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Advertisers are making fools of themselves

May 4, 2018

To the editor: I can’t believe that because Fox show anchor Laura Ingram made a comment that didn’t sit well with some of the advertisers these pin-heads have decided to cancel their advertising......

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May-08-18 11:11 AM

Isn't it sad to hear the blind "liberal" zealots scream for blood in this total kangaroo court "collusion" charade that's about to end so a -real- investigation can begin into Muller, Clinton, and the very ill publicity hound, serial liar, leaker and Clinton shill, FBI disgrace Comey. An even sadder case is the lack of moral courage and complete hypocrisy "liberal" malcontents exhibit.. Hillycriminal -DID- "collude" with the Russians (and paid for)to sway a Presidential election. That is a fact. Yet NO "liberal" outrage?? Democrat Hillycriminal AND the DNC -RIGGED- the Democrat primary of the USA to cut out the Democrat Communist Sanders..Fact..NO outrage??? No Muller kangaroo court crapola.. just Fact..Why? Why is this criminal not in jail? Why don't "liberals" have the moral courage or simple decency to condemn this? Not a peep. Help fund research to fight the terminal "liberalism" virus.

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May-07-18 10:45 AM

Agent DOAkolov checking in..(play along and humor them..its a riot) The closer the investigation gets?? lololol.. There is NO "investigation" I think decent and rational folks have had enough "investigation" and wasted money b/s with -0- results. What person other then a complete liberal lunatic and utter hypocrite would consider an "investigation".. with NO limits, boundaries or time frame, with never -any- results...fully and only staffed by Clinton and Democrat clones with an agenda to impeach the President.. "Liberal" zealots that cannot get over the fact that the Democrat criminal serial liar Hillary Clinton got slaughtered... would that be considered a fair and honest investigation? Fair? lolol..Who could be so irrational? Obviously..Only an angry "liberal" serial hypocrite..or a fully irrational Democrat Trump hating zealot. Go Trump! Great Job!

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May-06-18 10:42 PM

It is so that the corporate media is sold out. One shouldn’t confuse that with Right Wing State Media though DOAkolov. It’s good to see u guys cannibalize your own. Is Neil Cavuto on your hit list too? He got off the State Media script and tore into Trump’s lying and reversals and the “stink” in his refurbished swamp.

Get use to it. The closer the investigation gets to taking down this conspiracy between Russia, Trump and the Oligarchs the more Republicans and the Right Wing media will jump off that ship of rats.

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May-04-18 6:35 PM

Good LTE!! Without question the fully corrupt completely sold out "liberal" "media" has now become the mouthpiece for the New Democratic Socialist Party...the largest organized anti-US hate group in the country...and the true internal enemy of freedom. All one has to do is to turn on The View to see the very sick and disgusting "liberal" hate mongers in action. Americans must demand big changes and accountability in "reporting" fake "news" and promoting "liberal" insanity hypocrite hate speech as we see on The View.

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