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Guest opinion: Put children first on the ballot; vote ‘yes’ for half-cent sales tax

April 26, 2018

In 2006-2007, the Florida State Legislature took .25 mil of your property taxes designated for public education capital expenditure and directed it into the General Revenue fund....

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May-05-18 7:12 AM

anticorp your comments and conclusions bear the need for a complete analysis as to rationality!!!

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May-03-18 7:33 AM

TRT - My post was a quote of another that I found inspiring about the struggle for better funding the weigh station of the next generation of Americans. I think that should clarify the extent of my grasp or lack there of, of reality. I don’t think I implied otherwise.

U seem to have trouble with the “non it” and jumped to bus routing (a small part of the primary ed. cost [annu/avg. $690). Who knows maybe u can’t manage the racial bigotry/discrimination that burns within u. Can’t explain why I bother to point this out to a dull witted Trumpaphile - Just another Republican.

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May-03-18 6:18 AM

anticorp it is a fact on how the bus route are handled, nothing to do with unions or teacher!

Better get a grip anticorp!! Sounds like you re going off the rails!!!

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May-02-18 8:42 AM

Red State Revolt – “There’s a short explanation for why these low-tax, GOP-controlled states are now facing rebellion: They have slashed public school funding significantly since the Great Recession, while also pursuing many tax cuts that have benefited businesses and the wealthy. The budget shortfalls that austerity has created have left no money to pump into schools or salaries, leading to teacher shortages, overcrowded classrooms and even four-day school weeks in Oklahoma. Teachers forced to take on second or third jobs have finally decided they’ve had enough. The explanation stretches back to when teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky last walked off the job. Kentucky teachers shut down half the districts in the state in 1988 to demand more school funding. Teachers in West Virginia and Oklahoma both went on strike in 1990 for the same purpose. These were seminal revolts that today’s striking teachers still remember.”


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Apr-30-18 7:06 AM

I would support this except for the fact that the County Commission doesn't see the need to charge the full impact fees to support the schools. When that happens we won't need this.

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Apr-29-18 6:18 PM

Typo.... meant to say blame it the public school system. that.

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Apr-29-18 6:17 PM

Keep up propaganda TRT. Run some ads condemning teachers and the private school system.

I know, blame the whole problem of funding public schools on the union.

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Apr-29-18 4:34 PM

They need to learn how to handle the money they get before we give them anymore!!

They got buses running around with 1 kid in them and to the exact same neighborhood!! I saw 3 following one another on the same street in the same neighborhood with each having 1 kid in them!

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Apr-28-18 7:19 PM

From a friend in Arizona;

The Governor ran an add that says that his is going to increase the funding for the schools and won’t increase taxes . Same old BS. HE HAS FOR THE LAST FEW YEARS REDUCED SCHOOL FUNDING SUBSTANTIALLY. AT THE SAME TIME HAS REDUCED CORPORATE TAXES EVEN MORE. This is not going to fly for the teachers and their main demands is increase school funding but they want it now. The Gov. said we can’t afford it but yet he can continue to lower corporate taxes yearly. He is promising more for schools but nobody trusts him.

He is a REPUBLICAN you know?

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Apr-28-18 12:27 PM

In every society, tribe or clan a portion of their number puts their self interest above the right to full participation in a free and healthy life of the rest.

In ours the Republicans occupy that strata likened to the sociopath by many.

Fortunately they appear to be in an aging out decline hopefully in time to save humanity as we know it.

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Apr-27-18 1:33 PM

Typical " TEARS FOR THE POOR CHILDREN " cry, by do-nothing liberals. If this were to pass I am certain not one penny would go to the schools or better education for the children.


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Apr-27-18 12:25 PM

First, it would not occur to me to pay $6 for a cup of coffee, so the comparison is kind of lost on me.

Second, I would vote for this IF, and only IF, the entire school board agrees to resign and move out of the State.

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