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Spend the money to protect students and educators

March 2, 2018

To the editor I just read The Breeze and I am sick and tired of all these people talking about gun control. Gun control is not the immediate answer....

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Mar-08-18 8:24 AM

Maxi-twaddle ! ! !

Is your can of Consense about to run out ? ? . It can be recharged at 1600 Penn, WDC 00000

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Mar-08-18 7:59 AM

Poor old Crusty Wollschdts...back to the name calling again?? Poor old thing..I guess when that's all an ancient defeated "liberal" has... plus the second childhood onset thing going on.. Well, we get it. Picking up roadside litter may help. You get fresh air, exercise, and you are actually doing something good for a change. These ideas might help you cope with your huge loss, your seething internal anger...and your overwhelming need to be noticed by posting your daily irrational hate rants that sadly pollute this forum.

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Mar-07-18 7:24 PM

Yes, Seafood, We always DO consider the source ! ! !

BTW, please better acquaint yourself with the meaning of the term "rational" ! !

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Mar-07-18 4:58 PM

Methinks our twisted twins are in a fizzy froth!! lolololol.. Good thing is rational folks always consider the source...but it is entertaining. Join the NRA today! Continue to rave - permission granted.

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Mar-07-18 7:46 AM

Gun Owners -- so far -- have very little skin in the game ! !

THAT needs to CHANGE ! ! ! . NOW ! ! !

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Mar-07-18 7:35 AM

Oklahoma is last in teacher's pay. Teachers have not had a raise in pay for a decade. Several school districts are running 4 days a week due to low school funding. Expect the teachers in Oklahoma to follow the lead of teachers in West Virginia.

Republicans just don’t care about anyone but their big corporate donors. One has to ask, “is the Republican Party the natural fit for selfish irresponsible people”?

It’s always REPUBLICANS! Red states under serve their working class citizens. Will Democrats become as corrupt when we take back our government? We have to find out if we don’t want to die in tar paper shacks outside the factories of the 1%.

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Mar-07-18 7:01 AM

One could make a case that "gun owners" vs guns are the problem,

Is there some slight truth in their old saw though "guns don't kill people - people do".

Of course not! They, the dangerous ones, still wouldn't have the means to be as mean. Even a car or knife is easier to escape than assault style weapons in the hands of Republicans gone rogue. These conservative REPUBLICANS are proving to be dangerous but AR-15s and the like are proving to be the biggest threat for killing groups of people. Tongue in cheek – not really – yes it is – no it isn’t – it’s just an inevitable thought.

Watch your thoughts – they become your beliefs.

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Mar-07-18 6:54 AM

Schools are NOT the only targets of mass shootings.

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Mar-07-18 12:30 AM

Since the Gunnies apparently WILL NOT step up and be a part of a clear solution (Obligatory Public Service for Gun Owners in a Well-Regulated Militia), must we then not conclude that they are indeed a significant of the gun problem we ALL face ? ? ?

The term “insincere” as well as plenty of others comes to mind ! ! !

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Mar-06-18 8:59 PM

The problem w/that rey is it is clearly not the problem and demonstrated by all other countries have the same games but no guns.

Guns in one hand and games in the other - what are the chances getting rid of the games will do anything other than put off the obvious cause.....and u know it.

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Mar-06-18 10:33 AM


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Mar-06-18 9:03 AM

We need to cut thru the confusion and chatter -- and then get to the REAL issue straight-away ! ! !

This is only in passing an issue of the 2nd ! !

The weight of the issues is in MONEY : All that Profit to be made selling guns and ammo to the pore li'l fearsome Gullies ! ! !

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Mar-06-18 8:28 AM

Subject nearing critical mass for spontaneous explosive detonation.

Keep your head down ! ! . You would NOT want ANY of THAT to splatter onto you ! ! !

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Mar-06-18 7:46 AM

Ban libby rights stealing ignorance and paranoia. Join the NRA today and continue to keep wacko lib keyboard commandos, Democrats and other fools out of power. Try out the new shooting center in the Cape. Nice facility and be sure to get those kids educated in the proper and safe use of firearms. With thousands of Democrat Barack O'Sharton released criminals roaming our streets along with our borders destroyed by libby loon Democrats..we need all the protection we can get. Join the NRA today and fight libby ignorance and lets get down to the real problem. Securing our unsecured schools.

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Mar-05-18 9:06 PM

(((NO BILL))) gun bill that passed FL legislature is just another head fake controlled by the corrupted REPUBLICANS.

Listen to the experts, those that suffered the terrorism by AR 15 mass murder weapon.

Ban them, offer amnesty to turn them in for partial pay buy back then turn the ATF loose hunting them down and prosecuting owners.

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Mar-05-18 9:05 AM

? ? ?

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Mar-05-18 7:45 AM

A great silence steals over them?? Who? when asked to help? with what? A clear message?? Wonder what this ones on?? Wonder what this has to do with protecting our schools? Stranger and more disconnected each week. Poor things.

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Mar-04-18 6:48 PM

Re: Well-Regulated Militia --

Note how a great silence steals over them when they are asked to help -- wherein they might wind up on the OTHER end of the muzzle.

Does this not send a pretty clear message ? ?

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Mar-03-18 8:25 AM

Not worth a comment ! !

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Mar-03-18 8:21 AM

No Old Crusty Wollschdts the ankle biting 3rd grade name calling chronic waste of space..I don't....I guess when u have nothing 3rd grade name calling has to do. I can't understand how you are allowed to continue to get away with abusing your posting privileges? Tell your brother anti to list all he wants in his childish attempt to move the subject matter... Tell old lost ball in high weeds the subject is schools. Our poor twins. Ask if he turned in his "new sexy weapons" yet...or still the hypocrite's hypocrite.

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Mar-02-18 6:43 PM

Does Seafood then not care about my proposal below about how to create at low taxpayer cost that "Well-Regulated Militia" mentioned in the 2nd ? ?

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Mar-02-18 6:26 PM

Don't make me start listing the alternative soft targets of school children.

You would need a police state to protect against all the soft targets.

Russia seems to have a pretty good tough police presence...nope they are no better.

Evidence based fact - The research is very clear: more guns mean more gun deaths

Really dumb people deny obvious evidence/facts.

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Mar-02-18 6:19 PM

Some Dimwits are also compulsive dimness Exhibitionists ! ! !

Tisque ! !

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Mar-02-18 5:59 PM

The school problem is very simple. It is a public safety issue- not a gun issue. Secure the schools, arm cops or ex-military to patrol, metal detectors.. problem 99% solved.. Gun free zones (schools) safe spaces and other feel good useless libby nonsense invites coward killers. BUT NO!!! Libby loons can't have guns in schools!!!! We can't protect our children...maybe we should throw handfuls of colorful snowflakes at armed insane evil wack jobs allowed to just wander in schools unchallenged due to libby feelgood policy? Gun control??...lololol Like Democrat ruined Chicago's killing fields with the tightest gun laws in the country..Obamaville. I need my AR and AK's to protect my family from the thousands of criminals Bumo The Clown released into our country and allowed to skip across our borders. Join The NRA Today and get that wall built.

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Mar-02-18 5:15 PM

Golly, I do NOT hear any Gunnies banging on the door to join up to a "Well Regulated Militia" ! ! !

That is REALLY strange, no ? ? ?

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