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Plea to Sen. Rubio: Make America safe again

March 9, 2018

To the editor: Marco Rubio’s school safety program is woefully short of anything that will be helpful. The real threat to our nation is not just in our schools....

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Mar-14-18 11:57 AM

Tell it to Emma ! ! !

Such Gar-Bage ! ! !

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Mar-14-18 10:38 AM

Its soo sad the left is now using children to promote their gun grabbing rights stealing agenda instead of simply protecting wide open schools with simple everyday security. The money we throw away on welfare programs here at home and the billions given to other counties that hate us could put a ring of guards/military around every school for the next 100 years. Why aren't children walking out in a mass hysteria about texting related car deaths? Why aren't libby lunatics and PC duped snowflakes in a fizzy froth about this ongoing highway tragedy that will kill/s thousands of innocents?? (Because the libby lunatic can't use this ongoing cell phone/driving tragedy to steal rights and kill the 2nd Amendment) Even sadder for the USA..the libby zealot know-it-all is only doing the work of Communists and sworn enemies like George Soros and Iran. Ruining their own country and being duped tools and fools.

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Mar-10-18 1:23 PM

CAUTION : : ANOTHER instance of Keyboard Diarrhea ahead by the usual perp ! ! !

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Mar-10-18 12:39 PM

Then leave- not wanted. Problem solved. Take the clan. Now..(get this insanity) Democrats are not only more pure and Saintly...but now smarter then Republicans and there are simply more Democrats...?? And according to corporal anti-sense..that's why there are more millionaire Democrat Senators than Republican Senators...??? What? lololololol...Gee wonder why Hillary and Bernie are in the trash heap and Donald is YOUR President? Anti-give it rest and get back up on the porch...lolol Any malcontent throwback that tells us "All Republicans want to kill manatees" isn't worth the time of day, has -0- credibility and needs professional help with delusion therapy. Poor old corporal in fantasy land. Agent DOAkalov singing out...lololololol What a riot!! Doesn't the Lee County Loony Lib Association have anyone that can make any sense at all?? Pls write in!!

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Mar-10-18 12:09 PM

I am sick of your stupid propaganda DOAkolov.

It is quite simple why there are more Dem/millionaires in Congress. There are more millionaire/billionaire Democrats period because they are more educated and intelligent and finally, there are more Democrats in America period. Get it?

I doubt it.

Why don't Democrats dominate America's politics? They are not as morally bankrupt and dishonest as the Republicans have become.

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Mar-09-18 4:39 PM

Poor Mikey...Anti wait by the door of your rented room and listen for UPS... I'm sending you TWO CASES..of TRUMP DESIGNER COLLECTION CRYING MOANING AND SOBBING TOWELS just for you!! Mikeyboy tell us why there are many more millionaire Democrat Senators than Republicans?... Seems u just can't gut up to figure how to lie about that one yet? Just curious. Join the NRA Today! Go Marco! Go Trump!!

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Mar-09-18 8:27 AM

Sallie u may have voted for Republican Senator Rubio under the mistaken belief that he would represent u and the other voting masses of Florida. I ask u to reflect if he has done ANYTHING in his political career in the Fl legislature or US senate that served the voting masses at the expense of special interest donors like the (((NRA))). He was paid AT LEAST 3 million, 300 thousand dollars to represent their wishes.

How much have u contributed? If you haven’t matched the NRA and other corporations why would u imagine he would suddenly be prompted to have an attack of moral conscience? This isn’t anything new for the Senator.

Sallie u are no Rubio Whisperer. He is not wired to hear u.

He is more likely to hear a scathing attack instead of your pleas.

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