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Stop crying and get over election loss

March 23, 2018

To the editor: Letter writer Jim Healy is back with some of his cute comments about President Donald Trump. His letter states President Trump lies every day about anything he says....

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Mar-29-18 6:02 PM

The point worth thinking about are the astronomical numbers I cited for my treatment and those by my friend in Iowa.

Working class people can’t afford these outrageous figures and they just die. The for-profit system is only efficient at getting rid of citizens who can’t borrow or project an opportunity of payment for such larceny.

Americans should understand the lesser VA costs are not passed on to taxpayers. They just bargain for FAIR prices. They are free of the grip of the corporate scammers who charge whatever the market will bear.

Corporate healthcare is dining on the flesh of Americans. Their profits are obscene. Single payer health care with full powers to negotiate prices with medical vendors is our only chance for working Americans to fully participate in a descent life style. We are being consumed by for- profit healthcare providers and the grip of other corporations.

Repubs won’t free America from these thieves of the American dream. It’s a meal ticket for them.

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Mar-29-18 4:50 PM

How does drawing contrasts between the VA (single payer healthcare system) and the for-profit medical, insurance and pharmacology corporations amount to tearing down America? Question: do you think America rides on the back of corporations or visa versa?

How do YOU (NoBama) attempt to inspire progress when u see waste and greed crippling the services and commons of the United States?

I try to introduce evidence based information and facts to deal with such issues of social import.

Show me a better way that is supported by facts and I’ll embrace it. YOU will never say that…. Like DOAkolov you will resort to ad hominem nonsense devoid of honest critique.

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Mar-29-18 4:32 PM

Letter from friend in Iowa:

“I have a friend w/terminal bone cancer. He is an agent orange victim and has been battling this for five years. He has had extensive procedures including stem cell treatment and almost weekly sees his VA doctor. His medications would, if he had to pay for it, run into the thousands per week. He can see his doctor as needed whenever. In private practice he would be much limited as for doctor available and the cost for stem cell treatment if available would be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and he would not even begin to be able pay for it. A couple of friends are VA physicians and say if a machine or instrument is needed at the hospital all they have to do is ask for it and they have it, though some of the hospitals are older and need updating but the one they work at is fully modern . The only problem they have is an occasional run in with political do Gooders and old school good ole boy administrators”

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Mar-29-18 4:28 PM

NoB, if u are capable of focusing on what I write my discontent almost always refers to the corruption and malfunction perpetrated by corporations and their hand maidens, the REPUBLICANS and a hand full of Democrats.

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Mar-29-18 2:34 PM

What a shame anticorp you don't care about your country as you constantly ***** and mindlessly moan and tear it down. Strange, I don't hear any complaint now that I'm paying for your medical costs in this terrible country? Typical, so typical of the liberal lifelong hypocrite.

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Mar-29-18 11:46 AM

Major point to think about...

The VA cares about us veterans.

The for profit health care and insurance industry care about profit.

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Mar-29-18 11:43 AM

Want Koch and Trump to privatize the VA? My recent experience:

I just hope the VA as single payer can survive until 2020. I just got a bill (erroneously) for $8083 thru Medicare for a chest and abdomen CT scan (prior to heart surgery). That is for profit health care.

The real bill for the service through the VA (they paid) was less than $1500.

My heart valve repair and seven days in SICU charged thru the VA was $25,000 (my copay was $1500). I just talked to my local cardiologist for a follow up and he said the procedure would cost 100 thousand in the for profit system and I would have been bumped out of ICU much sooner and who knows if the quality of care/procedure would have been up to the VA/Vanderbilt standards. It would have been optimized for profit w/outcome secondary.

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Mar-28-18 5:12 PM

ibid ! ! !

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Mar-28-18 4:25 PM

The toothless angry Chihuahua speaks! Watch ur ankles here he comes!! Shoo! Shoo! GGrrrr..GGrrrr..Get back up on the porch with ur brother Lil Deliverance!! Get Get!! Good Boy!! Get back up there and curl up on that new TRUMP DESIGNER COLLECTION cushion I got for you. Look at Lil Deliverance. He luvs his.. Get now!Shoo!

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Mar-27-18 5:27 PM

We can always count on a sort of breeze from the direction of RWH. . It pretty much smells like the breeze we used to get in South St Louis from the Monsanto Chemical Works before EPA -- THAT stunk ! ! !

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Mar-27-18 5:03 PM

allenwoll just keeps blowing wind. he wants president trump impeached and he talks about voting and voters. I find that interesting . here is one D.A. that either does know how to or too lazy to get off his D A. and vote. he likes too complain about everybody and what they write ,but it is all stupid worthless running of his mouth.

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Mar-26-18 1:19 PM

Hate Christians???

That is like hating burros and other beasts of burden. No, I pity them.

Those that exploit them laugh at them when they think no one is watching.

I dare you to search this link and watch it through.

"Ted Cruz Boasts That GOP Is The Party Of Homer Simpson; Twitter Dies Laughing"

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Mar-26-18 12:19 PM

DOAkolov, I am surprised that you didn't recognize a worn out bot technique of...."made u look".

The thing is... I am not a hypocrite.

The Clintons WERE part of the problem.

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Mar-26-18 11:33 AM

NOTwithstanding TWO bowls of dense Word Salad, you remain a LIAR and a FRAUD ! ! !

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Mar-26-18 10:50 AM

Antisense WHY did u vote for and support the serial molester and Impeached rapist Bill Clinton and his serial lying Russia colluding criminal wife? With YOUR morals? Strange! What in the world is a EVANDELICAL REPUBLICAN? Drunk before noon? AA? A great organization. Why are you soo venom filled Lil Mikey? Soo angry? Somebody did something in the 70's Oh my.. Did it offend your wittle snowflaker sensibilities? Need more feed to peck uselessly and mindlessly at my angry lil old hen? lololol..Picking up roadside litter can be therapeutic, helpful, stress and anger reliving, and help u come to grips with how totally duped and uselessly angry you've been all along. You might even mature enough to stop hating Christians!(Although we both Know it would be impossible for any mere God to be smarter or superior to a "liberal" as yourself - you've made that very clear. clear)

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Mar-26-18 10:30 AM

Thank you, Mr. Wollschdts. No Christians are indecent hate rants today? Your daily hate rant list is growing...lolol Now, its all Christians/Republicans/Conservatives are evil - All Democrats are Saints? WoW! Are all us Independents next on your Hate List? You two silly Boys are a fun mess and represent a "liberal" mess..and why Trump is YOUR President. But its gonna be ok..I understand Mr. Wollschdts..I'm always here for you and God loves you. Can't beat that Mr. W!

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Mar-26-18 10:13 AM

Birds of feather, Trump (sexual abuser and adulter) supports accused pedophile for Congress and now John Bolton to national security adviser. John Bolton ??? u say? He forced his wife to go to swinger parties in the 70’s. EVANDELICAL REPUBLICANS!!!

What soulless hypocrites!!

Question – once you’re outed and shamed repeatedly does your hurtful pain make contrition impossible?

Can't help but wonder about the makeup of Evangelicals. Maybe access to a believed absolution is the reason to be a Christian.

If we deliberately continue sinning after we have receive knowledge of the truth, does the "sacrifice" continue to cover these sins?

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Mar-25-18 10:50 AM

Seafood : You are a liar AND a fraud ! !

You are very, VERY sick ! ! !

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Mar-25-18 9:38 AM

Mean telling the world, "All gun owners secretly want to kill someone"? Sorry, printed already.(-NOW- after a year.. suddenly denying it? lolol soo slippery lololol)I know what I read and that's all the time I need to waste on libby childish nonsense. Mr. Wollschdts YOU would deny the sun rising in the East if u thought it suited ur hate based purposes..lolol.. Knowing insane gun statements like that only illustrate a libbies mental illness or obvious low IQ, keeps me quite happy. Pls keep broadcasting and raving!! Mr Wollschdts even at your very advanced age broadcasting daily endless seething anger, anti-Christian/USA hate (like below) and general non-stop libbie lies will not change the fact that Hillygal got banned and YOU aren't taking anyone's guns. Not in this lifetime. Pls continue your non-stop hate rants and denials. Now old Boy, do a faux "victory" jig for me? Like clockwork..lololol

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Mar-25-18 7:49 AM

Seafood & J99 -- I am waiting for your answer to my challenge ! ! !

I will NOT be surprised at a LONG wait ! ! !

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Mar-24-18 7:18 PM

Let's talk about the GoP Election loss coming in a few years ! ! ! -- At the hands of none other than Florida's OWN Iron Lady : Emma Gonzales ! ! !

Oh, the bales and bales of crying towels the GoPers will have to consume ! ! ! . It is possible that the Dems will NOT be far behind in that consumption ! ! !

GO -- EMMA -- GO ! ! !

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Mar-24-18 2:07 PM

Pore Li'l Feller : Just can't keep his thoughts and meanings straight ! ! ! . . .

Dedicated Christians, yes, are decent, but DEDICATED Rethuglicans can in FACT, except by STEALTH and DECEIT, be neither ! ! !



PUT UP OR SHUT UP ! ! ! ! ! !

J99 is included in this challenge and rebuke ! ! !

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Mar-24-18 12:02 PM

Confused about what? You mean Allen Wollschdts telling the world that and I quote, "All gun owners secretly want to kill someone"? No Mr. Wollschdts, that's not confusing at all. Knowing full well statements like that only illustrate a libby loons mental illness or obvious low IQ, keeps me quite happy. Pls keep broadcasting!! Similar to a local libby Deliverance half-wit stating all Dems are Saints/all Repubs evil.. How totally moronic is that?? Right antisense? ..So now our two Twisted Twins are on the anti-Christian kick today? So today in Mr. Allen Wollschdt's non-stop libby hate blog this Twin tells us now that Christians aren't decent folks? Most understand that our Twins are smarter and superior to any possible God(s)other than themselves, granted. But, why are libby loons so eaten up with seething hate, lies, and poison like we see daily from our Twin mad old libby hens? Curious.

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Mar-24-18 9:30 AM

Christian ! ! ! . Decent ! ! !

Seafood, you need to consult your dictionary or a Bible ! ! ! . You are SERIOUSLY either confused, demented or likely BOTH ! ! !

Sheesh ! ! !

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Mar-24-18 9:05 AM

Move..Who cares, old ridiculous libby hen pecking madly in the yard. Pick up litter something useful in life. Democrats got slaughtered by the good Christians, Republicans, Independents, and decent people of America who got tired of serial lyin libby USA hating total hypocrites and racists like Barack O'Sharpton and his("I should be paid to be First Lady")Mooch. Time to man up lil anti-sense...there's always Cuba? I'll spring for 12 tickets!

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