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Enough already

May 4, 2018

To the editor: Lee County Schools said it is all about the children. Now Mr. Tuber wants a half cent increase in sales tax but it’s not about children, it’s about mone....

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May-07-18 11:32 AM

Typically the rich and successful, Democrat or Republican, work much harder and smarter. The party that talks the talk only, the party of factual segregation, the factual Party of the KKK, the party that's ruined this countries cities nationwide with corruption waste and greed, the Democrat Party talks the talk..only. Wonder why there are many more millionaire Democrat Senators than Republican? Corporal I wouldn't talk about uninformed voters? Wasn't it you that told us "Shouting down your opponent is not limiting their free speech"? lolololol. Poor corporal. It just can't help itself.. Same old tired nonsense.. All Democrats are pure..All Republicans are evil. How always. BTW new stats are out for US students with dismal results in math and reading. Bet that's caused by Republicans too!! lololol Poor corporal.

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May-07-18 6:15 AM

In 1938, Franklin Roosevelt warned that the only “real safeguard” of democracy is education. An uninformed — or a badly mis¬informed — electorate, he said, could spell an end to this great experiment of ours. “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely.”

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May-07-18 6:10 AM

Are the rich getting richer because they work harder or benefit from special tax laws? Is it the working class (middle income – working poor) getting unfair tax laws passed for themselves? Or is most of the tax laws designed to help corporations and wealthy individuals (billionaires) to an advantage over the majority?

Which of the two major parties at least talks the talk and tries to give help to the wealthy?

Which of the two major parties at least talks the talk and tries to give help to the working class and poor?

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May-05-18 10:46 AM

Hey, Roy how steep were those hills that you walked up going to and fro to school in those NJ blizzards?

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May-04-18 5:57 PM

Agree with Roy..More money more money..Are we getting our monies worth? NO - According to world numbers the US is far behind in basic math and science education.. How is giving the average taxpayer a break..benefit the wealthy? OMG lololol..then the true zealot finally gets out his weekly angry "liberal" poison.. To sum up(same garbage as always)Trump caused the plague, polio and cancer. All rich are evil (unless they are Democrats) All Republicans are evil. All Democrats are Saints. All successful folks are evil (unless they are Democrats)and now the newest gems.."tax cuts are vulgar" lolol! or even better, young folks go to jail because they are "frustrated" Talk about living in the "liberal" twilight zone!!!lolol.. Next it will be "All Republicans want to kill manatees" Whoops! Get and keep totally irrational "liberal" zealots out of our lives, government and education.

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May-04-18 9:14 AM

Roy, I do believe u r attempting code speak (juvenile pig latin). ‘Less spending on education and give the taxpayers a break’ is for the benefit of the wealthy, not the working class who have children in public schools. Who just got a vulgar federal tax cut? This a Republican attempt at Jedi Mind Tricks. Taxpayer breaks means “some” at the high end getting breaks while working class folks aren’t in those tax brackets. It is local trickle up economics. That isn’t rain u will feel on your heads folks. The wealthy will not properly fund the public education system because their children go to parochial schools. Yet, big business is the first to complain about unqualified employee applicants while we fill prisons with frustrated young people for more corporate profits.

Florida needs to join the Red State Revolt like Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Kentucky, WVa., Arizona et al.

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