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Candidate bios: District 1

John Gunter, Graham Madison Morris

October 6, 2017

The General Election for the Cape Coral City Council District 1 seat features two candidates, John Gunter and Graham Madison Morris: * * Candidate name: John Gunter * Cape Coral City......

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Oct-14-17 10:04 AM

Here we have a choice of quiet and conservative versus boisterous and opinionated. Too bad we can't have both in one. This is a tough one. Oh well, I have to go with a brother of a different mother and choose boisterous and opinionated.

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Oct-14-17 8:04 PM

I have to disagree. John Gunter is definitely what we need to replace Jim Burch.

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Oct-15-17 9:57 AM

Personally for me, I can not and will not vote for Graham Morris. Check out the most recent campaign treasurer's reports. Mr. Morris will not be his own person he will be influenced by former council members. Mr. Morris does not own a home. The home he resides in is owned by his wife under her maiden name. Mr. Morris does not as yet have a solid employment history. And, I do not believe that we the taxpayers should grant to him a paycheck with benefits. As I have written before....JOHN GUNTER will be the best choice for the District 1 council position.

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Oct-16-17 9:15 AM

reyemm - Yr Quote on Morris "boisterous and opinionated". Haven't we had enough of that already with our current Mayor???? I would prefer NOT to have our council meeting resemble that of an episode of Dr. Phil. It's time to allow Cape Coral to be noticed for "the right reasons". I really hope that with all the crap and negative social medial events pertaining to our current Mayor, that we can come out shinning with some professionals seated on the dais, that can show composure and are NOT drawn to the "spot light". I for one, am tired of all the drama from the past 2 years. With this on-going investigation into our current Mayor, one can only hope that it places "the fear of god" into all future seated Mayor's & council members.

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Oct-16-17 3:50 PM

Lawmajor you harp about the issues with certain council members, perhaps you should find out who they are supporting in District 1, it may surprise you. On another funny note lawmajor, allegedly a certain council member you argue back and forth with thinks that we are the same person (yelled at me in person about it in fact). No clue who you are, but I find that sad and disappointing. We are all entitled to vote for who we want, but I tell people to reach out to the candidates in person, listen to what they say, and ask yourselves, where were they and what did they do for our community before they ran for office.

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Oct-16-17 3:50 PM

A financial report will not tell you everything. I suggest you reach out to him instead of listening to the innuendos that are put forth on this message board and this City. So wait is he opinionated or under control by others? Please decide cause he can’t be both can he? Anyone that knows him or again saw his voting record would absolutely see that nobody can control Mr. Morris (he has often been a lone yes or no vote). He is own man and will not waiver in his convictions or tell people what they want to hear to get a vote. In regards to being conservative, Mr. Morris was one of the most influential votes on P and Z in approving the Shoot Center. He is also the only candidate in District 1 that was not asking the City to buy the golf course with our tax dollars (he was pushing for a logical compromise that would not cost us money to purchase or if we get sued).

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Oct-16-17 3:51 PM

Wow, some of the information… First off, lawmajor not sure where your allusions to Mr. Morris are coming from. Anyone that has watched or taken the time to meet with him would see him as nothing but calm, cool, and collected. He has an actual voting history on the Planning and Zoning Board and the Charter Review Board where his colleagues have described him as nothing but professional, logical, and thoughtful. The same for his time on Civic Assoc President and his community outreach where most would describe him as the same. Furthermore, he is one of the ones that has stood up for this City recently when we have needed it the most. Shows his integrity. Fortherecord, facts matter. He bought his house with his wife together, and is their property regardless of the who's name is on the loan (quite common with many actually). He does have a solid employment background, including owning, operating and managing a restaurant.

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Oct-16-17 5:50 PM

SamFisher - QUOTE "We are all entitled to vote for who we want" -- My sentiments exactly! I will be voting for John Gunter. It appears that you have chosen Graham Morris and may the best man win. As for your issues with CM Carioscia, I have NO IDEA why he would think we are one in the same. I certainly never said anything that would/could make him believe that. Your guess is as good as any as mine as to why he thinks that way. I guess you will have to ask him. I'm just hoping that we get elected officials who are in it for the right reasons. I'm tired of hearing all the jokes about Cape Coral. We have been the butt of many jokes and it really need to change.

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