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Fight government abuse

May 4, 2018

To the editor: As an advocate and as a consumer I am again requesting that we pay attention to our economy. We are a nation of consumers; our GDP reflects that. Real job creation is negligibl....

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May-08-18 10:33 AM

Never seen so many unnamed source "quotes" in one LTE..lolol!..They must all be from more Soros anti-Trump operatives directly connected to their local SWF/Tn. agent anticorpolov then passed on directly to us? Wait for it...yes..There is is! Poor tired old agent corpolov singing his daily angry sad refrain..lololol..Sing along!! "All Republicans want to ruin healthcare - hate minorities and illegal invaders - want to hurt seniors and let children die - and of course, destroy the Earth" Did I miss something? Oh poop..the famous corpolov insight.. "All Republicans want to kill manatees" ((((WWHHHAAT???!!!??))) lolololol Luv U agent Mikey.. What a riot!! Go Trump!

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May-08-18 9:17 AM

Paying for .01% (CEOs, hedge fund mgrs) tax cuts. This and ACA funding cuts is just the beginning! Trump requested $15 billion in spending cuts from Congress Tuesday, ($7 billion from the Children’s Health Insurance Program). Some reductions were aimed at non-defense spending, including nearly $1.5 billion in child nutrition programs, $700 million in student grants. “Already sabotaging our health care system to the detriment of middle-class families President Trump and Republicans; now they’re going after health care dollars that millions of children rely on during outbreaks of the flu and other deadly illnesses” in a statement after an initial report about the CHIP proposal. “The senior administration official, speaking to reporters on a conference call, said the cuts would not hurt the program. Of the total amount, $5 billion came from an account from which the money is not authorized to be spent under the law, he said.” ((((WWHHAAT))))

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May-08-18 9:17 AM

One correction; Solar energy cost is falling, not that you would know it from Republicans. They prefer coal and nuclear.

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May-07-18 10:22 AM

So ya know people: Here is the perfect example of why no one in their right mind can or should ever trust a so called hate consumed, slippery "liberal" ..We are supposed to take this reference seriously? Please corporal anticorp you and I both know the Center On Budget& Policy Priorities is a far left "liberal" "Think Tank"(read "liberal" hate Trump Tank)with one of it's biggest donors, one of America's greatest enemies, George Soros. Please get up earlier corporal. How silly. Graspin at anything Prayin it'll stick with the other knuckleheads? lolololol -0- credibility. Go Trump! On track to be the greatest President in modern American history as unemployment hits a never before recorded low especially for Blacks that suffered a 28.5% rate under Democrat criminal Barrack O'Sharpton to an -all time- record low under Republican President Trump! Center On Budget libby nonsense lolol Go Trump!!

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May-06-18 6:27 PM

So ya know people

“The new tax bill will mean lower incomes on average for the working class, worse after temporary breaks expire in 2025, per the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: the tax bill not only cut taxes, but also eliminates the requirement that Americans purchase health insurance. Lawmakers added in that last provision because it will save the government hundreds of billions of dollars in payments that help low-income people afford health insurance. That made the cost of the bill small enough to pass the senate without any Democratic votes. It will mean a lower income for the average American earning less than $40,000 plus benefits for individuals will expire after 2025 and those earning less than $75,000 will have a lower income.”

Search: Blue-Collar Trump Voters Are Shrugging at Their Tax Cuts

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May-06-18 8:58 AM

Wrong Louie, I'm going to keep on spending as are workers that have received nice raises and bonus money nationwide. New jobs, wealth & business returning, all good stuff Louie as Trump against all odds, crooks both Dem. and Repub. commies/progressive/liberals(same) a totally biased sold out "liberal" "media" disgrace and always hypocrite libby loons living in The PC Twilight Zone... is still moving the US forward again. Under the Democrat Disgrace Barrack O'Sharpton Black unemployment 28.5%!!Under Trump - The LOWEST ever on record. Hispanic? The same. Women's? The lowest in 20 years. GO TRUMP! Finally a leader in the White House working for Americans..and not for our enemies like Barrack The Disgrace did. What traitor would give 150 Billion US dollars to a country that swears burning death to ALL Americans? Yes, even "liberals" - Democrat Barrack Obama. Go Trump!

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