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The issue is less can we; it’s should we?

January 23, 2015

With the city’s franchise agreement with LCEC up in 2016, Cape Coral City Council is exploring the idea of becoming the community’s electric services provider....

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Feb-01-15 12:19 PM

Anyone thought of what $500 million in bonds issued would do to the cost per kilowatt hour?

Anyone thought about the 7% city tax on kilowatt usage charged?

That 7% tax would not have to change a penny with city council setting the rate. They would just need to keep extending terms and adding more bonds to justify the rate increases.

They have already taken away from electric rate payer LCEC's Capital Credit coming back to the account holders with the City Tax.

But through the raises given to all including the city union and non bargaining staff this has been repaid to them.

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Jan-30-15 3:27 PM

This is OUTSTANDING REPORTING... thank you.

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Jan-30-15 8:47 AM

Come on folks, this would be a great thing for our union membership, we can add another 1000 union votes come election time. Just think of the pay raises this could justify. The residents could care less, we keep them drunk on sunshine and alcohol and we do not have to worry they might pay attention.We need to move on this before our union puppets get replaced in November.

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Jan-25-15 1:27 PM

It's always about "the size" to you people!!! LOL

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Jan-24-15 2:10 AM

I agree! I agree! The last thing we need is the current group involved in trying to provide electricity to the largest city in Florida - size, not population, but, IMO size is Concern No. 1 in this situation. Can you imagine the City trying to manage basic electricity after the mess they made out of basic water and sewer? Gives me nightmares. The old saw applies here : if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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Jan-23-15 8:59 PM

Ok, we need to stand together on this one. The last thing we need is these clowns trying to run our electric services. I have absolutely no confidence in our council and mayor. Please leave this service to those that know what they are doing.

Thank you!

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Jan-23-15 10:26 AM

ELECTRICIAN are we to understand you are finally walking into the light?

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Jan-23-15 10:21 AM

BREEZE EDITORIAL STAFF How many times during the presentation and in print did we hear and see the cost of electricity WOULD NOT BE LOWER? 2 times three times and in print media as well.

6.5% BONDS. Banks can't give money away interest rates even for consumers *that are responsible is at 0%). Corporations are borrowing at BELOW the Prime Rate! Don't tell me there city is charging its residents a city administration fee to come up with 6.5%? Or is it just the fact when $500 MILLION HITS THE LEDGER THAT BOND RATING WILL FALL OR ACTUALLY HASD ALREADY?

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Jan-23-15 6:10 AM

H.I.T. - Hanginginthere....your liberal use of the word "leaders" is concerning me. One of the two quoted has yet to even lead a cub scout pack and the other is hoping to have the lead in the polls at all cost.

However, congrats to the leader of the leaderless and the anointed mouthpiece for their impeccable timing. Its obvious one of the largest decisions that they might face both would be out of town attending yet another conference. YIKES. Priorities?

Hey Mayor, you got elected in Cape Coral as a local official, you haven't made it to the big show yet....and I wouldn't pack your bags either, so here's a unique idea -- take care of business at home, before gallivanting off to rub elbows with your fellow liberal democratic mayors. Its a shame that we have non-partisan elections, don't you think.

I heard from other council members that they appreciated the absence of the mouthpiece as the meeting ended in a reasonable amount of time, when is the next trip Jim?

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Jan-23-15 5:30 AM

This train wreck of city leaders can't manage the responsibilities they have. The last thing they need is more responsibilities.

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