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Seven Islands: Think big

August 19, 2016

To appreciate the potential of the city-owned parcels dubbed the “Seven Islands,” one needs to view the man-made “hammerheads” by boat....

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Aug-19-16 2:11 PM

I wonder where the author of this opinion lives. And if he/she boats. As a property owner in the NW Cape I also have an opinion that should carry a little more weight than an infrequent visitor to the area. I am also a member of the North West Neihborhoos Assocation, whose majority in in agreement that status quo is not preferre, nor is the "think big" plan. But two plans under consideration by the City, Concept B and C.

As a frequent boater using the NS Canal one major consideration that I have yet to hear discussed is the replacement of the Ceitus Barrier. This issue should be resolved in advance of any decision of the Seven Islands Development. The negative impact to property values that access open water through the NS Canal would be significant if the barrier is installed. This impact would be compounded by a significant increase in the boat traffic the Seven Islands would bring.

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Aug-19-16 2:17 PM

Part 2 The issue of property taxes is also, I think, misplaced. When has government ever decreased taxes due to increased assessments? There would be additional city services required by high concentration development that would cost more that the taxes would bring in. And if there was an excess I am confident that government would find a use before lowering property taxes.

Finally the NWNA has been active in this, and all matters that effect the NW Cape. I believe the input from the NWNA should be given the most serious consideration as we are the ones that will live with this decision forever.

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Aug-20-16 10:40 AM

Has the author ever been to the 7 Islands? What 150 foot wide canal anywhere in Florida is a destination? This is not water front on the river, harbor or Gulf. Who is going to spend their vacation money to stay at a hotel or dine on a canal across from a bug infested swamp?

There is no big water view or usable white sandy beach that will attract people. People come to Florida or more specifically Fort Myers and the Cape for the Beach, Harbor or Caloosahatchee and to Golf.

Think Big, how about Thinking Real. The Seven Islands will never be a destination area that Tourist will flock to. Will locals visit to launch a kayak or fish, yes would people build nice homes here yes, but no one in there right mind is going to book a hotel or plan there trip around a canal when they can go to the beach, harbor or river. Look at Burnt Store Marina, or downtown Ft. Myers with its spectacular view, then look at the spreader canal and imagine anyone spending money to vacation there. Get Real.

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Aug-21-16 9:23 AM

Have the Editors or council members Jim Burch and Rana Erbrick Ever been to the 7 Islands? The Council members want to "Think Big" and the Breeze Editors liken the 7 islands to a "Walkable downtown St Pete." What planet are you on? St Pete sits on Tampa bay the largest bay front in the state. The view at St Pete looks across 10 miles of water. Seven Islands sits on 150' wide canal and the view is of a mangrove swamp. How can you compare the "breath taking views" of St Pete or Burnt Store Mariana or any of the Caloosahatchee River front to the spreader canal? The grandiose plans for high rise and marinas on these small strips of land and water will look silly in scale and function poorly. The spreader canal and the thin channel through Matlache cannot handle the boat traffic the city and Editors envision. Its time everyone faces some facts....The 7 Island area is a great place to launch a kayak, fish, walk along the canal, build a home on and possibl

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Aug-21-16 9:45 AM

NWNA is the epitome of NIMBY

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Aug-21-16 5:16 PM

Emilio, Sorry for the delayed response. In answer to your question, members of the editorial board did visit the islands properties, both the street side and, thanks to Councilmember Rick Williams who provided a tour by boat, the water side on down past the old barrier.

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Aug-23-16 12:02 PM

If you have visited the 7 Island site then perhaps it is the waterfront at St Pete you have never seen. Please explain the resemblance between the two and how you will take a 150 foot wide canal with a swamp view, seven 250 foot wide islands with a total land footprint less than 500 feet wide and turn it into the water front of St Pete or even Burnt Store Marina?

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Aug-24-16 8:56 AM

Emilio, Thank you, we apologize for any confusion. The specific area of downtown St. Petersburg referenced is the Beach Drive strip across from the Yacht Basin waterfront. The area, which is a destination within a destination, features mixed use with public components. To answer the question of whether we have visited,yes.

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Aug-28-16 9:28 AM

Vharring I guess you did not notice the view of Tampa Bay from Beach Drive or Vinoy & Whlie Parks with the mile long bay front beach and green area on the western end of The Strip or North Straub Park and the 1/3 mile long Pier with a 300x300 foot viewing platform and its beach and parks or the 2 marinas that rival the entire 7 island foot print with 40 or more 50 foot yacht's docked in them.Your words only reinforce my point The Strip is a "Destination within a destination."

None of the Strips conditions exist near 7 Islands. The nearest big water public beach is Ft Myers Beach. There is no realistic usable park, beach or big water view for this scale devolvement. Matlache has non of this either, no large public beaches or parks on the water. The only 7 island beach, marina or water front park is on a 150" canal, its tiny. The scale is wrong,the attraction cannot support the grandiose plans.7 Islands and surrounding area is nothing like the strip in St Pete or B

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Aug-29-16 11:14 AM

So I am still waiting for the Editors to establish the similarities between The Strip in St Pete and the 7 Islands? The Editors point out the Strip is a "destination within a destination" That's why the strip draws people,it's surrounded by large beaches,Parks,marinas,bike trails and killer views across the bay. There is a lot to do at the strip.

What is the draw to the 7 Island going to be? Will it be the 250 foot long beach in Plan C on a 150 foot wide canal at the proposed Tropicana Park? The green space for the park including the beach is only 150 X 600. Its useless at this scale.The Pier end at St Pete is larger than the park.Will the big water view attract people from everywhere?Oops there is no big water view! Fact is The 7 islands area is very nice but it's attraction, it's draw is what it is today, a SMALL secluded area on a thin canal.Its a great place to have a home, launch a kayak or fish.If you build it up to the proposed scale you kill the draw to the area.

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