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Bigger battles to fight

March 23, 2018

To the editor: We have been fighting the War on Terror for some 17 years. President Bush declared that in 2001....

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Mar-28-18 6:54 AM

Dc it appears u make an attempt at logic and u know the M-16 et al were designed to kill more people relatively up close in combat. The only purpose of loosing this weapon and its siblings in society is to make money off marginal Americans who are more likely to use them for stated purpose, but in society. Further it is undeniable that eliminating these WoWs results in less mass shootings (and logically fewer deaths) as proven everywhere it has been tried. The same can be said of larger capacity magazines. Even w/trained and experienced people, attempting to engage in a fire fight between AR type weapons and hand guns is a fools errand. The best technology for combat against a shaky, bouncy recoil of a hand gun is nuts, not to mention how law enforcement will react to multiple individuals with guns in a firefight. See a gun in a hand – engage.

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Mar-26-18 7:27 AM


See : CNN The marching students wowed this security mom By Juliette Kayyem, CNN National Security Analyst


It sounds like Julie has her gig together ! ! ! --

Alas, so very many Gunnies do NOT ! ! !

They will need to be held down like the MAD DOGS that they are ! ! !


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Mar-24-18 9:46 AM

DrC -- Why, then, did you mention the "deputy" aspect ? ? ?

During the period you cited, how many unintended, accidental gun-founded casualties were there ? ? ?

The answer is 489 and declining owing to more regulation -- So you are willing to set 489 ACTUAL accidental deaths against 283 POTENTIAL victims. . I do NOT think that the dead folk would agree ! ! !

This definitely sounds Rethuglican to me : Self Centered : I want it MY way ! ! ! -- At ANY cost to others ! ! !

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Mar-24-18 8:55 AM

No Allen....I would have taken the same action. The fact remains if a crime is in progress and you can be of assistance. I quote from The Daily Caller, "Gun carrying, private citizens who used firearms to stop criminal attacks saved at least 283 potential victims in a period between July 2014 and July 2015, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis." bad guys do not obey the laws. Making more laws to confine the actions of the good guys seems rather counterproductive to me.

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Mar-23-18 2:28 PM

DrC -- Yes, but you were a deputy : HOW does THAT count in the issue being discussed ?

As a civilian, you would properly have kept your distance and called for help ! ! !

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Mar-23-18 1:36 PM

Allenwoll...In 1977 I was on my way home in SE Memphis...saw a car parked off the road... I was I was an off duty deputy..I arrested a man in the act of raping a young lady...There wasn't the amount of CCW permits then as now...but you should get the drift...i was dressed in a suit at the time...

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Mar-23-18 11:40 AM

When asked for their own experiences where guns were the solution, the Gunnies grow very, VERY silent ! ! !

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Mar-23-18 9:45 AM

DrC -- Please explain to us the last situation which you have experienced in which your possession of a firearm was the solution.

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Mar-23-18 9:12 AM

“Gun safety laws”…an interesting term ..ever contemplate on what it means? To each of us its meaning is vastly different. It is a confusing term implemented to further the goals of those people who would eliminate all the guns in the hands of private citizens. The wording seems harmless in and of itself but consider this, “(CNSNews****) - Why pass more gun laws, when there are 20,000 of them on the books that should be enforced?” There are other reports that place the number of gun laws at 9,000. REALLY? 9000?? In spite of these laws the criminal element still manages to obtain weapons. If the goal is to make honest and law abiding citizen easy prey for the criminal or terror suspect success of such laws would guarantee it. What then? The bad guys do not obey the law…that is why they are called the “bad” guys!

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