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Ballot clutter

June 12, 2015

Updated: As approved for the ballot by the Cape Coral City Council, the amount of proposed council compensation has been revised upward to $32,600 for council members and $36,600 for the mayor, plus......

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Jun-25-15 8:28 AM

20 yr resident, based on watching councils here and where i am from this council is paid 2 to 3 times what my old town made and do a much worst job. cities should not be in land speculation or utilities , our policing should be sheriff dept, this is not a strong mayor so no extra pay is warranted for mayor since the position is more of bord chair not mayor and the mayor should not travel nothing good can come of meeting with california or new york governments officials or groups those two states have the highest tax and worst regulations on people and business

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Jun-20-15 4:32 PM

Matt knows a liar when he is one!

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Jun-19-15 7:01 PM

So Matt why can they not go to the gym just like everybody else. I pay for my gym membership. I also pay for my own meals. I am tired of the city worker handouts.

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Jun-19-15 11:22 AM

Also, ribbon cutting events and things of that nature are options council members choose to attend and should not be classified as part of their 40 hour paid work week.

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Jun-19-15 11:19 AM

Being that some council members claim it is a full-time position, while others say its part-time, why not just reduce the dais by 2 - 3 members and offer it as a full time position with healthcare benefits and better starting salaries. Then, if they are re-elected for a second term, they should be given a bonus annuity for their remaining 4 years. (Bonus amount to be determined).

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Jun-18-15 8:52 AM


I was not at all attempting to be disrespectful to the needs of our first responders. Okay? Believe you me....I am paying close attention to all and every ongoing concern.

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Jun-17-15 5:10 PM

Please disregard prior correction. This has become so frustrating. Vote No! Also, check out the article for our Fire Department purchases in motion. Of course, this is not out of disrespect, but gym/fittness equipment in the motion as part of what is life saving and part of what we are paying in the Fire Assessment????????????

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Jun-17-15 4:15 PM

correction: yes "to"

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Jun-17-15 3:46 PM

Lawmajor.......Agree, agree, agree with you and others who wish not to always yes our City officials because they say so! Is it like the "Golden Rule"? Those who claim to have the "GOLD" .....Rule!

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Jun-17-15 10:30 AM

Didn't they also recently appoint an "Assistant City manager"? Let's face it, the mayor is using this as a stepping stone to advance her political career. She loves to travel, loves getting her picture taken and never misses a photo-op. A real politician!!!

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Jun-16-15 11:55 AM

What amazes me is, at the council meeting last night, one of the council mebers made a stupid statement about the charter not stating the job is part time. It also doesn't say it is full time either. If it is a full time job for the mayor and council members, why do we have a city manager type of government? Everyone understood that sitting on council is part time, not full time. If they so choose to be on all kinds of committees and go to all kinds of meetings, that is their choice. Nobody is forcing them to do that.

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Jun-12-15 5:42 PM

I was just advised that the council members want even more than the proposed raises suggested by the commission. At a discussion during a council meeting last month, each city council member stated they wanted council member compensation to be increased to $32,000 or $33,000, plus their annuity of $7,688 with the mayor receiving an amount greater. In addition, Council then would have the authority to approve a raise for itself of up to 3 percent per year.

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Jun-12-15 10:48 AM

"Council seats are not intended to be full-time positions". Council members are currently paid $26,939 (including annuity) and are looking for $30,340 and the mayor is currently paid $35,668 and is looking for $40,168. Not bad money for part time work in SW Florida!

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