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'Hospitality zone' bar hours extended to 3 a.m.

March 20, 2018

Extended bar hours are coming back to the city of Cape Coral. And if all goes well, the program could be permane....

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Mar-21-18 12:55 PM

FACTS: Joe Mazurkiewicz is a “PAID LOBBYIST”. A competent “Lobbyist” is someone with strong PERSUASION SKILLS that can use their gift of gab to INFLUENCE individuals into enacting laws or policies that “FAVOR their clients' interests. In simple terms: Joe is representing the CRA. Dixie Roadhouse is in the CRA district and its owner Lynn Pippenger, just so happens to be an ex-seated board member on the CRA & also one of the owners of The Dixie Roadhouse. Lynn is a personal friend of our Mayor, as well as most council members. The Dixie LLC & it’s affiliates have given very generous donations to some of those currently seated on council. If you still can’t figure it out, then you might want to sober up and seek help. It's NOT rocket science.

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Mar-21-18 10:16 AM

cont'd: You have opened "Pandora's Box".

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Mar-21-18 10:14 AM

Goodol' Joe Mazurkiewicz. Does our Mayor & council have him on speed dial? He can fool some of the folks in Cape Coral, but he wasn't any good with his LCEC task! Only someone with an IQ in the single digits would believe this comment of "Sixty-nine new businesses opened during the first extended bar hours program" & contribute this to the extended bars hours at 2 dive bars. Are you kidding me? You must be dumb as a rock to believe that! "The 2 bars that took part in the 4 am hours extension reported a business increase of 48 percent". HELLO - They were the only 2 bars open. DAWH .. If 10 bars open, then the profits would be divided amongst 12 bars and it wouldn't be worth any of them remaining open. Simple math folks. What next for CC, pot shops & strip bars. Both would do extremely well here in CC because that is the type of people we are attracting and just think of the generation of tax dollars! Congratulations Mayor & council. You have opened

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Mar-21-18 9:49 AM

Looks like someone is afraid of the truth being told. Why did The Breeze remove the post by Angelsonly???? Like the old expression "What's the matter? Does the truth hurt"? What happened to Freedom of Speech?

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