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The buck needs to stop here

October 3, 2014

With a couple of years of property valuation stabilization under its belt and a pair of new taxes in its pocket, the city of Cape Coral has embarked on a plan it says will allow the municipality to......

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Oct-03-14 5:53 PM

In concept we can agree. However, before you float this type of balloon perhaps the Breeze Editorial team, I know Val that is often 1 person, should conduct some independent market research, and support this opinion with some factual information.

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Oct-03-14 8:37 PM

Now you know why you are paying a PST and a Fire Tax. It is to put it in the city workers and unions pocket. Take a look at your company, when was the last time you got a raise? Been a long time, did your employer say so sorry we have not given you a raise so this year we will give you a 20% raise. This my fellow citizens is exactly what a former City Manager did when we had the boom and revenue went up 60%. It went into city workers pockets. This is disgusting and I will spend my last dime supporting anyone who will run against this corrupt, lazy city council and who will send this CM packing back to Troy where he belongs.

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Oct-03-14 8:41 PM

Citizens of Cape Coral, you are being cheated and lied to. Another greedy cash grab by the unions and city workers. It is always gimmee gimmee with this bunch. They don't need a raise the workforce needs to be reduced. You give these raises and I want to know how much do we now save on all of the wonderful contracts that were signed and the City Manager lied about 125 million in savings. You are being cheated and it is time for it to stop!

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Oct-03-14 8:43 PM

Agreed. Lots of city employees like to act as though the cost of their benefits not only isn’t, but just cannot be, counted as part of their “compensation.” Perhaps a stint in the private sector might be a helpful eye-opener about the real world. I also agree about job reclassifications. This, too often, is a round-about way to favor certain employees, to make sure they “move up.” I think we can all recall the pretty public favoring of a pet CC employee who had her job “reclassified” to fit her resume because of some interesting clout she and her husband enjoyed. Absolutely agree about “retroactive” raises. Totally sends the wrong message, not only to employees but to taxpayers as well.

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Oct-03-14 8:54 PM

You also now know what Jim Burch meant when he said city workers were "FAMILY" and they were going to take care of family. Yep with your tax dollars.

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Oct-05-14 6:38 PM

We all know these puppets are bought and payed for so we should all know the vote will be 8-0 in favor of what ever the unions want,the taxpayer just does not count.

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Oct-05-14 10:59 PM

Some of you people make me sick comparing the private sector to the public sector. "The private sector has not had a raise in years, the public sector should not have one." Bull!!! Who's rule is that? If private sector employees were receiving raises for the past few years, and city employees were not, the same people whining now about city employees getting raises would be saying, "just because the private sector is giving raises doesn't mean the city should". You can't have it both ways!

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Oct-06-14 7:47 AM

A copy of the linked Associated Press article was on my desk this morning. For those who have asked for some perspective, I have posted the article under "business" and am including the link.

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Oct-08-14 9:27 AM

Update:The reclassification matter was pulled from Monday's agenda. It is expected to return Monday, Oct. 20.

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Oct-08-14 1:33 PM

You will notice from the monday meeting that the police union was not in attendance and did not fill the room with crying and handwringing members, all on food stamps no doubt. That is because the two union reps Carisco and nesta had already given them the work thatthe fix was in. It was just a show that Erbrick and Leon voted no. They know they are coming up for election next year. Their votes meant nothing. So stick the money up your pockets, unions win this battle, we will win the war when we throw these bumbs and their CM out. Soon as possible.

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Oct-08-14 4:16 PM

Now let's throw the old 5% one time bonus into the fray. Does anyone think the city employees have all the increases covered for them? I knew it and I stated it before they even had the ink dry. We were looking for city employees when we received the ones we have now.

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Oct-09-14 4:43 PM

Are you talking about same breeze that wanted us to vote for these puppets?

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