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Destination Cape Coral

October 9, 2015

Thanks to action by the Cape Coral City Council this week, our city took another step forward in its quest to become a “destination” in Southwest Florida....

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Oct-09-15 9:26 AM

"It's good to see the city moving forward and it's even better to see it moving forward based on private investment. Capitalism works." YES. This is exactly what Cape Coral so desperately needs. "Private investment". Capitalism does work.

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Oct-11-15 7:35 AM

Actually, I am really overjoyed re: The Tranquility Lake Resort, which has been in the planning for a long time. Also, The Conference Center at Tarpon Point/Westin will be a great welcome to our City. (I must admit that the Pelican Rd. project of $500,000. still remains to be a concern.)

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Oct-16-15 8:47 AM

Lawmajor--How do you figure this is private investment when the citizens are on the hook for 500k to repave Pelican Blvd, something Tarpon Point was supposed to do and pay for in their original PDP.

Sorry but this will be another Swim Center, pie in the sky, only reason to visit Cape Coral is to drink booze until 4am, we have nothing to draw folks.

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Oct-16-15 9:24 AM

Angelsonly - I am referring to the Resort at Tranquility Lake, planned as a "five-star, luxury resort for class A-motor coach owners. The developers are funding the entire project, even the cost to hook-up water from Charlotte County. Not costing us one cent. As for the 500K to repave Pelican Blvd., I was the first on here stating that I was worried what would happen it our Mayor wasn't able to secure funds from elsewhere!!! I would have thought that we would have heard something by now regarding the funding!! That project was supposed to be shovel ready. 500K is a large chunk of change if we the tax payers get stuck with that bill!!!

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Oct-16-15 9:31 AM

Andelsonly - "only reason to visit Cape Coral is to drink booze until 4am". Not disagreeing with you there. It was such as "Great Idea" that we currently have less bars on-board than when the idea was brought up before council. We were told there were 3 definite and several others showing interest!!!! I heard that the owner of the Dixe has given a $1,000.00 donation to Carioscia's campaign. Her way of saying "Thank-you".

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Oct-16-15 9:45 AM

Lawmajor The County was approached for funding and as Comm Mann appropriately pointed out it would be unwise for the county to start paying to pave City roads. All municipalities will start putting out their hands for our money.

Tranquility Lakes is a good project, problem is those half million dollar coaches will want something to do once they park their coach. What suggestions do you have for activity. You can boat and kayak anywhere, what does Cape Coral have? Very simple question. Bimini Basin and a quarry lake are not the attractions you might imagine.

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Oct-16-15 12:31 PM

"Capitalism does work." Add the word "sometimes" & the statement would be more accurate. After all, the US government paid for & built the Hoover Dam, the TVA & other life changing projects.

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Oct-16-15 2:58 PM

Angelsonly - Maybe a reporter from The Breeze could push to get us some answers as to "Who is going to be paying for the $500,000 paving project????" As for the RV park, I get your drift, however it's a start in the right direction for the city to receive monies from somewhere other than from us the tax payers. There is a possibility that the developments that showed a previous interest in building a mall in the Cape will jump on it now as they know the people in the RV's will want to shop. This could very well be an opening for new business in the Cape. It's the best news I've heard in the longest time. The Basin project is nothing more than "An image". It's going nowhere!!!

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Oct-16-15 4:32 PM

Lawmajor--I like your good attitude. No Argument here. Take a good look at distance from Tranquility Lakes to Punta Gorda, Charlotte county shopping and fisherman's village. All quality, that his where the half million dollar coach owners will go. Not cape coral wal marts. As for a mall, the per capita spending for cape coral is less than half of what a mall developer will require. Minimum of a decade before a mall is seriously considered by people with money. Just the way it will be. Hope I am wrong but usually Not.

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Oct-16-15 6:22 PM

Just what we need to be "A Destination City". More rude tourist, clogging our streets, raising our prices and taking over the restaurants. The average citizen in Cape Coral gets nothing but aggravation from these clowns. Stay home people, give us a break. We already know whatever the city makes off tourist they will still raise our taxes.

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Oct-16-15 6:27 PM

If the people at tranquility lakes wants something to do they can always go to a council meeting. Plenty of clowns to entertain you. From grumpy to dopey and sleepy and sleazy. Even a greasy haired minion. All for your entertainment. Followed by a midget who dances for the clowns. Best show in town. Oh and they want a pay raise.

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Nov-07-15 1:28 AM

stevencc doesnt have anything of value to offer here, just a little whing. The County agreed to cover the $500,000 for paving, and why not? The Cape taxpayers pay a lot of money to see all the recent development going to South Fort Myers, so we get some back. As for Angel, he needs to get his facts checked out if he wants to be taken seriously here.

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