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Amira Fox: Exactly who we need

April 26, 2018

To the editor: Long ago, former Senator, Supreme Court Justice, and signer of the Constitution William Paterson advised the citizenry to “look well to the characters and qualifications of those you......

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May-14-18 9:02 AM

Your letter speaks well on her behalf and qualifications. I need to know the one most important qualification before I vote though. If she is Republican she has my vote. If not, NO!

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May-03-18 10:31 AM

Just another word salad of in your face lies designed to p*** off Liberals. I never expect u to provide evidence based facts or fact checkers to support your charges.

Just saying something by u or one of your tribe is not evidence, except to the clan of Stockholm inmates.

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May-02-18 8:47 AM

Agree with corporal anti..lets get the White criminals locked up! Start with Democrat Hillycriminal and Democrat disgraced serial molester Billybob Clinton, then Comey, Debbie Mouth Shultz, Lois Lerner, to name just a few White criminals that need jailing. But what about the crimes of powerful Black citizens? No mention? Barack, Holder, Lynch, Al Pay no taxes Sharpton, to name just a few. Sorry to bust your fantasy racism narrative corporal. BTW Blacks Whites or Martians don't go to prison for -minor- infractions. Seems like corporal anti/Mikey will say anything to -TRY- and make a "point" - "liberal" silly as usual. Seems like this one will spend it's final years seething angry, squealing, moaning, and cryin for mama because wealth passed it by...fully consumed with resentment of successful folks. Shouldn't blame or resent others for your personal lack of success corporal as it illustrates lack of character.

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Apr-30-18 6:24 AM

It should come down to corruption vs integrity.

A history of service of the profiteers is not doing the bidding of us all. More looking the other way for crime by white powerful citizens is making it easier for them. If this person is a lock up all the relatively poor class and let God sort it out shows a lack of interest in the general welfare".

You and I are the citizens of the general welfare. The .01% is not.

Filling prisons with young blacks for minor infractions is serving the interests of profiteering private prisons and their stock holders. The cost of this approach is staggering.

I want States Attorneys that are hyper vigilant of white collar crime, whether it is corporate corruption or politicians in service of same. We must regain a government that works for ALL of us, working from the bottom up. The wealthy will buy the best legal protection. The rest of are constitutionally entitled to the same justice.

We aren’t getting it now.

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