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Now it’s up to council

May 8, 2015

The city of Cape Coral has prevailed in its defense of a controversial new tax implemented as part of a revenue “diversification” pla....

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May-21-15 6:51 PM

Matt geez, I really don't care what you think. Private business? LCEC is not a private business! Lee County Electric COOP. Nothing private about it. The deal they have been cutting us is not so good. Unethical business practice is unethical business practice and I'm afraid the way they rob Peter today to support tomorrow is not ok. Again, your opinion doesn't really matter.

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May-16-15 10:15 PM

Grumpy! It is a poor business practice to take deposit money and use it for today's operations, when they claim to be covering tomorrow's problems with the deposits. Not sure how you can agree with robbing Peter to pay Paul. That is exactly what is happening.

Deposits are to be escrowed and not touched! Instead they are used to contribute towards huge salaries.

I'm glad you agree with the Policy. Now the City can take them for utilities, and give Szerlag big Bonus's.

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May-16-15 12:35 PM

Packer: I interpreted his statement different than you did. As for LCEC. Is the city really investigating all options available? They are only looking at 2. Either enter into a new franchise agreement. or spend millions to buy the LCEC distribution infrastructure. I would also suggest that you go to the LCEC website and see why LCEC requires some to pay a deposit. I did and agree with the policy.

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May-14-15 9:02 PM

Grumpy!!! Get your head out of where ever it is being stored!!!

Mattachione said- "Stupid you are not that intelligent"

Grumpy! I want you right now to explain to me exactly what you are calling some one when you tell them they are not that intelligent. Maybe it is YOU that needs to read before YOU start posting!!

I didn't say that the City needed to take over LCEC Grumpy! I said it is there job to look into our options!! That is called good business practice!! An organization that takes huge deposits from poor people while crying poor shouldn't be paying over 500,000. Per year to there CEO.

Next time you read first Grumpy!!!

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May-14-15 11:17 AM

Packer: Learn how to read before you put your fingers in motion. Matt was not calling anyone stupid. He was answering the person with the stupid in his nom Daguerre. As for the LCEC issue. I would much rather not see the City take over the power distribution. They seem to be unable to run the city with the funding they have had, thus new taxes. They are hiring Barton again to look into further new taxes the next budget cycle under the guise of diversification. That is just another end runaround the tax limits set by the state.

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May-13-15 7:00 PM

People that think LCEC is a good deal now need to look a little closer. They do not give us the greates deal. The City Council better be looking at all options! It is there job!

Mattachione who are you above all to call anyone stupid? Bwahahaha! This coming from the guy that continuously takes Stupidity to a new level. Keep it up Matt! The entertainment is awesome, and easy!

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before. Matt you really remind me of the former Council member Chris Chulakes Leetz.

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May-10-15 10:10 AM

Ray, this is your statement. "...and a renter, who has no vested interest in the City". You can say the same for the Mayor who is renting. The only vested interest she has, is how many trips she can take with other peoples money.

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May-09-15 7:22 PM

Matt was entertaining to a he has become irritating. I hope he runs for district 2...John C. will mop the floor with him.

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May-09-15 7:19 PM

But don't forget he is a special forces medic...and a renter, who has no vested interest in the City

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May-09-15 11:59 AM

The city has the ability to purchase LCEC under the current franchise agreement. For some reason you have already assumed the city is going to buy LCEC since you don't really know what is happening. The city is also also negotiating a franchise agreement with LCEC. Maybe that is the direction they prefer! But, I guess that is not the sensational news story. You seem like an intelligent person, just uninformed. BTW, I'm done with this foolishness. Time for the Breeze to raise the bar on this blog.

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May-09-15 11:57 AM

The purchase of LCEC in the Cape is an option that is being explored while they supposedly negotiate with LCEC. This has been said by council members and the city manager several times.

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May-09-15 10:05 AM

Mattachione, two comments from a man that says so much and knows so little. You may want to take a few minutes away from destroying real debating on the blog to studying the budget and understanding the needs of the city. It's very easy to see the bloggers here that don't have a clue, but just spend their life here writing. I remember when it was interesting to look at the comments. Very seldom do now. Here is a quiz for you. When and where did the city say it was going to buy LCEC?

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