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Paying under protest

April 17, 2014

To the editor: An open letter to Mr. Szerlag” I am in receipt of your letter sent to each Cape Coral property owner regarding the new “fire service assessment”....

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Apr-18-14 8:04 AM

Mr. McCurdy might inquire about the fact that the firefighters pay 10% of their salary into the pension fund, and at almost 80% funded the fund is sustainable with the recent changes agreed to by the firefighters and City.

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Apr-18-14 10:13 AM

Mr McCurdy direct your anger toward Mumbles and the Road Behind Gang. After all it was their lack of common sense, good financial practices and negligence that led to this.

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Apr-18-14 10:24 AM

Yes you too the vacant land owner have to pay your way McCurdy. the residents have footed the bills for water, sewer, and everything else in Cape Coral. We had a bad council that failed to accomplish anything. Now we have to pay the price.

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Apr-18-14 12:44 PM

How sad that now there are those who demean any first responder with the venom displayed here. We all had the opportunity to be first responders, etc. but chose other ways. Sad, sad day.

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Apr-18-14 1:06 PM

numbnutz When do you stop blaming the last council and start holding the case of clowns and city manager for poor decisions. This city has been in trouble for many many years and never have unions or city workers stepped up to help. It is always give me more, give me 8%, give me my DROP program. I have lost all respect for people who keep patting themselves on the back. Hero this and hero that, that word is thrown out allot and too many are starting to believe all there own crap.

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Apr-18-14 4:36 PM

Sully...Don't blame the previous Council??.Joke of the century from your group who have been doing it consistently, followed by the City worker barrage, and now the hero issue you seem to have. If the City has been so bad for so many years,all Councils are involved including all of the citizens, etc. Very poor thinking. Try another avenue to follow.

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Apr-19-14 7:34 AM

Thoughtful letter Mr. McCurdy. Your complaints are permissible as long as you pay the special assessment. It would be best for all of us if we refuse to pay it. Let them lien your property. Our properties are still worth less than they were. If and when you sell they’ll get their filthy lucre. The propaganda machine has successfully divided us into two groups, Heroes and domestic terrorist. Can you guess which one the citizen taxpayer might be? "Everything the state says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen." — Friedrich Nieztsche

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Apr-19-14 7:44 AM

With this mentality, then our military don't deserve sympathy because they are paid too? I'm sorry, YOU run into a burning building. YOU be the first responder to respond to a child hit by a car, unresponsive in their crib, help retrieve and elderly man from a canal, to pull a mangled person from the wreckage of an automobile, or be the one to come over and offer sympathies that a mother has passed way in a nursing home and confirm the death. Do NOT EVER tell me that our Fire Department professionals do NOT deserve sympathy because they earn a paycheck. Here folks, another idiot resides...(shaking my head)

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Apr-19-14 8:50 AM

Sulkin - 8% ? What does this refer to, or is this just another one of your contrived facts?

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Apr-20-14 12:23 PM

JJSully: Don't blame the past Council, BWAHAHAHA! No the voters did and threw the RAGs do you get the message? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Apr-20-14 12:50 PM

@johngalt: Friedrich Nieztsche a misogynistic dolt, who famous statement, as well as his belief, that "God is Dead" says all we need to know about him. Yep, he is a person the RAGs would extol.

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