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Just asking

December 1, 2017

To the editor: It occurs to me that LCEC is not a problem that needs to be fixed....

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Dec-06-17 6:03 AM

djraal, just because you’re to lazy to do the research u r wrong to imply others who want the system improved through a better contract and regulations are driving toward a government take over. Let me guess – you use the same logic on gun regulation, net neutrality, clean air, water and safety and on and on.

It is easy to let those making huge profits while fouling your nest be your fact base and do your thinking for you.

Just get another job, maybe a WalMart Greeter.

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Dec-05-17 10:43 AM

Trust me, you don't want the city to take over anything. The only reason they do, is to add more assessments. Keep the city out of my electric co. op.

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Dec-04-17 8:20 PM

The "Dirty Electric Power Scam" has long ago -- via ignorance and the corrupting influence of BigPowerMoney -- reached even into the Halls of Academia : The study of the problems of dirty electric power generation and distribution are even now a recognized and respectable option for the student studying Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

Indeed, in the light of Solar and Wind Energy and of modern Power-Battery technology, this is now a gross and rampant economic, ecological and social travesty fostered and encouraged by none other than our Enemies -- The demons of PowerBigMoney ! ! !

Our epitaph will likely begin, "For the ignorant, non-restrained love of the Almighty Dollar, this civilization alone poisoned and finally destroyed itself even while being clearly and sternly warned of the fact".

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Dec-03-17 7:32 PM

auntico -- Funny (or rather, sad), is it not, how some folk want to just continue PAYING MORE for the necessities. . Ignorance ? . Stubborness ? . Politics ? . All 3 ?

BTW, the Chinese appear to be leaping ahead in Battery Technologies.

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Dec-03-17 6:44 PM

LCEC was used to levy taxes in the past.

Simply put, every kwh purchased from FP&L is subject to the cost structure fabricated by them and their agent PSC. Every clean cheaper kwh produced locally is not.

You’ve seen my account of the wasteful and dirty methods employed by FP&L and other utilities and delivered via their outdated grid.

Change with times or be buried by disruptive technological change (solar and battery tech).

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Dec-03-17 4:12 PM

auntico -- Presuming that LCEC moves in the wind from either FP&L or from the local tax authorities, then it is NOT a true Co-Op, which is a creature composed solely of its customers. . THAT criteria is NOT met by any takeover by the City ! ! !

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Dec-03-17 1:12 PM

We forget a big brother can have a bigger brother. Getting more control of LCEC there CAN be opportunities to empower individuals and small companies to become part of a more efficient, secure system. Presently LCEC serves the community at the behest of the local taxing authority and FP&L.

CC can weaken FP&L’s grip on us with better regulation of LCEC and they can begin to reduce the need to buy less of the Bigger Brother’s product while improving reliability and cost of the grid and keep more $$$ in CC. Others are.

It does require eyes open though.

Search – Boulder, Colo., votes for energy independence -- from its utility

Six Iowa Communities Move Forward in Taking Control of their Electric Systems

Drift Is An Entirely New Type Of Power Utility That Lets You Take Control Of Your Electric Bill (use empty land north of CC to supplement LCEC – the sun is a virtual river of energy)

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Dec-03-17 10:29 AM

Allenwoll. I did, and his letter is about cable tv and internet. His opening sentence indicates that he does not believe LCEC is an issue.

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Dec-03-17 8:19 AM

auntico -- You may be right about LCEC abuses -- But just imagine that the City Gov got control of it . . . . . . . . OUCH ! ! !

Yes, one has always to peer closely at "Non-Profits", since they very frequently find a way for internal cliques to profit wildly while on-the-books remaining "Non-Profit".

Can you imagine the euphoria one must feel when he lives in a sunny climate with plentiful good groundwater ? ?

There is a bright side to the on-going and increasing GoPer abuses -- Once it gets bad enough (they will eventually and certainly lose all restraint), even the docile and Conservative worms among us will turn ! ! ! . Then, look out ! ! !

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Dec-03-17 6:26 AM

“if the city is …improve living conditions”

LCEC keeps utility rates artificially high

It is venue for tax increases w/out citizen approval

It puts profit (CEO income) before cheaper green energy, independence of the individual and right sizing of utilities

If u think Comcast needs competition prepare for it to get even more onerous. It got its GOP-Oligarch operative heading the FCC (Ajit V. Pai). He is about to change the rules pertaining to “Net-neutrality“ allowing the big four Internet Service Providers (ISP) to slow down or speed up service by selling fast lanes and slow lanes to all the smaller competitors. That is an over simplification of the monopolistic powers about to be handed to them by REPUBLICANS.

Gypsy crystal ball reveals - even more expensive internet (must shift more $$$ for USEFUL internet speeds) and more info u want mired in slow access (molasses) lanes.

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Dec-02-17 12:48 PM

Rdvt -- Read the letter again, from the beginning.

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Dec-02-17 12:23 PM

allenwoll. The letter is about Cable tv and Internet, and you guys go on about LCEC!

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Dec-01-17 8:35 PM

Rdvt -- Explain ! !

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Dec-01-17 7:57 PM

Allen and Karcher...any idea how your comments address the issue raised by this writer?

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Dec-01-17 6:48 PM

Lets not forget how Williams made the motion which included adding another 3% to the Franchise fee.

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Dec-01-17 8:21 AM

I suspect that from the viewpoint of the Cape Coral City Administration, the problem with LCEC is that, as things stand, it is NOT very convenient for the City to meddle in LCEC affairs.

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Dec-01-17 8:02 AM

We have Directv and Centurylink Internet and phone

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