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Hurricane Irma leaves wounds in waterways

Failed seawalls are Lee County’s next big issue forming after the storm

September 20, 2017

Waterside residents around the county are reporting damaged seawalls — and as more and more reports roll in, it will take longer and longer for repairs to be done. “The people of Florida are tough....

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Sep-22-17 4:49 PM

TWT - I'm NOT interested in what Punta Gorda does or doesn't do. We live and pay taxes in Cape Coral, not Punta Gorda. Perhaps you should consider moving there. You knew, or should have known, what you were getting into when you bought your property and put up your seawall. Now, because you are affected, suddenly you believe it's time that our City change the rules and laws just to suit you!!!! NEWSFLASH - You don't call the shots here in The Cape. The seawall is your responsibility PERIOD. Stop your whining and call HONC. Seawalls are meant to last approx. 20 years.*****it up!

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Sep-22-17 12:07 PM

@lawmajor, alias, Al Sharpton, of the Cape: The City of Punta Gorda constructs and maintains ALL seawalls inside their City limits, so, it's time that the Cape does the same and this would be the perfect time to implement this policy, don't you think? Having one collapsed and one damaged seawall, on both sides of my house, I for one would ask my Council representative to initiate such a policy. I pay more in taxes and now it's time that the City pony up and pay for these mandatory seawalls that should be constructed and maintained by the Cape, like Punta Gorda. Where's my check Councilman?

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Sep-21-17 8:21 PM

Fifty thousand dollars for a 100 ft wall sounds like price gouging.

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Sep-21-17 12:19 PM

It is being reported that "Seawalls" as well as most roofs, last approximately 20 years. Some more, some less. That said, most of these homeowners that are now seeking assistance from the city with their seawalls, (should have know) given the year that their homes & Seawalls were installed, that they would one day have to replace them. Well, the time is now. YES, it's unfortunate and YES it's burdensome, however, I will soon have to replace my roof and I don't expect the City to involve themselves in my responsibilities. It's all part of home ownership.

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Sep-21-17 10:30 AM

Grumpy19 -- I agree with you 100%. I am taken back with the fact that all of the sudden, since we have seated council members who have seawall damage, NOW the City is looking to step in & make things easier for them!!! Looks like this CITY gets to pick and choose which disasters and/or "Act of God's" they will assist in and it all boils down to if the disaster personally effect them or NOT. When you chose to reside on the water, you MUST be ready for the consequences that come with the "better lifestyle" the same way that if you chose to drive around in a Ferrari or Lamborghini, you must expect to pay more for repairs. It's that simple. It's too bad that TWT does agree. He refuses to have to pay out of his own pocket, he wants the City to pay it for him. This is NOT how life works. This City should NOT be picking and choosing when it comes to disasters.

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Sep-21-17 10:03 AM

No taxpayer funding for the seawalls. The homeowner is responsible for their own seawalls. Nobody stepped forward to help after Charlie when a lot of damage was done, pool cages, fences, Etc.. These people bought on canals, they have to pay for their own seawalls.

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Sep-20-17 9:51 PM

Can a special assessment be created, similar to the UEP?

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