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Looking for angels

January 12, 2018

To the editor: All the variations of the media today are replete with accusations, stories and innuendos of a myriad of unethical and immoral behavior in the workplace....

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Jan-18-18 3:55 PM

Here, Doc,is the OTHER side of your "Side Note" :

We -- with all our European smarts -- All we can produce is a child, a Trumpet Daffodil ? ? ? . Urrppffff ! ! !

Tisque, I say, Tisque ! ! !

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Jan-17-18 7:13 PM

In short, Doc : Hogwash ! ! !

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Jan-17-18 4:11 PM

The recent REPUBLICAN strategy of just denying obvious facts there-by sucker punching the CORPORATE media into saying partisan views of facts render them moot.

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Jan-17-18 4:06 PM

“Trump’s one-time chief strategist and current frenemy may have been tight-lipped with Congress. He won’t be that way with the special counsel.

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon broke some bad news to House investigators Tuesday, announcing that the White House had invoked executive privilege to keep him from answering many of their questions. But executive privilege—the president’s right to keep certain information from the public so he can have frank conversations with aides—will not keep Steve Bannon from sharing information with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

We may get past the REPUBLICANS and get to the truth yet!!!

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Jan-16-18 5:33 PM

Hey, there -- You folk who are fired up on "Equity" Benchmarks and Stock Prices --

"Equity" Benchmark ? ? ? Really ? ?

"Equity" and "Prevailing Price of Stock" are TWO DIFFERENT things ! !

"Equity" is a measure of TANGIBLES, whereas "Stock Price" is a measure of OPINIONS -- Nothing tangible.

In short, a Stock Price is NOT an "Equity Benchmark ! ! ! .

Sorry about that !

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Jan-16-18 12:29 PM

The below-median whites should be getting ready to tunnel UNDER the wall.

Maybe they are poor for a reason.

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Jan-16-18 8:59 AM

“President Donald Trump's hostility to immigration, expressed again in reports of his vulgar comments about Africa and Haiti last week, is that in appealing to the racial and cultural resentments of his political base he is directly threatening their economic interests. The equation is unmistakable: as America ages, the older blue-collar whites at the core of Trump's electoral coalition in 2016 need more working-age immigrants to pay the taxes that fund Social Security and Medicare.”

Undocumented workers have SSI and Medicare withheld and employers pay in as well. They have no opportunity to see a return on their contributions. Hints of slavery doesn’t it.

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Jan-16-18 8:11 AM

Of what value to the Common Good of the Nation are the Stock Markets ? ?

What they do is simply to soak up cash from speculators (A truly useless breed) who have a hyperabundance of the same. . It is then twirled about within that Club Speculator to no tangible benefit to the rest of the Nation.

In short, the Markets are a scam. . They are benchmarks, yes, of the prevailing degree of Speculator Daffyism.

The above does NOT apply to NEW issues of securities -- The capital generated there does -- ONE TIME --flow NOT to speculators but in fact to the Enterprises of issue, thus boosting our economy : ONE TIME ! ! ! . Subsequent activity is of no value to the Nation except for a misguided psychological idea.

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Jan-16-18 7:21 AM

The three major equity benchmarks have risen between 22% and 30% over the past 12 months, helped by factors such as an expanding U.S. economy, growth in corporate profits and enthusiasm over the Trump administration’s tax cuts and other business-friendly policies. I'm jes' sayin' !

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Jan-14-18 3:18 PM

" Review from scientist found even tiny level of exposure can hinder the development of children's brains".

Rethuglicans obviously bathe in this stuff from conception - on.

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Jan-14-18 2:22 PM

How about the abuse of both sexes/minorities/life by the “REPUBLICANS”?

The letter writer’s cavalier conflation and dismissiveness is typical 21 Century REPUBLICAN.

The outcome of your behavior, or lack of it, murderous.

Trump's EPA chief, Scott Pruitt reversed Obama era baring using of chlorpyrifos on fruits and vegetables. Review from scientist found even tiny level of exposure can hinder the development of children's brains. The National Maine Fisheries Service recent report concluded chlorpyrifos and malathion jeopardize 38 of 77 species under it's jurisdiction. And diazinon jeopardizes 25 species. At risk is species such as Pacific Salmon, orcas, and Atlantic sturgeon. No response from the EPA to this December report. Likely not to be any attention paid to the report by Pruitt. He doesn't care about the environment. Neither does Trump.

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Jan-14-18 8:16 AM

anticorp..It is indeed a pleasure to know that someone with your insight can be, at all times, so accurate. My poor education has shown me what is real and what is unrealistic. My poor study of history shows that mankind is never "kind" given an opportunity to gather wealth in one fashion or another from others. BUT this comment was never about White Supremacy...but sexual behavior. There is the real and the prayers for change. Prayers, if answered is by accident. Reality is never an accident.Besides...all those issues...I really don't care about. They simply amuse me, kinda like you do. Cheers.

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Jan-14-18 5:39 AM

anticorp..And why are you bringing race into this discussion at all in any event. It is about improper sexual behavior. Race was NOT the issue. Insulting the intelligence of those who comment here is not a productive addition to the subject.

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Jan-14-18 5:37 AM

Anticorp: You wrote, “you are to ignorant to know America was built on the backs of “African” Americans as legal slave labor and it continues. I am far from ignorant of the use of slaves early on in our history. It was the way of the world for centuries. And just what is my White Supremacist ideology? Today, a significant portion of that group who were slaves, are fed and housed, and clothed and educated by whom you call White Supremacists. So, just now who are the “slaves” a.k.a. workers and who are those who embrace welfare and cause riots and damage?

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Jan-13-18 8:32 PM

anticorp...ever consider the thousands of jobs that President Donal;d Trump has created through his vast company networks? How many people/families did he feed? get real!

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Jan-13-18 8:24 PM

“The toxic disparagement of immigrants tarnishes heroes like Emmanuel Mensah, 28, a New Yorker who came from the West African country of Ghana and joined the U.S. Army National Guard.

Back from training, a fire broke out in his Bronx building. He saved himself, but then rushed back into the burning building to rescue others. Three times he rushed in and out, bringing out four people.

He dashed toward the flames again and reached the fourth floor to save a fifth person. This brave soul from what Trump describes as a s-hole country, the kind of person Trump was insulting, never made it out. His body was found high in the building’s wreckage.

Who better embodies our nation’s values? A politician with a history of racist comments who took five deferments to escape military duty in the Vietnam War, including one for heel spurs? Or a heroic Ghanaian immigrant and soldier who dies in a fire rescuing others (posthumously awarded Mensah the Soldier’s Medal)?”

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Jan-13-18 8:23 PM

Is THAT why every time I hear the word "Trump", my hand automatically reaches to check my wallet ? ? ?

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Jan-13-18 8:06 PM

"In 1885, a poor, uneducated 16-year-old boy arrived in our country from Germany at a time when immigrants were often looked down on by affluent Americans.

This boy was ambitious and entrepreneurial, and, despite language problems, he earned some money and then traveled up to the Klondike during the gold rush to operate a hotel that became notorious for prostitution. He prospered, and today his grandson is President Trump.

After Germany became an enemy in World War I, the Trump family was embarrassed enough about its heritage that it claimed to be from Sweden instead. President Trump himself repeated this false claim to being Swedish in his 1987 book, “The Art of the Deal.”

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Jan-13-18 3:55 PM

7000 Haitian immigrants live near Fort Myers, Florida. They are not happy with racist Trump!

Everywhere we go there are signs reading "now hiring" .

The availability of all kinds of workers seems to be lacking. Irma has many working. Florida Landscapers are especially swamped.

Most of Trump's workers at Mara Lago Florida are Haitian.

What an ignorant baby man.

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Jan-13-18 3:45 PM


Maybe you are to ignorant to know America was built on the backs of “African” Americans as legal slave labor and it continues. The non Caucasians carry this nation on their backs as wage slaves today.

We are a diverse nation and we are not going to devolve back to your White Supremacist ideology.

Go ahead, drift back into your illusion.

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Jan-13-18 2:43 PM

America is an idea, not a race,” Mr. Graham said, according to three people familiar with the exchange on Thursday. Diversity was a strength, he said, not a weakness. And by the way, the senator added, he himself was a descendant of immigrants who came to the United States from “****hole countries with no skills.” Linsey Graham

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Jan-13-18 12:56 PM

Just a side note...Africans have had Africa for a gazillion years> What did they ever do with the vast resources of that continent? Nothing until the Europeans came. 'Nuff said on that score!

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Jan-13-18 12:53 PM

janet99 Can't send Anti to Haiti ( hmmm..that rhymes ) Because even Haiiti has standards too ya know ! :)

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Jan-13-18 11:25 AM

Typically it is the least numerous that leave or learn the error of their ways. Look up some polling to get the gist of who that might be.

Furthermore the national disgrace you support has so offended the rest of the world they are increasingly turning their backs on us.

Even "Normway" is giving us the finger on invitation from Trump citing his racist hatred.

Clearly your ilk has accidentally ensconced a vile man child to head the executive branch, to the vast majority's dismay.

We can just hope your kind keeps defending his atrocities and he doesn't die before 2020. In the meantime, looking forward to 2018.

I’ll be staying.

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Jan-13-18 11:22 AM

j99 -- It is lots more fun to put down the silly, misguided, poisonous Rethuglicans : It is, in fact, our duty to try to save the nation from its plentiful home-grown weirdos.

Rethuglicanism is like crab grass -- it grows everywhere, chokes out the healthy and contributes nothing in the LONG RUN to the general good ! ! !

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