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Restaurant is great, but the city did not think this one out

May 29, 2014

t To the editor: The recent opening of the Boathouse at the Yacht Club proves once again just how money hungry our City Council and management are! The facility itself is excellent and kudos are due......

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Jun-05-14 8:11 PM

Disgusted, your source who usually gets it right got it wrong this time. There was an RFP. RFP-RFP-PR13-17/KS-0-2013/KS Issued 5/1/2013

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Jun-04-14 11:46 AM

Just heard from someone who usually gets it right that there was no RFP put out for this restaurant; that the Boat House was handed the property (and right to do what they pleased) carte blanche, no bids from others, nada, nichts, nothing. Comments?

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Jun-03-14 7:01 AM

Let's all remember this boils down to the fact that people are being asked to pay a fee to park in prime spots. Let us also acknowledge that the Cape is quite probably the only municipality that does not have parking meters on their "public beach". Let's put meters in at every parking spot, then sit back and watch the parade as it goes by!!!

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Jun-01-14 3:52 PM

Speaking for my self having to park somewhere and take a shuttle would be a mistake. The city needs to go in and redo the parking lot. I am not a expert on parking lots but if they went in and changed it around you should be able to increase the amount of spots.

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Jun-01-14 3:16 PM

I have yet to visit the Boat House. We are waiting for the dust to settle sort a speak. After reading all my fellow citizens remarks a shuttle service run by the boat house seems like a easy, fast solution. I would prefer to park a mile off sight and be bussed in rather then drive into the mess with or without a new restaurant. Our neighbors launching boats would probably love to see less vehicular traffic as well. I don't have a trailered boat so it's not a self serving point of view. Just a observation.

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Jun-01-14 10:18 AM

If this Boat house continues to be to successful I want KC back! When KC comes back we can look forward to plenty of parking, plenty of empty seats and oh yes, according to the Lee County Food Inspections, plenty of Food Violations Notices. Who is with me on this! We hate success!

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Jun-01-14 10:16 AM

The comment "other beaches will do just fine", is curious. Hope you are not looking for "another beach" here in Cape Coral. No free beaches outside the City, tolls to be paid, entrances and stays at the beaches, etc. Problem is progress. Complaints about "not being business friendly" from the industry, complaints "not in my back yard" from the community. I don't like paying for parking, but I like the pier and spend time there. Welcome to progress, it's tough to make the right decisions. I do like the"outside look at the BoatHouse", some day I may be able to find "the free parking space" and enjoy. Welcome Boat House.

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Jun-01-14 8:06 AM

It all comes down to people who do not like any type of change. There are those who no matter what efforts a business or entity puts forth to try and improve an area, or situation, they will always complain. They often wax poetic about the previous set-up, or situation in an effort to blacken the eye of the new one. Don't waste your breath or typing on these people it is impossible to win a debate with someone who already had their mind made up beforehand.

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May-30-14 3:01 PM

The Boathouse is a vast improvement over the dive that previously occupied the location. Ask yourself, why couldn’t the previous lease holders make their business a success? Parking wasn’t that great an issue because patrons didn’t view it as a place to visit. Maybe it had something to do with the product they offered. A rolling hotdog cart could have better served the purpose. By upgrading the restaurant facility, offering better food and adding atmosphere, the Boathouse with its view will become a destination by itself. Yes, the parking issues will continue and this is something the council will have to address. Perhaps looking at the Yacht Club grounds to see what facilities are underutilized and add parking in those areas.

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May-30-14 12:01 PM

This parking issue was a previously discussed FORESEEABLE PROBLEM.

I have confidence that Mr. Pohlman will take this problem seriously and will resolve it forthwith. Delay is not an option.

My question is, as well as the question of another citizen of Cape Coral, as posted in the News Press ""It's really a terrible situation," said 86-year-old James Blagaich. "How did public property get given over to a restaurant and bar and they have control of the parking?"


This problem CAN BE FIXED!!!

This problem MUST BE FIXED!!

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May-30-14 10:35 AM

People of Cape Coral who go to the yacht club beach because its close to home. Most of those people have "Beer Budgets" such as I, and can't afford a $6 hotdog and a $3 beer. I hope this place sees this issue and makes adjustments to its menu. Now the parking issue. This area is full when the weather is nice. Parking is tough, even for those with disabilities. Usually people go for the whole morning and afternoon keeping those prime parking spots full all day. The city will reach into the pockets of the tax payer once again to charge for parking. Go for it city leaders, you won't get my money, other beaches will do just fine.

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May-30-14 10:01 AM

Its a terrible thing that a business is experiencing such success that parking is a problem. With many new Cape businesses I feel certain it will sort itself out after a month or so. A classy place, unlike the dive that was there before, will thrive. I am sure the management will also amend the menu as they see what is popular and what is asked for by its patrons.

If you want to patronize a restaurant with no parking problems I can suggest a few dives.

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