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Council must take control of wage goal

August 14, 2015

Cape Coral City Council will begin its formal review of the municipal budget next week. Council has set two workshops, one Wednesday, one Thursday, both beginning at 4:30 p.....

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Sep-26-15 6:54 AM

39 firefighters made over 100 thousand last year and another 21 made over 90 thousand with a few just a couple grand short of 100 the top dog in nyc fire department made 140 grand we had 3 make more than that amazing.

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Sep-15-15 5:16 PM

The puppets will rise to the top as long as we as tax payers allow it.We need to get out and vote all the puppets out and get folks in that care about the tax payer and just not what they call their family.

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Aug-18-15 2:21 PM

CC made bond, good for him! Bwahahahaha!

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Aug-17-15 12:06 PM

The fact remains all city employees just got a 10% raise, some of it retroactive. The optics of giving another large raise on the heels of the 10% raise are not good. One thing is when you are losing a lot of employees to other cities (like was happening with police officers). In a case like that, you have a clear rationale to up wages. But to take that and apply it to everyone in the city is irresponsible.

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Aug-17-15 8:56 AM

Kirsten - Here's another FACT. Know someone else who, at the time was in his late 20ties/early 30ties. He moved from up North. He was a bridge construction worker. He applied for any/all CC city jobs that appeared on the website. When he checkup with HR on the job status's, he was told that they had been filled. He too was advised by locals that his changes were slime as he was a northerner and CC was part of the good ol' boys club. They suggested trying Ft. Myers city jobs. Long story short, he was hired within a 2 month period, sold his home in the northern Cape and move his family to Ft. Myers where he is still today employed by the City of Ft. Myers & his wife has a great job with a large medical facility.

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Aug-17-15 6:11 AM

Law, really, 95% of City workers are on the friends and family plan? Before making such statements, you really should back that up with facts. That is a pretty bold statement to make.

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Aug-17-15 6:05 AM

Andras, the only reason Cape workers may make more now is because of the bust. As the economy continues to improve, this will change again. What bothers me is that there are people who looked down their noses at government employees because they 'worked for peanuts' and were 'not good enough to get a real job'. Now that the economy took a dive and those people lost their good incomes, they are going after the government employees because they make too much. The old "I don't have anything, I don't want you to have anything" mentality. SMH.

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Aug-16-15 11:31 AM

Kirsten, perhaps back in the day government workes made less than private sector employees but that is not ture here in the Cape. Private sector workers are in the 50th percential while city employees are in the 66th percential and still enjoy more and better frings benefits and lucrative retirement.

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Aug-16-15 10:58 AM

Kirsten - First off, 95% of the time, CC city workers are hired under "Family & Friends". It's part of "The Good Ol' Boys Club". Once in, you are basically guaranteed that you will not be let go of. Yes, it certainly is job security. 5 years ago upon moving here, we decided to purchase a boat. We called about one that was being stored at the marina beside Rum Runners. During small talk, the individual that showed us the boat mentioned that he was a fire fighter in the Cape & that the boat was owned by a fellow firefighter. We mentioned that our college age son would be joining us & ask "how hard it was to get hired by the fire dept?". We were told, point blank, "You really have to know someone in order to get in & if he's a smoker, they will not even consider". Needless to say, he never applied as he had spoken with other individuals he had met at the clubs & they basically told him the same thing. "It's the good ol' b

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Aug-15-15 10:44 PM

Andras is correct. Job security, as well as better benefits, are the primary reason public employees work for less wages than they could earn in the private sector. Does anyone else remember 2002 - 2007 when the private sector was booming and those employees were making a lot of money and saying public employees couldn't get a real job in the private sector, why else would they work for such low wages? When the tables turned and those private sector employees lost their jobs, high incomes, and homes, all of a sudden they make too much money. Yes, there is value in having a little less in your pocket today to have a sense of security in the future.

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Aug-15-15 5:00 PM

Lowlita, I have already reached the promise land and it is not the pathetic city of CC. Just humorous how you all keep patting yourselves on the back for doing nothing more than jobs far over paying the market rate. I do not want a government economy I want a open economy and that is not possible in Cape coral and Lee County. Think 20/20 fund, think white whale treatment plant and for real laughs Amendendment one supposing to save the everglades. Guess your honest government just forgot the truth.

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Aug-15-15 3:21 PM

One item that the Breeze and Diele in his letter missed in discussing the 75 percential issue is the value of job security with government employment. I don't know how to put it in dollars but two analyists from the Heritage Institute and the American Enterprise Institute did in their analysis fo private sector and government employees compensation. Needless to say it gave the government employees another income boost over the private sector.

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Aug-15-15 2:40 PM

Angels. Use the alternative you have at your disposal. You won't even have to pay the toll going over to the "promise" land you are seeking. Hope you never need the services of those who are willing to serve no matter who you are. Put in another NO group and what will you have, nothing. When they lose, they sue and you will pay. We already hold the $200,000 bill for their antics during a recession no less. Careful when you drive near the canals, it might be those "union" members you so dearly love. They will pull you out with other other first responders and will not ask if you like them or not.

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Aug-15-15 11:18 AM

Humor of the week: Over 15 million additional dollars spent on the FD since the fire tax was implemented. Pretty new equipment operated by union fireman that just got another unearned raise.

CC fireman quote on Wink news "it sure is hot to fight fires in Florida" Duh union potato.

Wonder how the folks on 12th Street fro Thursday feel about that fire tax today, did them good didn't it?

Keep saving those slabs heroes.

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Aug-15-15 10:04 AM

Thank you Cape Coral Breeze for trying to bring some common sense into the salary discussion. Council members need to put an end to this 75% goal that no one ever directed the city manager to pursue.

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Aug-15-15 12:21 AM

Oh, Steven CC, it's more complicated than that. He can't manage with a blank check - he'll have to have $50,000 for some consultant to review everything. Wait and see.

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Aug-14-15 11:31 PM

Do not expect competence or leadership from this city manager. Never had to make a hard decision and can only manage with a blank check.

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Aug-14-15 11:29 PM

With two union stooges on council you can bet it will pass. Well we can get rid of one of them very soon. This council cares nothing about the people who pay these outrageous salaries and bloated pensions. Well there will be no raise for the city council we can make sure of that and getting 3 new faces will also help. Then 4 more in two years. Clowns and incompetents is what we have now. You must vote if you want change. Also don't bother emailing your council persons they will not respond and have been bought and paid for.

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Aug-14-15 8:32 PM

TWT - "Your scurrilous lies mean nothing to those who have the facts". Please elaborate on what you are talking about!!!! A word of advise for you -- "A closed mouth gathers NO FEET"!!!!!!

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Aug-14-15 7:53 PM

UNDRESS AKA ANDRAS: Why tell lies when the truth shall set you free?

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Aug-14-15 7:52 PM

@lawmajor: Your scurrilous lies mean nothing to those who have the facts. I just love to read fiction when it come to YOU RAGs!

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Aug-14-15 7:25 PM

Editorial is right on point as are the two comments. The city government does not distinguish between wants and needs and the council just rubber stamps what Szerlag wants. One reason they did away with the Finance Review Committee is that that committee engaged in critical analysis-somthing that council did not want to hear or you to hear. Szerlag knows how to work the system. Give more money to city workers whose unions vote in the council and the council keeps Szerlag employed. And it is all done with your money!

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Aug-14-15 11:15 AM

"Szerlag's goal to pay city workers at and above the 75th percentile" - What about the young families living in the Cape that are living off of earnings in the 25-35 percentile? How are they going to be able to afford all these city raises. They are employed in the private sector and therefore will not be seeing raises anywhere near what our City offers their employees. The intermediate age group that our MAYOR claims to want to attract will be moving out long before she holds good on her threat to MOVE. Actions speak louder than words.

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Aug-14-15 10:25 AM

No Big deal. Budget will be passed as presented by the unions via the city manager,Mayor is moving because too many 60 year old's and the pie in the sky council will keep imagining how glorious each other are. Cape is the same as 30 years ago.

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