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Our endorsements for the General Election

October 19, 2017

Although the General Election is still more than two weeks away, Cape Coral voters are in the process of deciding who will fill five of eight Cape Coral City Council seats up for grabs Nov. 7....

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Oct-24-17 11:34 AM

Did anyone else watch last evening council meeting??? It appears that "the circus" was in town AGAIN during the "Reports of council". We had Carioscia (of all people) going after Stout for something she wrote in an email (LOL) to LCEC. Then we had Marni (YES, the queen of controversy) looking to sensor STOUT. Then there was Burch, looking to hand over his position on a certain board to WILLIAMS,& Williams asking Marni to have a letter drawn up ASAP, asking the replace Burch with Williams. CORRECT ME if I'm missing something here, isn't Willams running for re-election next month? Why does he think he is GUARANTTED a win? Is the election fixed??? Then we have Marni's assistant Pearl texting Marni during this entire ordeal and Marni reading her text's instead of controlling the meeting. What a disgrace!! Hopefully things will change for the better after the Nov 7th election. Apparently Willams, Burch & Marni seem to think that Willams is a shoe-in. PATHETIC.

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Oct-24-17 11:03 AM

Why is the news ignoring all the IRS Tax Liens Coviello has had to the tune of $84,167.23 among other financial issues? They are reporting about a black candidate in Fort Myers but not Coviello with the same issue! Why is that???

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Oct-23-17 9:49 AM

It appears that both our local newspapers seen to agree on 4 of the 5 candidates who are seeking election. However, they do NOT agree on who should be Mayor. They both have agreed upon Morris for Dist 1, Leon for Dist 4, Stokes for Dist 5 & Williams for Dist 6. -- I will watch this weeks debates before deciding who to vote for as Mayor & for district 1. I do agree with their choices of LEON & STOKES but I will NOT be voting for WILLIAMS.

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Oct-21-17 3:48 PM

I would not and could not Vote for any and I mean of the names listed!!!

If you want fair government then Vote for Hollow, Leon, Morris, Karcher and Stokes!

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Oct-20-17 5:35 PM

ERoberts - QUOTE "except for Williams. He has done a lot of good things, but his consistent failure to advocate for the best interests of his district". That was because he was too consumed with protecting and agreeing with his buddy Marni. He constantly leaned back in his big chair and stated to his fellow colleagues "convince me". Doesn't he have a mind of his own? He was elected to represent the people of Cape Coral, not just his 7 fellow council members seated on the dais. It's time for him to retire!

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Oct-20-17 2:17 PM

Good choices except for Williams. He has done a lot of good things, but his consistent failure to advocate for the best interests of his district should be given more weight than the rest.

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Oct-20-17 11:36 AM

Ms. Harring

Why don't you do an editorial on how the City government has increased the budget 90.1% since the 2013 election. 2013 budget 442 million, 2017/18 budget 840 million.

22.5 increase yearly for our local government to waste.

Then ask your readers if their incomes and budgets have been able to increase 22.5% a year the last four years.

Afraid to take on the hard stories? Maybe the Breeze does not want to loose the lucrative printing contract for the City Rag paper On The Move.

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Oct-20-17 11:30 AM

Ms. Harring The candidate mailers should go under the heading "Lies that never end".

I base my comments on fact not poorly written falsehoods. Fact: Leon & Williams have rubber stamped every increase in taxes, assessments and fees the "government" has proposed over their terms. Both have not seen a dollar they could not waste at the unions beckoning. Fact: Coviello could prevail since he has rubber stamped every budget review board increase recommendation the past several years. Though Hollow's long relationship with government unions makes him the favorite, this race is basically a unions win, taxpayers lose regardless scenario. Dist 1 really does not matter since Burch has done enough damage Again that it will take two or three election terms to straighten out the mess in Dist 1.

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Oct-20-17 9:58 AM

Angelsonly, Your statement is not accurate. If you wish to share union endorsements or the lack thereof with our readers we invite you to fact check or simply post the endorsements cited on candidate mailers.

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Oct-20-17 8:39 AM

As always, the Daily Breeze and staff did their homework and made decisions. As a citizen I appreciate all of the work you put into the evaluations. Unfortunately, "as usual" there will be those who disagree, that will "blame" the decisions on others. It has become a fact of life here in Cape Coral, to throw stones. Instead we need everyone to go to the polls, make their own decisions and then wait and watch what happens in the next four years. Leave the "stones" at home.

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Oct-20-17 8:04 AM

Breeze could have saved much space and just said "we support all the candidates the government unions support". The end.

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