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Say no to billboards

May 8, 2014

To the editor: I am adamantly opposed to allowing billboards, DEMC’s, in the City of Cape Coral and exposing the taxpayers to a $9 million cost if a future Council decides that these billboards aka......

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May-14-14 5:29 PM

The council preaches making our city nicer limits business sinage but then one week later or so opens up a thing with a billboard company to install them w t f. Also less than one mile from location they are talking about putting billboard is another bill board that basically only the cars going across the bridge can see. Why do we need another. And last but not least. How much incomenarenthese really gonna bring us. Its not worth it. I SAY*****NO TO BILLBOARDS

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May-12-14 8:12 AM

Kirsten, how much revenue do you think the City would take in on the billboards???

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May-11-14 12:27 PM

I seem to recall that Lamar gave the city several billboard signs for free approaching Cape Coral. What revenue did those bring in? I'll bet they were a waste of time. Paying for any billboards will be nothing but a waste of taxpayer money. Kirsten, I am still trying very hard to see where any billboards will bring in non tax revenue. I just don't see it. How long would it take to recoup the money spent on these billboards? If this passes, then I know that my thoughts will be correct. This city council, mayor and city manager will prove that they have not seen a dollar of taxpayer money they don't want to spend. I seriously think the city manager sits in his office thinking of new ways to pick our pockets.

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May-11-14 9:17 AM

This subject exemplifies the double standard in CC. We have in place now a restrictive sign ordinance for all the evil private sector businesses yet local gov’mt. pushes to install electronic billboards, for of all reasons, revenue diversity.(?) Last year I was driving on Alico Rd. and saw an electronic billboard (Lemar-no doubt) advertising Cape Coral as business friendly. Quid pro quo? If you lived along a busy street in CC and thought a billboard would help you diversify your income stream, I can guaranty that you’d be laughed out of city hall with you application and no doubt with a police escort! “ If you think that something that is wrong for an individual to do is okay for a group to do, you have a problem with your concept of right and wrong.”

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May-11-14 6:59 AM

I am torn. Billboards are tacky and I definitely don't want our beautiful views impeded by billboards. Billboards, IMO, are one step closer to becoming a concrete jungle. On the other hand, the mantra for years has been to diversify our revenue streams so we aren't so dependent on taxes. The billboard will bring in revenue. No one ever has viable ideas for bringing in non-tax revenue but, when an idea is on the table, no one supports it. We can't have it both ways. Do we want to lower our standards to bring in revenue or do we want to pay taxes?

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May-10-14 11:47 AM

I wasn't sure of we needed these or not but since "johngalt" says no, it must be a yes!!!

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May-09-14 5:56 PM

"I think this could be an enhancement and a revenue stream for us," said Councilmember Rana Erbrick. Brilliant! So to would be a nuclear waste disposal facility, or a whorehouse & casino. But we don’t want those things in Kape Koral. Kudos to Williams, we did just pass a very restrictive ordinance for private business, and now the city wants their own electronic propaganda billboard that I guarantee no single taxpayer could ever get permitted. Joe Maserk’s spiel about cell phone towers is mis- information. The FCC holds sway over these and if the phone co. shows a specific need the tower must be place within a tight radius about that point. Yeah, we need this like a sinkhole.

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