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City Beat: The Fire Service Assessment (FSA)

May 1, 2014

Over the past few years, Cape Coral has taken a major hit on its revenue from ad valorem taxes, which is the tax you pay on your property....

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May-07-14 9:31 AM

@jr4623: They were FIRED, don't you see the results of the elections? And the former City Manager, who was clueless in the Cape...GONE! The Department heads told the Foolish 5 and the inexperienced CM what was needed, but NOTHING was done. All the talk about the bankrupting pensions by the Foolish 5 and what did they do about it? 2 full years of complete control, and again, NOTHING! BWAHAHAHA! Yep, the voters cleaned house, so enjoy!

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May-07-14 7:50 AM


"why was no one fired for letting the fire apparatus to go withomaintenance for so long"

That would be sully and the RAGS, and their leader King

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May-06-14 8:32 PM

why not just be honest these new fees and taxers are just a end run around the save our homes and homestead. why was no one fired for letting the fire apparatus to go withomaintenance for so long as for service i can not get anyone on the phone at the poloce dept i leave name and number, even sent a letter to the chief no response

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May-06-14 4:54 PM


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May-06-14 12:27 PM

The comments made here against the FSA, well, one would just have to look at what amount of money was spent on infrastructure when the Foolish Five ran the City. ZERO DOLLARS. The RAGs thought that as long as they didn't raise taxes and took money from Peter to pay Paul that would suffice. In come the informed voters and tired of their pot holes, braking water mains, the lack of quality police cars and fire trucks, they voted the CLOWNS out. You see people, you can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

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May-05-14 10:14 PM

I voted for this guy too. This is totally not what I expected from him. It seems that he is exactly the opposite of what I hopped for. Live and learn.

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May-05-14 7:37 AM

Rick, thank you for this letter. I will not make the mistake of voting for you next time.

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May-03-14 9:47 PM

bucket, you are expecting honesty from this group of clowns. Of course it was to put more money in city workers pockets. Take a look at this 3 year budgets also, means less input from the people paying the bills.

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May-03-14 9:45 PM

Rocco1 The Fire Unions got the clowns in they needed. Now we just need to get them out. I notice this portrait in courage was not willing to put it on the ballot for us to vote on. Well we will just vote at the polls. We outnumber the unions and the city workers. Get rid of them then the know nothing CM.

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May-03-14 6:20 PM

The median home value in FL is $182,400. Miami-Dade, & Broward have the highest property taxes. No doubt if you research crime rates, Miami-Dade and Broward are much worse than Lee (Cape Coral as a subset even more so). Dollars spent have little to do with crime. Witness the “war on drugs”. I’m reminded of the parent that shirks their duty rearing their children and then decides spending huge amounts on drug/behavior rehab will solve the problem. Too late bro…

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May-03-14 1:15 PM

Even when it is written in simple English, the RAGs won't admit it is necessary. Oh, it is not hard to see those here with an agenda. However, we, the residents, saw through Sullivan, Leech and and the phony baloney rhetoric and we proceeded to dump both. Nobody wants to pay more taxes and fees, but we don't want to give up our quality of life. For the price of a large pizza, our quality of life goes on. And for those who say that our officers are not responsible for our crime suppresion, you can move to North Ft. Myers and enjoy the quality of life there.

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May-02-14 7:01 PM

“Our Police and Fire Departments rank near the top in the State, and we are the second safest city in Florida. It takes money to provide these services, “ …Mr. Williams this is sad propaganda regurgitated by amateurs. Cause & effect ,dude. The city of Kape Koral has a low crime rate as a result of it’s citizens not because of the local gang in blue. If cubic dollars solved social problems our nation would be utopia. The FST and CST simply circumvent the ad valorem tax structure. BTW if FST tax is not connected to property taxes why the*****is it going to be on our ad valorem tax bill?

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May-02-14 6:01 PM

These puppets cant tell you the truth it would tip over the apple cart.How come none of these puppets ever talk of savings just taxing???

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May-02-14 12:08 PM

rocco1: I said that from the beginning. I hope everyone isn't expecting a .75 drop in their Mil next year either. That whole 1 mil drop was never written in stone. People need to read the FSA ordinance/resolution. It does say possible reduction in the mil rate.

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May-02-14 11:56 AM

The fire assessment will bring in 12 million this year and 20 million next year. Are we about to see our fire assessment almost double?

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May-02-14 9:23 AM


Two words...State Legislature.

Ad Valorem taxes are required by state statute. Steve Lovejoy preached that in his disastrous mayoral bid, because he too was ignorant of the facts.

Not that fee based is a bad idea. In fact, I would pay a whole lot less that way, and the folks who pay $300 a year would have to contribute more to be equitable. A $500,000 house is no more of a burden on the City than a $100,000 one.

While we are at it, lets get rid of ad valorem for schools, and go to a fee based system, where parents pay to send their kids wherever they wish, with the money that the government would no longer be confiscating from them.

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May-02-14 8:26 AM

If ad valorem taxes are so unstable, then why not do away with them altogether? Why not have a fee based revenue system, much like one would find in an HOA? Every property owner pays an equal amount based on property ownership, not property value. Eliminate wild fluctuations based on the economy and property values. Cape Coral is essentially a large scale gated community with a defined amount of lots, both developed and undeveloped. The city makes their budget and divides it equally among the 250,000 or so strapped parcels (whatever the correct number is). Maybe adjustments could be made for developed vs undeveloped, but you get the picture.

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May-02-14 7:40 AM

How many letters praising the fire assessment from city officials? Are they they trying to convince the public or themselves?

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May-02-14 7:31 AM

Well written, Rick! Just don't expect the RAGS and their Groupies to understand it.

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May-02-14 7:15 AM

In 2005 the city contributed 10 million to the city employees pension fund in 2013 25 million thats 8 years mighty big increase ,now your telling me this fsa isn't going to the fire department it,s because of there pensions is why you need this fsa.

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