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How to know if tax reform helps you

December 1, 2017

To the editor: The Big Slash — Corporations drop from a rate of 35 percent to 20 percent....

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Dec-05-17 7:24 PM

Hey, Disagreers -- What do YOU think will happen as more and more -- in the end virtually ALL -- human labor is taken OUT of the production of Goods and Services ? ?

It is pretty obvious that this is going to happen, ImO, so you had better at least think on it and give your children proper warning.

It all started over 4 centuries ago : See Lee, 1589.

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Dec-04-17 1:58 PM

Another fable relevant to perverted GoPer "Economic strategy" is the ancient one, Aesop #87, "The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs".

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Dec-04-17 9:33 AM

Crusty -- Regarding the Tax-Reform FABLE that you have offered to us --

ImO as well as in the opinion of many others, little if any of the Tax Savings under the so called "Tax Reform" Bill will wind up in long-term investments in the U S A.

Most of it will be paid out to Corporate Executives and Stockholders, hoarded in Offshore Banks or invested in enterprise in China and elsewhere.

It is predicted that there will be little if any economic benefit to the U S A. . We will see, but do NOT hold your breath.

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Dec-04-17 8:45 AM

antico -- So the presence of a few rotten apples in a barrel justifies throwing the entire barrel into the landfill.

ImO, it appears that many of our rotten apples reside in the GoPer (in what passes for) mentality.

Once again, Happy Conservatude, Folks ! ! !

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Dec-04-17 7:50 AM

“I believe in helping those who cannot help themselves, but would if they could. I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won’t help themselves – won’t lift a finger – and expect the federal government to do everything,”


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Dec-04-17 6:57 AM

Mr Wollschdts I would respond but have been asked to not make it personal as you continue and are allowed to do.

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Dec-03-17 7:02 PM

Go TRUMP!! Historic tax reform bringing corporations, jobs and investment back home!!A fair tax rate for corporations that were paying 3 times the world rate. A solid investment in the future. Helping us stay competitive in a global economy. Stock market records, job growth, new industry, less folks on welfare and stamps, better trade deals...and no "Collusion" Go TRUMP! A real leader for a change.

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Dec-01-17 7:49 AM

To identify the folk who voted for the Trumpet Daffodil and the others of his clever but false stripe, just observe those around you who are NOW complaining the loudest. . Money SHOUTS ! !

Now be Highly Happy Folks -- While serving your time -- your sentence -- and serving your local Conservative, all under the burdensome yoke of Conservatude ! ! !

Then think of the JOY and the WONDER just waiting for We The People when these dark GoPer/Trumpist Times, can, in the near future, be reversed, like the outrageous forged check on the People of America that they constitute.

Political Analysts have pointed out that the Corporate Tax Money saved will likely NOT be directed to new investment in the U S A, but rather distributed to Stockholders and Corp Executives or directed to Foreign Investments, like those in China.

Again, Happy Conservatude ! ! !

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