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The media: Judge & jury

August 28, 2014

To the editor: The symbol of justice is depicted by Lady Justice. She holds in her right hand a set of balance scales. The blindfold she wears gives value to objectivit....

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Sep-03-14 11:16 AM

PoorJulieFerguson, What happens "every single day in America"?? Oh, you mean thuglife robbing stores and crushing in police officers skulls and trying to kill them with guns?? Yes PoorJulie, sadly you are correct and I agree with you, it happens way to often. The Truth nails it in her post below listing the hate merchant lowlife such as Sharppie and Jessie that prey on ignorant Blacks and on the minds of the incredibly duped like PoorJulie. The only names missing from the list were of the Head Criminal Racist O'Bumo and Criminal AG Racist Holder. Last I heard The Head Racist O'Bumo sent three officials to the thugs funeral. The highest ranking general to be killed on duty since Vietnam was buried..No Bama No Biden No Hagel..showed up. Impeach/Jail O'Bumo

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Sep-01-14 1:10 AM

Whoops. Should be "Michael in Ferguson" . . . mea culpa.

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Sep-01-14 1:09 AM

Here's an idea. If (and I realize this is a huge "if") you know a young black man well enough to ask, ask him what happens when he's out and about, what happens no matter what he's doing, how he's dressed, how mannerly and respectful he is. Ask him. And then listen. What happened to Michael Ferguson isn't an isolated incident; it happens every single day in the good old US of A.

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Aug-29-14 1:19 PM

When you attack a police officer and cause the amount of physical damage that Brown did....and you out weigh the officer by 100 pounds. You are likely to be shot. Attacking a police officer can be hazardous to you health. Brown was a thug. Nothing more, nothing less. The amount of shots fired is not a player. If the first shot was justified then the number is not relevant. Six shots can be fired in less than 2 seconds. I lack a crystal ball but I do possess many years in law enforcement...among my other exquisite qualities.

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Aug-29-14 11:30 AM

Joe, or Doctorcrime claims that racism was not a motive. How does the doctor know this? Did he first hand witness this entire episode? Does the doctor of crime have a crystal ball? Of course these are rethorical questions but once again we see a right wing quack speak his opinion as if it were truth. Joe needs to turn the channel if he doesn't like what he sees and stop trying to compete with Dick!

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Aug-29-14 10:18 AM

Typical rhetoric from uninformed right wing Zealots who need to take their HOODS off and get away from False News. To blame the Sharptons , Jacksons, NAACP, is easy when you have nothing to offer to the conversation Back to Jim Crow land Bigots!!

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Aug-29-14 8:24 AM

I stand corrected ! Obama did NOT attend the funeral. He sent a White House representative team. Mea Culpa !!

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Aug-29-14 7:57 AM

obama did NOT attend the funeral.

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Aug-29-14 6:39 AM

The events in Ferguson while tragic, are also a joke. There will not be even a remote form of justice here, it will be an attempted rush to judgement. When the country, AND ESPECIALLY BLACK AMERICA gets rid of the hate merchants such as Sharpton, Jackson, NAACP etc, then this country can move forward. Until then, hate is BIG business for this crew of charlatans. They need hate in order to thrive, remember that.

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