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BP claim decision should have been Cape Council’s

July 24, 2015

In response to queries as to why the city of Cape Coral did not file any claim for lost revenues related to the BP oil spill, some answers have trickled out this week....

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Jul-25-15 8:12 AM

Disgusted1, you are spot on! What makes it even worse is there is no accountability. Its raises all around.

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Jul-24-15 11:44 PM

Andras, I blame Menendez and the "law" department for a lot of things - I think the number of things they miss and mess up is inexcusable. I don't have much use for the City Manager or the Council either, but I believe the problem starts with them not getting the information and guidance and direction they need from the "law" department. After all, Menendez is professionally trained (supposedly); the council is a bunch of citizens who somehow got elected. This one's definitely on Menendez; IMHO she is to blame for this whole BP oversight/error/kerfuffle.

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Jul-24-15 7:22 PM


My sentiments exactly, I think you would agree with me that no way would Mayor Sullivan ever let this by him. I just know he would have acted on it, or directed to. Perhaps we should bring him back and ask him why he didn't do anything.

Has anyone heard any comments from Sullivan regarding this money. I know at the time of the oil blowout way way up in the NW Gulf. Every single one of our slightly more than 2 hotels were jammed with foreclosure speculators during the recession.

If we had tourism it may be a different story. Some are suggesting that your supposed to shut up, and they mumble out of the side of there mouths to just fill out the forms and see if "Get anything". Gotta love the morals associated with that! The perplexing riddle is how does a community at ground zero of an economic collapse claim losses when they were so broke they had nothing to lose?

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Jul-24-15 7:15 PM

their mistakes.

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Jul-24-15 7:14 PM

You just don't get it! It would be council's fault if the city staff said "Look, here is our BP research. What action to you wish to take?" The council then could evaluate their work and see if it was sufficent. If not have them revisit it and then make a decision. This was not done. Staff simply ignored the opportunity. I blame mostly the law department. They were put on notice by the county via a letter which they dismissed. Remember when the outside auditor said that MWH abused the contingency fees on the north RO plant and the city had a possible calim for $8.4 million? The staff sat on trhe audit for about a year. Then the law department said the contract was so poorly written that a successful claim was unlikely? Well who negotiated and approved that contract for signing? The legal departmen! Council is at fault for never holding anyone responsible for their screw-ups. We need a new council unless you are content with high fees, taxes and assessmets to pay for

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Jul-24-15 6:36 PM

KirstenThompson: What part of what I stated didn't you comprehend? I did state that both councils are responsible.

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Jul-24-15 6:34 PM

So we are just going to ignore that the deadline was in 2013 when Mayor Sullivan was at the helm, right? No berating the former Mayor for not saying anything, asking anything or doing anything?

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Jul-24-15 6:03 PM

Raydunavvent aka dudleydolittle, the simple answer is NO! Not one of these said anything, asked for anything, did anything!

All they know how to do is tax and spend!!

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Jul-24-15 5:49 PM

Raydunavant: We don't know if we didn't qualify for any claim due to nobody doing the research on losses to the city. Both councils are to blame for this.

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Jul-24-15 4:32 PM


Are you going to retract your spurious comments in your earlier letter blaming this Council, and especially Mayor Sawicki, for not pursuing a claim, for which there was no basis?

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Jul-24-15 11:48 AM

We're surprised by all this? Really? From an office run by Menendez, who's infamous for asking if she could seek outside counsel when a citizen asked if it was legal to shoot a charging, snarling, attacking dog? Still one of my favorite stories when it comes to the Cape, the Council and the Counsellor. Perhaps we should ask to seek "outside counsel" on the $83,000 council chambers redo. Or on her next raise. Or, better yet, put the $83,000 question up to a vote - you know, kind of like the new police headquarters. Unbelievable.

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Jul-24-15 10:29 AM

It seems as if city staff and management were too busy focusing on new taxes and assessments (public service tax and fire assessment) for its residents to investigate economic loss and spending $13M on land purchases.

That land purchase made in part with storm water trust funds may be traced to the recently passed increase in our storm water fees.

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Jul-24-15 7:18 AM

Val, excellent Editorial on this issue!

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