..disprove it with facts and not unsourced "liberal" fantasy quotes and for might gain credibility. So far you have -0- just more anger based useless laughable libby gas. Prove me wrong agent corpolov.. What part of the Clinton crimes that I've listed below are specific propaganda? Pls explain to show u have any credibility - for once..without borrowing your twins bright yellow ice skates.

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May-11-18 3:54 PM

DOAkolov is spreading baseless propaganda. He would spread this manure hoping the stench would distract us from the crook in the White House.

It's funny how the justice department and special prosecutor are knee deep in suspicious activities surrounding the Trump campaign and the possible cover-up of money laundering and obstruction of justice.

This is indeed an important letter and the subject really deserves our support to pressure the politicians to improve access and safe handling of our most precious right, voting.

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May-11-18 2:54 PM

Excellent LTE!! Mandatory we protect the vote locally and nationally from the frauds, illegal invaders, computer manipulation and rich power mad criminals attempting to -rig- the we just saw with the serial criminal, serial liar and PROVEN RUSSIAN COLLUDER Hillary Clinton AND the DNC totally rigging the Democrat Primary of the United States...and to think this Democrat criminal and her serial molester Democrat disgrace husband still walk free is an insult to all decent Americans. What's even worse "liberals" not even having the common decency, self respect and moral courage to condemn the crimes they committed. Protect the vote and the honest American voter from "liberals"

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