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Deadline approaching for council candidates

June 19, 2015

As more candidates announce their bid for the White House, the presidential race of 2016 is getting plenty of attentio....

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Jul-05-15 8:40 AM

Yes, Jessica Cosden is a former Breeze reporter. Neither she nor any candidate will receive special consideration, including any advance candidate forum questions, that may be prepared by The Breeze. Breeze election coverage on the issues will begin shortly after qualifying ends with the "question of the week" feature used in previous elections. As in the past, questions will be "broadcast" e-mailed, meaning all candidates will be sent the questions at the same time. Suggestions for issue-related questions may be emailed to me at The Breeze.

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Jul-03-15 11:15 AM

And if you keyboard detectives looked a little harder you may find that Jessica's husband is a combat veteran. Hmmm, the irony. But I guess you could find it in your hearts to criticize her without even knowing her .

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Jul-01-15 7:44 PM

Mattachione...You may be right, but when I conducted a search that is what I discovered. Thank you.

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Jun-30-15 12:38 PM

Jessica Cosden, new candidate for Dist. 7 as I understand it was a former reporter for the Breeze. Still find this a conflict due to several factors. I am sure she is going to be privy to future debate questions, since the Breeze is used as one of the moderators during debates. I hope this will not be the case, but continue to have my doubts. The deck is being stacked for several new candidates! Doviak is another.

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Jun-29-15 10:06 PM

no incumbents, no raise.

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Jun-22-15 7:25 PM

Matt - Music to my ears. Chris will have my vote.

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Jun-22-15 6:27 PM

Chris Cammarota, is listed as active in District 3. Does anyone know anything about him? The Cape certainly doesn't need Doviak if he is a "union boy".

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Jun-22-15 6:14 PM

Nesta will not need to run again, they have their new retired scab Doviak. He is a union boy all the way and sucked the trough dry like Nesta. God help all.

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Jun-22-15 4:01 PM

Just a point of info...Today, 2 new candidates have entered the race. Dist. 2 - Richard Lee Repasky,Dist. 3 - Jerome Doviak....Former Mayor Eric Feichthaler is his campaign treasurer.

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Jun-22-15 12:18 PM

Nesta is not seeking re-election. One can go to capecoral**** and read the article. Thank you.

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Jun-20-15 7:43 PM

lawmajor...Really liked your last post. No one to answer to....Well, that is for sure. This practice is currently the same old same old. I hope no one is holding their breath for City affairs to change! Has anyone out there ever received a personal email response from the CM?

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Jun-20-15 4:54 PM

If they get the 50% salary raise that they have requested, that would bring an annual cost of over $326,000.00 to us tax payers for the 8 seated on the dais. Just read the honest job description posted under Letters to the Editor. It was written by a former council member. "Being a council member is a unique job. In effect, for four years you have no boss, no one to answer to, no one to supervise you and no performance objectives or quotas to meet. The only requirement is that you attend council meetings and vote. There are no set work hours." These part-timers do not deserve 50% more. Vote "NO".

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Jun-20-15 12:39 PM

lawmajor....You are right. So, it is also possible that our city employees will feel obligated to vote "YES" on the Mayor and Council salary increase. I am sure they are being reminded on a day-to-day basis. It is so sad that some of these people do not understand that all taxpayers are footing the bill!

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Jun-20-15 11:05 AM

Of course Nesta will be running again! It's called "padding his 2nd pension". His union buddies & their families from the other 7 districts will throw his a bone in appreciation for their recent pay raises. Once elected, he is guaranteed another 4 years to do as little as he so pleases and will walk away with over $62,000 in an annuity fund!

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Jun-20-15 10:50 AM

FYI - I really dislike to have to make this statement, but I will. If Nesta decides to also enter the race again, we will have almost all the same on the dais. The majority of the same voting pattern will remain. Of course, I would really like to see some new blood for the benefit of all people. I hope there will be some last minute positive surprises. We have always had in this City.....Voter apathy! I still will vote NO for any pay increase! Enough is enough!

P.S. Happy Father's Day. Enjoy your day!

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Jun-20-15 10:00 AM

Erbrick along with her husband own lots of property in Cape Coral. To each their own, but I do not believe any further pay raise should be forthcoming to feather their caps! Or, any who seem to be doing just fine in their current positions and lifestyle!

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Jun-20-15 9:39 AM

Derelict boat in the canals, church amphitheater issues, sewer & water project issues, permit issues with regards to church steps and not returning phone calls and/or email within a 4-6 week period are just a few of the gripes the constituents in District 3 have endured. Nesta is there to "increase his pension" with the annuity payout. He would already have over $30,000 for the past 4 years and he is looking to double it. This is the $7,668 yearly annuity they fail to mention when crying about how little they are paid.

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Jun-20-15 9:24 AM

If the voting process as done differently, councilmen Nesta wouldn't stand a chance. If it was solely his constituents from District 3 alone, he would be out! However, as a retired Cape Coral firefighter (union guy) who recently assisted in getting the raises for all union workers, he will receive their votes, as well as their family members from all 8 districts as a "Thank You". It's unfortunate but one hand washes the other! It's the constituents from District 3 that receive the short end of the stick.

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Jun-19-15 7:30 PM

and take the two union reps with her.

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Jun-19-15 7:06 PM

For Gods sake someone get ERBRICK out of there.

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